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I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't. So, I will be discussing it in comments for anyone who cares to discuss.

But I will say here that I became an Alec/Ellie shipper as the show progressed. That surprised me a lot, because I didn't care for either of them at the start. Great jobs from everyone concerned in this production.

See it when you can is my advice. And try to avoid spoilers until then, because the twists and turns were delightful.

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I don't know. But the time has come to tell you what I think is going on.

Spoilers under this cut...of course...

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According to a twitter rumor that's making the rounds, David and Georgia had a baby girl today. If so, AWWWWWWW!

I am already setting her up with baby Winston Fox. She can be the Doctor and he can be the companion.

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I wanted to draw your attention to this important petition that I recently signed:

"Please release Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate to DVD"

I really think this is an important cause, and I'd like to encourage you to add your signature, too. It's free and takes just a few seconds of your time.


thanking Susan B for bring this to my attention. A similar petition helped us get Hamlet filmed, so I think it is worth signing.
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...and lay out the mourning clothes, fangrls and bois.

David Tennant is engaged. Well, at least, according to this article in The Sun.


Of course, those of us who consider a long term relationship as sacred as anything else have nothing to weep over as he and Georgia have been together for quite some time now.

Those of us who constantly notice that Billie and David have some weird kismet sort of thing going on with their press announcements will be interested in the suggestion of New Year's Day wedding plans. This echoes Billie Piper's wedding on New Year's Eve. Maybe that struck David as a grand idea. Maybe it is just convenient for people in the television industry to marry around that time of year, because most productions shut down for the holidays and you can be sure to see your spouse on your anniversary. Then again, I suppose lots of couples marry on New Year's Eve or Day...out with the old, in with the new and all that.

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My Hammer Time video was forced off the net awhile back. Basically, it is a tribute to the Tenth Doctor. I've uploaded it again. Let's see how long this version lasts. Please cut and paste then change xx to tt.


Sarah Jane Adventures episode written by RTD spoilers under this cut...well...comments about spoilers as I haven't seen the episode. Read more... )
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This is my contribution for David Tennant Day, 10/10/10. Sadly, and rather typically, I wasn't able to finish it in time. Frankly, I'm not sure that it's finished, yet. I only know that I am done playing with WMM. My patience is not what it used to be. Still, you can't really go wrong with David and kittens and kids and puppets. Even my SO liked this one. He said he could see David's appeal. So, I hope you like it, too.

Mr. Lover
by Rabid1st
Artist: Shaggy with Samantha Cole
Song: Luv Me, Luv Me
Summary: David Tennant has an accessible sexiness that defies gender, age, national origins and, in fact, species. Let's face it, everyone loves him.
Disclaimer: All of this footage is readily available online, I have simply rearranged the clips to music.

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I feel I should celebrate as I am a fan of the man! But what do you do on David Tennant Day? Other than watch and listen to every clip of his recent media blitz that I can get my American hands on today. Which is not many! But YouTube has been my friend lately.

You can also light a candle and say a prayer for Single Father coming to America (no deal inked, as yet). And I am hoping that the musical David casually mentioned on Jo Whiley's show this morning (wink, wink say no more) is the same musical that Billie Piper has been pining over all year. Bill and Ten-Inch together again is just like...well...as Paul O'Grady said, "Stead and Peel." Avengers the musical? Hmmm!

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And here we have some more clips from Radio 5. The first clip, I will warn you is very politically heavy and David is rather put on the spot about his liberal views. I feel it is just a little uncomfortable, but by 8:20 we are back to Doctor Who discussions.

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I know you've all missed him.

Okay, I've missed him.

Pop under this cut for some David Tennant live on Radio 5 webcam...Read more... )
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The David Tennant Treat 4 Today was a clip of David discussing the End of Time and teasing us about how it would be so emotionally satisfying. And I remembered, watching it again, how excited I was the first time I saw it. How, David absolutely convinced me that End of Time would really be the culmination of the story they had been telling for 4 years. In other words...the Doctor/Rose love story would finally put to an end and we would have some changes for the better with the character.

As you all know, I saw that as bittersweet. Rose would be dead and buried and the Doctor would go on alone...joy and pain and loss and continuing onward with the new man, as we lost David Tennant. And instead...we got such a load of whiny, pointless crap.

Now, watching David talk about it, I can't help thinking he must have been completely delusional as he gave that interview. Both he and Russell must have been completely lost to the level of disappointment they would engender in their audience with that overblown nonsense. Nothing actually happens in End of Time...the Time Lords don't return. Donna isn't saved. Rose and Ten are still parted. Ten is still a miserable sod.

They filmed it thinking to themselves...oh, this is grand...oh, the children are going to be crying and sad to see him go...and excited to see the next Doctor. But really? REALLY...? Did they honestly believe that we spent 4 years living and breathing David's emo Doctor only to watch him whimper off into an explosive regeneration saying, "I don't want to go" or throwing a tantrum over his loss and then moping around through a protracted tour of all his friends lives? It is beyond me how anyone could think that was a good idea for an end to their run, let alone imagine it would stir anyone to an emotion beyond throwing their shoe at the screen. It was completely forgettable in the context of the series, once you move beyond the sad waste of it all and no more Tennant.

