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David Tennant is a Rose/Doctor shipper, or at least a Ten/Rose shipper, as I've mentioned more than once or twice. And we all know that he has said that he loves these last two episodes. More than that, he lists that Doomsday Beach scene as his favorite moment of his run. He also said, in another interview that he counts two other moments in this finale among his favorite moments.

One of those moments, we now know all about and it is one of our favorites, too.

But as it is a spoiler for EoT, Part 1, I will put it under a cut here for the people waiting for the DVD box set. Read more... ).

The other moment David treasures is the final moment of his Doctor...how he leaves...which also made David cry. And if the pony is true...then certainly...David would cry over that reunion scene, over the unexpected delightful surprise.

But what prompted me to post today was the retrospective of "The Greatest Shows of the Noughties" which put Doctor Who at #3. David talks about what makes the show work for a new audience and he focuses on the relationships between the Doctor and his companions as the reason the New Who succeeded. He says, "The show always had these relationships between the Doctor and his companions, but it has been pushed to the fore more and made it ABOUT that relationship." There is the scene of Ten saying he is still him following the regeneration that wasn't. He hugs Rose and David says, "We've never seen the Doctor really have that kind of love story before."

Then, he sort of turns cagey and says, "At the end of the day it's still an action-adventure show. You don't want to clog it up too much with all that..." he becomes a nine year old boy as he wrinkles his nose, "...with all that kissing and stuff."

Shades of The Princess Bride again. LOL! The nine year old boy might not like all that kissing and stuff...but he can make an exception for "True Love!"

“Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five [six?] kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.” I believe the PROPER!Ten/Rose kiss will leave them all behind.


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Okay, a number of people have gaped at me when I said that one particular RTD signature sequence in EoT-1 delighted me to the marrow.

Those people are scratching their heads and asking me, "Rae, how can you look at us with that straight horse face and say that you loved something so outstandingly craptastic?"

Allow me to 'splain...Read more... )
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This post will contain SPOILERS for the End of Time, Part 1 and for the preview clip of the End of Time, Part 2.

It is full of my wild speculation, which is often wrong, so pay no attention to the musing behind this cut...Read more... )
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By this time EVERYONE who even occasionally reads my blog knows what I think should happen in Ten's final episode. But...the real crux of the issue is what writer/producer (and all around Father Christmas) Russell T. Davies thinks. So, does Russell think that Rose/Ten should be honored with a happy for her lifetime ending? I've quoted him before...but let's look at what he just told the Times Online was the absolute #1 thing he loved about his reign as show runner...Read more... )
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So, I was wandering around LJ recently and I stumbled across someone patiently explaining how the Valeyard could have nothing whatsoever to do with the current situation with Ten. Read more... )
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Yes, it has been a little while since we have had a Humperdinck. But the newest promo from the Christmas episode has inspired me...so away we go...SPOILERS FOR PROMOS under this cut Read more... )

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How about that?

We have a retrospect of the companions that clearly states that the Doctor is in love with Rose Tyler...and yet...no reference at all to that Bad Wolf Bay scene. Hmmmm! I say unto you, my fellow pony pals, "Verily...HMMMMM!"

Read more... )

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I like the wide-eyed innocents in the big city vibe of this thing. Seriously, these people are soooooo cute. How can I stay mad at them?

I mean...assuming they don't let me down again this coming Christmas? Because, believe me, if I am left weeping all holiday season this year, I will stay mad.


Oh, and fresh from Tennant_Love comes another link with David. This one...very saucy. I think he was being just a little too festive for the poor ill-prepared girl. "I am popular culture." Indeed!


In other Who News...Russell is revising his book, "The Writer's Tale" for paperback release in January 2010. He is adding 300 pages to the already huge volume. Hopefully, he will be explaining how a Humperdinck works.

And finally, it seems that the official Doctor Who site has been overrun by Time Lords. I wonder what they are trying to tell us? Maybe that long held geek rumor about Gallifrey returning is true. I don't care, really, as long as we get a pony ending out of whatever they do. Time Lords can switch out the Doctors as good as anyone else...but...I do hope that Ten decides to go to Rose all on his own...because she deserves that after all he's put her though. We deserve that, too.

Oh, and seriously, I kid you not, the BBC has asked me to contact RTD directly with my insightful comments on the show. However, I think they gave me a bogus address. Probably, they were worried I was going to mail them a packet of coffee.

who hasn't been able to post, update or comment for days. What the HELL is wrong with LJ?
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And this time I really AM...very positive!

You know, I've been down since...well...Journey's End. And Children of Earth seemed to kick me off the ladder just as I'd managed to climb up, rung-by-rung, toward distant hope. And I've been very hard on old Russell. Sort of joining in on the burning of him in effigy. Which is rather unfair of me as I would have done bad things to Jack/Ianto one day myself, had I been walking a mile in RTD's extra large loafers.

