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I really don't understand people who don't like music vids. Unless they are looking at bad ones on YouTube. I love me some musical montage. And some of our fandom vidders are the most amazing, creative people alive.

To kick off my Vividcon appreciation, I found this SPN vid today by [livejournal.com profile] butterfly. It is SPN. It is Destiel. It is Charlie and Dean as AU siblings. It is hilarious and cool. And a good reminded about why Destiel is such a presistent ship. It's not my thing, but I can't deny it is in the canon, given this uses lots of canon footage to good effect. None of that splicing of scenes to get an AU point across.

[livejournal.com profile] keswindhover check it out. It's from the one episode you saw of SPN! So, you can relate to it, too.

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I don't know how many of you are familiar with the concept of Indigo Children. They are supposedly children that have come into the world with lots of soul knowledge that they can share with us all. I'm not sure that I believe in the concept, myself. I think, rather, that children are only now being listened to, even recorded, by their parents. I think children probably always had soul knowledge to share, just like animals do, but our Patriarchal society wasn't listening.

Anyway, I am not a vegan, but I do think this kid makes a valid argument for it.

Of course, the cynics among you could make a case for this lad being coached. But I make this same argument against war and capital punishment. That is, that we shouldn't be killing people, for no other reason than because they are people. And my little neice told me much the same thing as this kid the other day. She said, she would rather not eat animals if it means they have to die. Also, she said she isn't planning to die herself, at all. So there.


EDIT TO SAY: Whoops! It is hard to see the translations into English. Move your mouse off the video, or watch on YouTube if it is hard to see.
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...which reminds me that I've never shared a link to my favorite meditation site. At least, I don't think I've ever shared a link.

The mind could be going, I suppose. Anyway...the site is the loving work of Elisabeth Blaikie. She has a very soothing voice. She also must be a lovely person, because while she offers the meditations for sale, she also offers them all for free. You will want to donate to her via MP3 purchases after a few sessions though, because the whole site is so soothing and wonderful. I carry her with me on my MP3 player, just because I like to put some of the meditations on repeat to help me sleep.


Enjoy some relaxation on me, folks.
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Something I've lost with my fibro is my ability to dance. Ten years ago, I used to stay fit by dancing around the house for about 3 hours a day. Now, I cannot do that. But, I still love the music that makes you want to shake your tail feathers. Some of you might recognize Eric Hutchinson from my Doctor Who vid, "Rock & Roll."

This is his newest number. Everyone get up and dance...or pick up your walking pace a bit. Maybe I should do a "Weeping Angels" vid to this one. HEE

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I don't know that you care. I don't particularly care, myself. But congrats to them. I bring it up, because a friend of mine pointed me toward this vid as a result of that marriage, and I must say, I love this vid.

I never watch Jimmy Fallon, except as I surf by his show when I'm up too late. But, I sort of like Justin Timberlake. Not in a fangirl way, though I've enjoyed a couple of his songs. I never thought much about him one way or the other, until I saw him on Ellen one afternoon. After that, I tried to catch his guest appearances. He is a marvelous guest on a talk show. Here he is being a marvelous guest for Jimmy.

Don't let the rap history premise put you off, because, I hate rap, but I still loved this...and recognized most of the musical references, too.

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Here is the playlist of 65 minutes of "the most artistically relevant cat videos on the web."


It will surprise none of you to learn that Henri, who I introduced here a few months ago -- http://rabid1st.livejournal.com/355819.html -- was the eventual art fest winner, based on the votes of the people. Henri is quite famous now, and his owner is making $1000 dollars a week selling t-shirts.

My reaction? I want one of those t-shirts.
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This is a general Brothers in Arms style Supernatural vid and the song is obviously by a fan of the show. Though it could be a parody of something I don't recognize. I do hope it wasn't seriously intended, but it does speak to the beauty of the show, because SPN is beautiful and camp at the same time. That's sort of what makes SPN great...how touching it can be, while going so far over the top.

And, well, seriously...this vid is like Tori Amos meets Abbot & Costello with Angels! I guess. Really, if you have ever watched SPN. OR...if you haven't and just want to know what it is like. Or if you tend to LOL at some of those indie-singer angst style vids that fans make...you should enjoy this one.

My favorite line...hands down in this song is "Because I'm Dean. You're Cas...it's my responsibility to kick you in the ass." OMG! So true of the Winchester dynamic!
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And suddenly I must have a world where Hugh Laurie is playing dad to Benedict Cumberbatch again. I mean, House could have a son he doesn't know about for the finale. Or we could meet the Senior Mr. Holmes on Sherlock.

Is there a Senior Mr. Holmes in the books? I can't remember any references to him. B

But what a marvelous idea it is to combine these two...Metaverse would explode. And look, it was already somebody's idea.

And here is a vid to prove it...

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This vid was on my FList today. So you may have already seen it. I thought it was a hoot and the musicality gets better as it goes along, too.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King
(yep, from The Lion King)

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This doesn't have to be taken as a shipper vid. It is just the idea that House is driving Wilson crazy that matters and that can be true within their friendship, too.

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I don't know what it is about guys named Dave, but they tend to be the cutest things. I have had crushes on like...6 guys named Dave (which would make a great title for one of those literary angsty short stories) or David and they have all had this same look to them, too. A sort of cute weasel with an extra helping of nose. They also tend to be smart and funny and quite self-deprecating. I like those traits in a Dave.