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This has been all over Twitter. So it is probably all over LJ, too. But I thought some of you might have missed it. Benedict Cumberbatch (the new Sherlock Holmes) talks about his place in Doctor Who and about David Tennant. He explains how those lovely pictures of he and David Tennant came about a few years ago. David made contact with Benedict's mother is seems.

DT comes across as charmingly geeky in this clip. As an obsessive Who fan myself, I was very impressed with him for this bit of trivia pursuit. I mean, it's not like knowing who Davros is, is it? Anyone would know that.

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Yes, it has come to this. I can't sleep and there are pictures like the following...

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Also, the answer to the final Would I Lie to you is...FALSE. I have a Junior Olympic silver medal and a bronze medal in swimming, but nothing whatsoever for skiing. Those of you who called me a bald-faced liar...are now perfectly justified in gloating. :grin:
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From now, until Friday, August 20, 2010 there is an online auction of Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures autographs going on for an excellent cause. Fellow Whovian and my personal lj-buddy, [livejournal.com profile] susanb03 is facing a crisis and must raise some funds for her husband to have chemotherapy. Sadly, we live in that sort of country.

Happily, she has some truly great items up for auction. I would love to have the Bernard Cribbins' autograph, myself. OH...wait...NO! There's a playbill from Treats. Billie! SIGH! Anything signed by Bill would be great, wouldn't it? Go forth and bid for the goodies, my friends.

For more info and to bid...Follow The Instructions In This Post

I would also like to pimp out a new prompt community I've started. It is for mystery writers and for those people who love a good mystery. The idea is to present a set up to a case for the detective to solve. A series of clues as prompts. In honor of my new Sherlock love, I've named it 3patch_problems.


Sign up and give us a clue or two, baby?
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Some people might not find this to be work safe. There is no bad language, just a cheeky suggestion.

Probably you've already heard him make this request...but oh, go on...listen again!

The MP3 link is just above the photo on this page...


thinking this David Tennant Treat really is one.
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You all know I love David, right?

I mean...I properly love David. I think he should be cast immediately in some brilliant show that rivals Doctor Who for popularity and keeps challenging him for years. Like maybe Columbo for the U.K. or something. But, he really...REALLY...REALLY cannot do an American accent at this time. I've never heard one so bad. And I watch a lot of British TV where they do some pretty horrid American accents. Usually, they try to sound Southern and fail. I don't know what David is trying to do here...other than kill his brogue with flat vowel tones.


Le Sigh!

not happy to share this, but at least it explains part of why Rex was shelved. David...you are still a great actor...and you have a beautiful accent already. And you totally do not want to spend all of your acting time trying to flatten your vowel sounds.
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I don't know who is to blame for this particular headline...be it Digital Spy turning things on their head or Stephen Moffatt trying to gain some sympathy. I do not doubt there is some hate mail from David Tennant fans, I do not doubt that this hate mail might come from a "lady." But this is definitely a load of balderdash that the only people who complain about Moff are women who love David Tennant. I simply cannot believe Moff doesn't get "hate mail" from people who hate his writing. Perhaps he's sheltered from that by caring staff or by the blocking effects of his own ego.


The issue, Moff, isn't David Tennant leaving. It was past time for him to go. So, while I definitely miss him, I can't say that I think he would make this show much better. It is how he left the character when he left, which is RTD's fault, that is problematic. And it is how you have chosen to replace him with an actor not quite up to the job and to write stories that are shallow and rather pointless. And I don't believe you fail to get the emails that criticize Matt and yourself. Or do you put them all down to "a lady David Tennant fan."

thinking "just when I was cutting the guy some slack, he has to open up his big mouth."
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So, you have probably already heard that David Tennant is on the short list to replace Ed Norton in The Avengers movie. David would be playing Bruce "You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry" Banner aka The Incredible Hulk. But, of course, the Hulk is played by CGI these days...and Lou Ferrigno in the past. So, all David has to do is be Bruce, I think. He can certainly brood with the best of them...or simmer.

This is the first costume/comic piece that I think really might suit David. I was a major fan of Bill Bixby. Yes, he is way before my time...but I still really enjoyed him. I was a precocious child, okay? The thing about the Hulk is I rather felt that Norton was miscast. Though I didn't bother to see his version, so he could have proved me wrong, I guess. David however would be great as a guy that has problems with his anger management issues and is holding the beast in check. The only question for me is can he do an American accent...or failing that can Bruce be re-imagined as having an accent?

Probably, given how prickly comic book geeks are, the latter is out of the question. I do have some faith in David that he is practicing his American accent these days. It would be foolish not to work on that.

Also, in a side note...who wants to see Piper Perabo from Covert Affairs replaced by Billie Piper? Just me? Okay!

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First up is a link to a YouTube snippet of David Tennant in that outfit of shame, chatting about his new film. Read more... )


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