But what I know to be true...is still true...I believe...and that is what Julie Gardner says here...Read more... )

who knows that RTD loves Doctor Who...and only hopes he has enough belief in the ability to tell ANY story to do his story justice.
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Or...I can read a pony into any old shadow on the side of a building...

...if I tilt my head just right and squint.

This quote, like all the rest of them, is completely meaningless because it comes out of context and is related to the psychology of people I just don't know very well.

So, I get all excited about it...because I hope it means what I want it to mean...and yet, in the end...it probably doesn't mean anything like what I want it to mean.


Pop under this cut for a very short, probably meaningless, pony-squeeable quote from DT...

Read more... )
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Appearances to the contrary, I have put aside my Doctor Who obsession and am working on original fiction at the moment. However, in the course of outlining and fleshing out my own work, I often find myself referencing Russell's work. Take for example...a recent flowchart I was constructing around my hero's journey. It gave me some sharp insight into what is truly wrong with the whole "business as usual" attitude of Doctor Who when applied to what we've seen since it returned to our screens in 2005.

Let me explain...Read more... )

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Or...My, God! Am I Ever Going To Stop Going On About This?

Well, I did stop going on about Buffy...eventually...but I haven't forgiven Joss Whedon for his many sins...so...hard to tell.

If it is any consolation, I am getting a bit bored, as I've said.

This discussion is more about the idea that storytellers in the modern age don't have time and need not bother to complete their tales with anything approaching satisfaction for the audience...because the audience can just..., oh, I don't know, make it up to suit themselves?

Read more... )

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By now, the overseas crowd has reacted to Torchwood: Children of Earth and decided where they stand on it and what it means for the future of the Whoverse. I had a few things to say in my post-as-we-go reviews, on the subject of philosophy and happy endings. For more from me and RTD...let's go under a cut...

****WARNING****Doctor Who Finale Casting Spoilers & Plot Spoilers for Torchwood: CoE

Oh...and LORDY! This is long!

Read more... )
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I have had a premonition of a pony-free Christmas as RTD and company start giving interviews about The Next Doctor all over the interwebs.

It took hold of me for no good reason. I have no additional spoiler news or anything, so don't fret over that. Suddenly, I just saw RTD talking up something that was completely ordinary (The Next Doctor) and I thought...he's not going to come through for us. He just doesn't get it. Though he did say he's getting better at hiding information from the press and fans.

I think this sudden loss of faith comes from the confidence they are showing going to Comic Con. They have what they think is an epic finale in the bag and they are ready to face questions from the audience with no fear of influence, no possiblity of second guessing themselves. I have to wonder what sort of reception they are going to get from the fans. Obviously, there is a lot of ill will about Donna, but most of the Rose-lovers seem to have given up the ship. I don't know...maybe this has all just gone on too long for me to keep being optimistic.

Someone give me a pep talk.

Depressing Pessimists are NOT welcome!

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There is a spoiler photo making the rounds. A photo of David Tennant in costume as Ten and two other actors. This is about that photo. Read more... )
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...the organic interface of the TARDIS...Mrs. Rose Delatardis...The Bad Wolf...possibly Mrs. Price...a rose by any other name...

"Her name was Rose."

Yeah, so...you all know I love Rose Tyler and that I believe the Doctor loves Rose Tyler.

But doesn't that just make me one of those batchip crazy, super-obsessive, fanwanking types who can twist any little old two-shot into some sort of confirmation of their wacky worldview? I mean really...isn't it all just a matter of interpretation? Couldn't he really, truly be in love with Jack? Isn't it just as likely that he feels the same sort of benign, grandfatherly love for every companion?

Read more... )


P.S. On a happy tagging note, the humperdinck tag will now take you all the way back to my first posts (the Wall-E and Death of Hope ones), which went up just after Journey's End aired.
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We writer types, we like to pretend we do all of this meticulous interweaving of storyline threads, but all too often we are just writing off the top of our heads. I'm not saying we don't have our evil plans and our genius-y moments.Read more... )
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You all know my fevered ramblings by now...but one person who has been mercifully spared is my old X-Files chum, Stardoe. You see, the lovely Stardoe is an Aussie so we are on vastly different time zones. And I never go to the old XF bulletin boards she still lives on...nor does she hang out here.

But our estrangement...goes deeper than simply being two virtual buddies on opposite sides of the globe who have moved on to other fandoms.

My friend Stardoe, you see, is a Rose-hater. Read more... )

The cry goes out through the ether-web to RTD! Go with your Rose-loving instincts, Russell. Give us a PONY! Let Ten go to his beloved Rose and let the new and improved Eleven go forward with S.M and M.S.!

So say we all!

Well, most of us...

Well...those of us still reading my journal.



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