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In my last post I linked to an article with a photo of the Eleventh Doctor in costume.

Because I do not read spoilers, I did not read the article in question. Other people did and found that it contained some casting spoilers. I was then spoiled for Season Five.

Again...please remember RAE DOES NOT LIKE SPOILERS...

That said...if you wish to discuss the implications of one particular bit of New Who S5 casting...this is the place to do it...

***WARNING***DOCTOR WHO SEASON 5 CASTING SPOILER...re: the other actors on the beach.

Well, now that the cat is out of the bag and splashed all over assorted news outlets...we see that the Moff has no idea about security issues. Apparently, that entire beach was carpeted with fans and paparazzi. And so, to be fair, the only way to avoid being spoiled for this was to avoid the news feeds.

Still...I do intend to do that through Christmas...because this spoiler does reach back into OUR current season...and I don't want to be crushed ahead of time...so no more spoilers, please!


Alex Kingston is back. She is wearing a dress and a blond wig and carrying a reticule, but she is also getting cozy with young Mr. Short Trousers aka The Eleventh Doctor. Frankly, it is a little creepy with him looking like her son...but...I'm trying to imagine he has "old eyes." Certain he's going to need some "lonely god" mystique to pull this transition from Tennant off.

I have no question in my mind that Alex is River Song...possibly at their "First Meeting" as far as she is concerned, from her temporally fixed perspective, if she is human, at least. But there is also the possibility that she is a more complicated character than RTD wanted us to believe. When Moffat was asked if she was the "Doctor's Wife" he said "It is more complicated than that." Now, his idea of complicated...and MY idea of complicated might differ by a vast margin. He might view "complicated" as..."she comes from a time when marriage is regarded as quaint"...so she's technically the Doctor's mistress. He does, after all, have a history of writing that particular story.

But...since I am in the mood to speculate...I'm going to stick with the idea of the prison universe and say that River is the Doctor's jailer...or perhaps parole officer. This would also explain her knowing his name and about the handcuffs...and perhaps...her attachment to him. He is a good man...a wonderful person, someone she's come to appreciate. I would think having him forced to work at her behest...would be maddening for him...and it's something that Doctor Who has only touched on briefly in the past. Here we could send young Mr. Tweed-n-bowtie on a series of harrowing missions.

On the other hand, maybe she will be a second string companion...ala...Mickey Smith. I am sure the blond wig is immaterial. It is simply to get us all speculating that she might be Jenny or something...we will see what happens.

No...wait...I probably won't be seeing what happens. I have decided to stop watching Doctor Who if I have no happy...and I have also figured there is only a slim chance of the pony. Which is why the Moff is going to splash as much attention grabbing publicity as he can get across the news feeds. He hopes to entice viewers. But this link to the past...already...makes me think that we are only going to the recycled storylines a little too soon. Unless it is all connected somehow...Ten's darkness and River...but...it probably isn't...because that would make sense.
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