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I begin to care less and that's a good thing. Okay, good for me. Not necessarily good for the show. However, there is news and I know some of you want me to weigh-in on it. So...under the cut we go...

Let me be clear, first, that I stand firm and care very much about how the Ten/Rose years should end. Ten should go to Rose and be healed of his emo-martyr complex with a few decades of home cooking and good loving. To me that is a non-negotiable condition of my continued acceptance of New Who, going forward. I believe it is the only way that the Doctor's heroic nature can be restored. I have no interest in any attempt to whitewash his cowardice. For me to enjoy the show again, he has to face up to not being willing to face what every human handles without flinching: the eventual loss of a loved one. He can't just mope about and claim that Rose and Donna are better off now that he's stranded them in pointless backwaters and get away with my sympathies. He does not have them.

However, I am caring less about things like the new companion being cast. Her name is Karen Gillan and she's 21 and red-haired and from Scotland. So we will still have a bit of that lovely accent, I assume, even though David is gone. Certainly, she looks the part...a woman/child with a sort of street-tough beauty. And I believe Stephen Moffat will make her very interesting. I also think he will make her sexy while avoiding romance with the Doctor. And I am fine with all of that...provided I get resolution on the story I care about...otherwise...I don't really care what they do. Can she act? Does it matter? The task before the new team is a daunting one even with proper resolution of the Ten/Rose/RTD years.

Which brings me to the news of the feature film and David Tennant's possible involvement...does that idea mean we are definitely NOT going to get our pony? Some people believe that there is no way a feature film could support the Rose/Ten backstory and so the very idea of a film would mean no pony for us. Other people insist that a Rose/Ten (Defenders of the Earth) storyline is the only one they are interested in seeing on the big screen. Personally, I could make this work for all of us...easily. BBC AND RTD? Please take note and CALL ME! HA! I kid, but seriously, I could use the work...say as an American audience consultant? Moffat? Anyone?

*sigh* Back to the post...

I have always felt that Rose has her place in the canon and that her place is an extraordinary one. But I have never felt that she should derail the essence of Doctor Who as a franchise. Rose is the companion the Doctor fell in love with...simply that. She is the one he wanted as a man wants a woman. She is special, in her own right, and because she is special to him. Her place doesn't make any other companion less important. Her place is finite. The Doctor was able to open up to her because he was wounded and alone and she was perfect for him and he made himself perfect for her when he regenerated into Ten. Future regenerations might be LESS suited to Rose Tyler. This is not to say that The Doctor wouldn't always care for her deeply and acknowledge her place. Nor do I mean that the Doctor might not love her all over again each time.

But the Doctor's personality changes when he regenerates. He isn't exactly the same man, having the same tastes and loving the same things. This is one of many reasons why I can't support Ten 2 and Rose. Ten 2 isn't Ten...he makes different choices...he's part Donna. Rose was correct when she said, "But..he's not YOU!" Nine wasn't Ten either. Eleven won't be Ten. Ten is the one who is lost without Rose...and he's the one who wants to live out her life with her. It would do him good.

But what about AFTER? After she dies...assuming they have had a long and fulfilling life together...kids, grandkids, many adventures, lovemaking, dancing, laughter and healing...what does the Doctor do then? That's the question that the Doctor himself is wrestling with every time he and Rose discuss their love. He fears that eventual loss. He tells us that clearly in School Reunion. He didn't allow himself to love Sarah Jane because of the curse of the Time Lords, going on alone. He doesn't want to face the day when Rose will be gone forever.

We Rose-lovers fear that day, too. But such loss is a natural part of growth and change in the life of an ageless icon like the Doctor. And it's one, by the way, that we the audience have yet to face, too. The Master keeps coming back. So does Davros, Sarah Jane and the Brig. Nobody every really DIES in Doctor Who...except maybe Adric. For perfect closure on the RTD years, we all need to accept that Rose will be gone one day.

It isn't that she goes...but HOW she goes that matters. What she means to the Doctor; what she makes of him...MATTERS! The Doctor can go to Rose and return a better man. Or he can go on as an emotional cripple. Regeneration might slap a happy face on him, but it won't change the choices he's made. And those choices are self-limiting and pointless.

Personally, I would like to see a movie with Tennant where we see the Doctor at the end of a very long life with Rose Tyler...going on as a better man...healed and renewed by the time he spent with her. Losing her then would be meaningful, because she would have fulfilled her purpose. The Doctor would be reset organically, ready for new adventures. He could be a true example to his young fans, taking joy from life as well as sorrow. And that, my friends, is what life is. It isn't unrelenting angst. It is often very sweet, if you allow yourself to savor it. The Doctor has suffered enough. He should have what RTD tells us he has never had...a simple life, living day to day. Then, afterward, he could take the great-grandkids on a little time/space jaunt. I would watch that.

I would also watch Moffat's version of the Doctor if I believed he represented a future version of a hero I could respect. I might grow to care about that Doctor.

If he represents the "lonely God" with even more baggage...traveling, traveling, traveling onward...well, I couldn't care less about such a man and his pointless adventures.

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