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AKA Jeff has mercy on us all.

Well, not on ALL of us. But on most of us, because...it wasn't a cliffhanger like last week. That's all the pre-cut spoilers...so...under the covers we go. I hope everyone brought a flashlight (or pocket torch).

We start off in another show. Something scifi-like...maybe it's Orphan Black. Someone comes up for air...not the audience...we are still holding our breath. Then we do a shot of our three young heroes coming out of the tub. These three represent all the factions on Teen Wolf in some way. Druids. Hunters. Monsters. They are Stiles, Allison and Scott, three of our core four players. The other corner of the square that holds up Beacon Hills is busy saving his sister. So, he is basically doing the same type of sacrifice as the three in the tubs, only he might be clearing his heart of darkness. While it becomes clear in this episode that our other three are bonding with the Nemeton, it should also be recalled by loyal viewers that the inhaler tossed down at the end of the sequence...made a full circle in episode one.

And this is what I love about Jeff Davis in a nutshell. He can do this sort of flashback without rewriting the laws of time and space or having Derek wear a fez. Derek is cool. He doesn't need to tell you how cool he is every five minutes. Or wear a funny hat. He just appears in our memory to say, "This is private property" and tosses an inhaler. And...the circle is complete...and so damned cool it leaves us all shivering. Yes, that's right, the Nemeton is on Hale land and everything was connected from the opening scenes of the show. And it stays connected spiraling all the way back to 1977 and Alexander Argent...through to the next season. DAMN!

And okay, okay, our time line is a little screwy if we believe what Stiles tells us in the first episode. But, Jeff doesn't always let the characters tell us the truth. He understands that kids make dumb ass mistakes. That everyone does. But Jeff does do an entire flashback episode going out of his way to tell us that we will never know how old the werewolves really are. Stiles questions this...right along with the audience. Time and again I see this in Jeff's work. He sits there and thinks, "What is the audience questioning? What do they expect?" And crucially, listen to me here Moff and Whedon and whomever, Jeff weighs how much of what we are expecting he intends to give us. THAT...is why I love his work. He knows what he's going to do. He works out what he intends to write, what it is based on in his story...which he either has bibled or watches...and then he leaves us just enough clues to figure it all out, if we are clever. Then, after doing all of that, he still smacks us in the head with some details he's been holding back on us, that when we get them...make perfect sense.

After 3 seasons the only flaws I've found in Jeff's work have been the long summing up passages required, like Jennifer and Derek in the elevator. And that he is a little too elastic in his views of non-canon history. That is, he intentionally leaves gapping blanks in his story to fill in later. No werewolf will tell you their age. What happened with Scott's Dad and Mom? They divorced, but...we know nothing else about Dad...until Jeff decides to tell us something major. Same thing with Stiles' mom...dead? What was her name again? Claudia. Thanks, Sheriff. What is your first name? Oh, here's an important one...who is Derek's father? It definitely wasn't someone named Hale. What year is it in Beacon Hills? Well, they drive new cars sometimes and listen to music that hasn't even been sold on iTunes yet. But, they don't seem to be living in our universe...so...who knows?

Back to the episode...it was full of shocking stuff. 16 hours in the water. Boy, that Deaton is either a really horrible doctor or very committed to his cause. Derek no longer an Alpha. But here was the shocker for me...the power didn't make Cora an Alpha. It just saved her life. And there was one of those little Jeff Davis twists...I'd been expecting Cora to drowned Derek...and take his power. Instead, it turns out that the power is an electrical field (hinted at several other times on the show) and can flow into another person. This explains a lot about Scott and his power growing as it has.

Let's take a moment to give it up for the Argent family. True mortals. Allison and Chris have been kicking some ass with the armed and dangerous stuff lately. They are Team Human, as it is called, for me. And they rock on so many levels. I sometimes forget to mention them in these reviews but I love them a lot. Allison is a great female role model. And shout-out and cautious fist-bump for Mama Argent back again in all her glory. I miss her so much.

I don't really count Stiles and Lydia as part of Team Human. Stiles is a Druid/Emisarry in training. And Lydia is a monster, however lovely and harmless she seems right now. This is why I cannot be a long term Lydia/Stiles shipper. Though I can find a way to do it in fic and I can appreciate the sweetness of Stiles having that kiss or even dating Lydia. I don't think Lydia is capable of the human feelings Allison discusses in that long ago episode. She can only mimic them. Not to say that I think Lydia doesn't break my heart at times. They all break my heart. Poor Deuc being blinded and lost to his betrayal, finds his humanity returns with his eyesight.

