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So, I don't want to say much above the cut...explore at your own risk...do not share any more than I share with you here.

It has been confirmed that Billie and David will be back for the Anniversary episode. This isn't the great news to me as it might be for many of you. To me, it is just a real canon chance for Moff to destroy the relationship between Rose and the Doctor. The most money is on Ten2/Rose appearing in some way, I believe. This might fit in with my "This is not the Real Doctor" idea. But, my money would be on a flashback type scene, set in this universe...similar to what we have had of Rose already several times...just a brief appearance with little interaction...like the one in End of Time 2.

My writing talents would create a situation where we have a full flashback of Ten/Rose, going about their traveling back in the day, but working on some case we failed to see in the show. Because, as I've mentioned, I would do an episode that simply had several Doctors involved (in their own timelines) on the same case of a mysterious temporal disturbance. Of course, my DREAM scenario is that we explain that Ten did get archived to the Human Ten body when he regenerated. And Moff uses this opportunity to explain how to have more regenerations, by archiving Eleven to the Library computer. But that's just me dreaming of ponies again. Don't let it offer you a glimmer of hope. Moff will most likely screw up the Ten/Rose story.

Honestly, I can't stress this enough...do not dance about just now. It is possible to do Rose and Ten in separate scenes, because Rose was Nine's companion, too. And, also, was hopping in and out of alternative dimensions on her own...something that is sure to appeal to Moff's Timey-Wimey sensibilities. Also, Ten was alone and with other companions for a long time. So...just because we have Billie and David confirmed...we are a long way away from the two of them together. Or anything to please we Ten/Rose fans. I could see them pleasing Ten2/Rose people, before us, but that is hardly a foregone conclusion. Personally, I think if Chris comes back then we will have Rose/Nine and not Rose/Ten at all.

Here's the confirmation article...


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