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A Day of the Doctor Coda...

Sentimental Journey
by Rabid1st
Doctor Who – Ten/Rose
Rating: Everyone
Spoilers: To The Day of the Doctor
Summary: The Tenth Doctor knows something has changed. But he's not sure what it is.
Disclaimer: Obviously I don't work for the BBC or Moff would have more courage. Or, you know, have me fired for all of the horrible things I say about him. LOL
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To avoid spoiling anyone else...under the cut we go...

But before we do...let's just savor the headline I saw, "Moffat explains Billie Piper's role in Day of the Doctor!"

You should never have to explain what you just did. Real writers don't need to have spin doctors working the newspapers to explain their plot holes.

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AKA Jeff has mercy on us all.

Well, not on ALL of us. But on most of us, because...it wasn't a cliffhanger like last week. That's all the pre-cut spoilers...so...under the covers we go. I hope everyone brought a flashlight (or pocket torch).

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So, I'm going to put most of this under a spoiler cut, because I'll be addressing what Moff just had to say about things, in a couple of news articles I've seen. But, I wanted to also let any of you who are still waiting for I&B know that I faithful plan to get the next chapter to my Beta this weekend. She has been on vacation and I have been suffering the usual stressors...illness and poverty. So little has happened on the writing front, however, I am now clear headed again...and shall strike while the synapsis are hot.

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Okay, you can read this. But, I might have figured out what is going on with S7. So, consider yourself warned! If you read this it might spoil you. Then, again, I've been wrong many times before...

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So, I don't want to say much above the cut...explore at your own risk...do not share any more than I share with you here.

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First, I want to wish everyone in the path of Irene a safe haven for the storm. Afterward, I hope you all get power and water and internet access in record time.

Second, there are some Doctor Who rumors that I want to speculate about...under this cut.Read more... )
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Part of me wanted to keep the horses up all the way to New Years so that Russell and company would sense my Pony Pleading from afar! Keep the faith, I say. Keep the ponies!

But all of my friends are decking their LJ halls with brightly colored ornaments...and I wanted some sparkle, too. So...I have followed the crowd like the squinty sheep that I am.

And besides...I am having back spasms. And, also, a crisis of faith.

The latter is because I just saw an End of Time clip that rather worries me.

No need to worry yourself...just move along and think happy pony thoughts. But, you could...pop under the cut if you want a small seasonal frisson.


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Edit To Say: Welcome to the advent of Icon Ponies!

Icon Pony expects us to keep believing in him!
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In my last post I linked to an article with a photo of the Eleventh Doctor in costume.

Because I do not read spoilers, I did not read the article in question. Other people did and found that it contained some casting spoilers. I was then spoiled for Season Five.

Again...please remember RAE DOES NOT LIKE SPOILERS...

That said...if you wish to discuss the implications of one particular bit of New Who S5 casting...this is the place to do it...

***WARNING***DOCTOR WHO SEASON 5 CASTING SPOILER...re: the other actors on the beach.

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I begin to care less and that's a good thing. Okay, good for me. Not necessarily good for the show. However, there is news and I know some of you want me to weigh-in on it. So...under the cut we go...Read more... )

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This here posting contains some spoilers...and rumors of spoilers...and me being me...which usually means wrong. But still, I'm cheerful company, right? Mostly? And I believe I've saved many a fangirl from jumping in my time.

There will be Doctor Who rumor spoilers in the first comment on this post...

But before I go there...let's discuss House, MD...this post is about the last episode and is for the Wilson/House shippers out there...you know who you are! Read more... )

skipping to the comments for my DW-Spoiler remarks...just to make you extra safe...
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Well...a bit of a spoiler...more of a Humperdinck based on the episode title...but first...

What did I tell you about those ratings numbers?

Who remembers?

Down I said. Down because Easter is not Christmas.

And definitely...there is that...but also there is the subtle lack of satisfaction. The story didn't end properly and viewers are getting the message that the Doctor has feet of clay. He's not the hero they thought he was. He ran away from Rose. He ruined Donna's life. He stole Ten 2's body. He...he's sort of shallow. He's let down everyone who ever cared about him. And then he tries to act like THEY abandoned him.

You can't blame people for thinking..."Maybe we can just skip this one and come back after the regeneration."

Ratings over night...8.7

Way down from Rose numbers.

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...at the earliest...I feel it is completely unfair for there to be open spoilers on the news sites this early in the game.


Once again I was spoiled...though I know that with RTD we really won't know the good stuff until the show airs...which is as it should be, of course. Still...these casting spoilers and hints are creating a sharp whining plea of noise at the back of my throat. I simply cannot NOT theorize. You all know how I am.



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