I found my heart less broken up over Jennifer though, because she did that sly eye cut as Derek appeared to be falling for her "Oh, my sweet Derek" petting stuff. I do feel bad that she suffered that sort of soul-destroying betrayal and pain. But there is a limit to how much destruction we can forgive. There was never any chance she was going to spare the parents. That was clear. Her manipulation was beyond what could be forgiven. So, is Peter's, but our heroes don't know that yet. And, you know what, I would ship Jennifer/Peter from the past...let's get on that.

Peter suggests Cora and Derek should gallop out of town. And they take his advice, after Lydia gives him the supernatural 411 on their future prospects. We take off in a super fight scene. The one we have all been looking forward to seeing. Jeff knows. And he tears it up for us. Wow! Great sequence. Kali gets what is coming to her. And I literally gasped at the big guy going down. SNAP! And also...Nooooooo! And, also, again...Moff and RTD...learn something here. Sometimes you need a huge production assualt with Jedi mind tricks and falls from a great height and slo-mo kung fu fighting. And sometimes...you need a single snap of a neck and a moment of horrified silence to let it register with your audience. I'm still getting the goosebumps here.

Stiles is out of the loop. Why no Stiles? Not enough Stiles, Jeff! And, also, where is my Sterek scene? I watched your episode live, Jeff, in the face of tremendous temptation and there is no Sterek scene! I see no reason not to have had one at the loft or later as Derek and Cora pass the poor jeep and stop...prior to hearing the scream and scampering home again. Also, aluminum can't take that much pressure. I'm just saying.

Meanwhile, Scott becomes a true werewolf jeebus. He heals the lame. He restores the blind. Wait, that was sort of Derek. Scott just throws his weight around and has a good idea or two. But we are left to believe all of this is about his latent leadership and good citizenship badges. I'm okay with that, because I believe it. I believe Scott has a good heart and that a good heart will take down supernatural evil every time. That's what makes a good story. That...and a little heart of darkness for seasoning. Dark!Scott is coming. Along with Dark!Allison and Dark!Stiles...and maybe Sunny!Derek.

I hope Derek is coming back. T. Hoech seemed to think so during Comic Con, but he hasn't appeared in any set photos. I am pulling for the Beacon of Beacon Hills to drag his sweet ass home. Because a TW without our Derek is going to be a dreary place indeed. However, that said, I was expecting him to leave. Because...come on...that town has not been good to him. He's had some major life issues there. However, I hope Jeff is smart enough to know that message is not the one people should take to heart. Don't run away from your issues. You can go find yourself, take a breather from abuse for sure, but you must face your demons. You don't leave your issues behind, you have to confront them in the place they were born to really bury them for good. Also, thanks to that line dropped by Deuc, I want Derek to be Scott's half-brother. I would so write that in, because then when the Sheriff settles down with Melissa...all of them will be related. See my next fanfic for a look at that future. :grin:

Finally, Peter. What can I say except "Yay"? I won't crow that I saw that one coming, because even blast blinded Deucalion saw that one coming. But I must say it is going to be fun. Especially because his eyes did not change. So...maybe he's just mad as a Druid's medicine cabinet. I can believe that. But I can't help thinking that HE got Derek to sacrifice Paige in the first place. I can readily see him advising the young Derek to take her to the tree to pray. Yeah! And now he has sacrificed something himself. A very powerful Emisarry. What will that do to the energy currents? What powers will it purchase for Peter?

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Date: 2013-08-20 07:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] elsecarlass.livejournal.com
I absolutely loved the beginning of the episode, the three waking up in that white room was so atmospheric. Plus there was wet Stiles, and I really enjoyed that. He really is just as built as Scott, but they disguise it well under those baggy clothes.

You're completely right about Jeff's writing, and the way he leads us along a merry dance. He gives us little snippets of information, just enough to keep us guessing, and then feeds us a little more to fill a few more blanks. We know there is the short story arcs, that last a season, or half a season in 3's case. But then there is the longer full story arc, the one that we know actually begins in the distant past. He may tie up loose ends for the short arcs, but we are still only given small pieces of the larger story. As you say, we might have found out who Scotts dad is, and Stiles's mum's name, but still so many questions unanswered. And yes, who is Derek's day? and why do we know nothing about him?

Derek better be coming back, or I will be severely pissed. I can't say I've seen any pics of him on set either, but I've not been looking. If I do see one, I'll let you know. It just wouldn't be the same without him. It's probably just Jeff tormenting us, and making us sweat for months.