Maybe there is something about that particular name, since it means "Beloved." It could be that certain physical baby traits cause parents to pick the name Dave.

All this gushing of mine is brought to you be Dave Days, amateur internet stalker. I just discovered him and he makes me feel like Billie Piper lusting after Justin Bieber. No, I kid. He's way too young for me to lust after him. I am not a pervert cougar. No! But I do find him remarkably amusing, especially when he is doing his Justin Bieber parody. Check it out at his channel here...


He is known for stalking Miley Cyrus until he managed to get her to star in one of his YouTube vids. Here's a free sample of him doing a stalking song 'I'm Better Than Your Boyfriend." He did this song in several styles. My favorite version of this song is PUNK-POP and the funniest one is HARDCORE. This would be the POP SONG style, because I think it shows how just plain adorable Dave Days is.

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Ganked this from [livejournal.com profile] thisficklemob.

Voted..NOT WORK SAFE for very explicit language. There are also a number of horrible things to call people, used for illustrative purposes, but still...

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You know, sometimes even when I don't ship a couple, I can appreciate a vid about them. On rare occasions I can even appreciate a vid about a show I've never watched. In this case, I do watch the show...and I can see some heat between Dean and Cas...just not enough to interest me in shipping them. But...still...this video is very cute.


Hope you all enjoy it.

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I know a lot of people are puzzled or put off by the Wincest aspect of Supernatural. Even if you are not a fan of it...or of the show...the vid under the cut below is so much fun you must watch it.

It is mocking the whole idea of Wincest, while simultaneously confirming that these two brothers say the oddest things to one another.

Title: People Will Say We're In Love.

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This one has been around for a very long time, but I just found it. It's a very funny bar song featuring all of the drunken moments and a good portion of the drinking moments of Sam & Dean. They do spend a lot of time in bars.

Watch it under this cut...Read more... )

Plus, there are a lot of Tributes to Metallicar out there on YouTube. And several of those are to Black Betty. But this one is the best one...despite the repetition in the middle of it...because it really is approaches the car as a character and makes her the center of the vid. Sam and Dean aren't in this one, just the car. The only thing I would do differently, is to add in some of the more recent footage like Dean whipping off that cover or some detail shots to this in the middle to replace the repetitive part. Otherwise...it is perfect...

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I've stopped watching HOUSE MD for the time being, but I love this vid. It is hilarious. And trust me, it is very hard to make a truly funny House MD vid, because so much of the humor hangs on what what is said by the characters. But these two vidders do a great job of mixing in the dialogue and clips from all season. I didn't find it particularly alarming from a spoiler standpoint, myself. I wouldn't be able to tell you major things that are happening from it. It leans toward the House/Cuddy though so if you don't want to know anything about their issues you might skip it.

Title: Trust me I'm a doctor
Song: Trust me I'm a doctor by The Blizzards
Vidders: ncismelanie & Katrindepp
Fandom: House
Spoilers : season 7

Here's the link to save it or praise the vidders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwUSLBmV5c0

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So, I came across this fantastic vid that takes you through most of SPN to the finale of S5. I love this song for the show and I love the way this vidder has created such brilliant edits to give even newcomers to the show a sense of the emotional heart of the Winchester's extended family. It is a fast paced vid and lots of fun, even if emotionally wrenching in some places.

by lockedinabathroom aka lj user BEVWA*


*Her personal journal is locked to visitors but you can find more of her work at [livejournal.com profile] fan_vids

Be sure to leave her some nice feedback somewhere. And so...on to S6...spoilers below this cut...Read more... )
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I'm struggling to make a Sherlock vid just now. And let me tell you it is a struggle. The style of the show...and my song choice...are making it very hard on me. I've decided I want to do a vid that captures the essence of Sherlock (the show and the man), rather than tell a story. But I'm afraid I get distracted by my need to tell a story.

So, I went out on the interwebs to look for other Sherlock vids and I found this one by [livejournal.com profile] stolensmile14. It's a photo study vid of Benedict C. and the cuts on the beat put me to shame. Except...maybe that's WHY it is a slideshow. It is very hard to capture Sherlock, the show, with super fast cuts, in my opinion. Or at least it is at my level of vidding development.

This is for those of you who must wait until October for the PBS airing...take a look under this cut...you won't be spoiled...or disappointed. I wouldn't exactly call Benedict beautiful, but his Sherlock is.Read more... )

who can see the sexy in Benedict that I completely miss in Matt Smith. BTW, you can see another side to Sherlock and give Stolensmile14 some love at this link...http://stolensmile14.livejournal.com/18470.html
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This is so beautiful and perfect a fix-it that it must be what actually happened.

[livejournal.com profile] sensiblecat sent me a recommendation for this fic and I must say that I couldn't have come up with a better solution than this one. I did actually toy with this idea a bit (the linking of the two explosions, I mean) but I don't think I could have executed the idea with such aplomb.

Check out the simple solution to all of our Rose/Doctor canon headaches...Moff should make it official somehow...

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I can't believe this vid only had 175 hits. That's criminal and, hopefully, about to change...because it is hilarious. A musical theater balm to the hearts of disenchanted (aka bitter :LOL: ) Rose/Doctor fans everywhere. Poor Ten comes off...well...hilariously worthless in this one. Read more... )


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