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Date: 2013-08-20 08:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rabid1st.livejournal.com
Yes! Do keep your eye out for Hoech on set. I don't generally like spoilers, but I can't imagine him gone for good. I do think it is just Jeff torturing us, as you say. Because, nothing plays as well as a Sterek or Scerek scene after long Derek absence. Unless it is a Sterek scene after some life-threatening event. This is primarily why I killed Derek off for a bit in Bonding Rites. Just for that reunion moment where Stiles doesn't know if he should hug Derek or punch him. Personal Stiles Derek Hale Feels. LOL

I, also, loved the white room scene. For the exact same reasons. Wet Dylan is mighty hot. Wet Allison wasn't bad either. Why is it that Scott hasn't moved me yet with his hotness? He is objectively hot. I suppose it is because I actually saw him as a little boy...so I keep seeing him as very young. T-Pose in a villain moustache looks manly enough...but still doesn't register with me. I suppose, to each her own.

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Date: 2013-08-20 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dharkapparition.livejournal.com
I want Derek to be Scott's half-brother. I would so write that in, because then when the Sheriff settles down with Melissa...all of them will be related. See my next fanfic for a look at that future. :grin:

And now I'm WAITING...

I totally missed what ever line you referenced and sadly, deleted the ep already dammit...

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Date: 2013-08-20 11:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rabid1st.livejournal.com
It is from the moment when Derek steps from behind Jennifer as the emerge out of the fog. There is gunfighter music playing. And Deuc says, "It's brother against brother. How American." And my mind went back to Derek saying Scott was his brother now...earlier in the series. And it also went to that scene with Deaton and Deuc and Derek's mom all so buddy, buddy!

Also, don't you think Scott's dad looks like he could, also, be Derek's dad?


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Date: 2013-08-21 03:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dharkapparition.livejournal.com
i think casting did an excellent job in finding an actor that has such an eerie familial resemblance to Posey.

so here's a technical sticky point for me, that I will obviously have to get over and ignore if it becomes canon: Unless Scott's dad has a gene to pass on blue/green/hazel eyes, there's no way he could be Derek's dad...

Okay, I'm over it, really. LOL

And Now I have a new icon to make because I found the most amazing shot of Tyler H's face/eyes...

ignoring the eyes, yes, I could see a vague resemblance. But then, he doesn't look much like his mother either so I will pretend he looks like a distant relative...

Yeah, That's it!

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Date: 2013-08-21 12:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rabid1st.livejournal.com
Are you waiting for Derek and Scott be be brothers? Or for my next fic? Did you read the last one? I can't remember. I didn't think any of my old readers read it, except AuntieSuze who didn't care for it. Sadness.

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Date: 2013-08-21 03:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dharkapparition.livejournal.com
i think I've read all of your TW fics. If I haven't commented, then I apologize. I'm a bit uncomfortable with M/M. but yours aren't that graphic so I can skim a bit and still enjoy the plot and dialogue.

That's good to know

Date: 2013-08-21 06:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rabid1st.livejournal.com
My foray into TW is feeling a bit forlorn. So, I am happy to hear that you skimmed and appreciated the banter.

Ah, I didn't know that you were not an M/M fan. I'm not much of one either. But there is something about the Derek/Stiles thing that appeals to me. It is the same thing that appeals to me in every pairing I write, really, I think they could love one another in a deeply, mutually satisfying, way.

For someone who easily writes some pretty kinky stuff, hello Disheveled, I always write about love rather than sex. Sex to me is a conduit for emotional connection. I don't fit into the M/M slash world that well, because I'm not there for the kink of it. Nor do I have much interest in making one of the guys into a girl. Or punishing either of them.

I frankly think Derek has had enough punishment for one lifetime. It just hit me as Stiles was giving that Motel California speech to Scott...stepping into the fire..and Derek was, once again, bedding a woman who gave me the wiggins...that Derek could use some Stiles-style devotion. That scene to me IS Stiles. He steps into the fire for the ones he loves. And Derek could use someone like that in his life. Something that I think comes out in the canon in scenes like their one in the pool. Then, it was just a matter of making that happen, given Derek likes girls. LOL

Of course, Jeff Davis just gave us the best polyamorous shout out ever in an brand new interview about 3B. He said that Jennifer could love Derek and also Kali, because in his "no sexual shame" world...it is possible for both loves to be "true love." A line that I'm working now with Stiles/Derek/Lydia in another fic.

Re: That's good to know

Date: 2013-08-22 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dharkapparition.livejournal.com
Most (like 99.9%) M/M fic just isn't for me. F/F either for that matter. If it's not the main plot point and the story is good, then I'll give it a try. I do enjoy a well written trio, but again, the physical interaction has small secondary importance to keep my attention. Plot and Feels. Mystery and action. Friendship and relationships.

Also, I have to be careful now as my eldest daughter (12) has discovered fandom. I have to help steer her away from the dark side of fandom. I also had to extract the most serious pinky swear, on her life promise that she would NOT look me up in fandom. Although, I just might have to change my screen name.


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