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I recently heard back from my congressperson about a petition I signed to change our attitude toward big business. I really want us to take governing decisions back into our own hands. So, I have something in common with the Tea Party. Where we part ways is over the issues at hand. I don't feel that immigrants or constitutional rights are the problem in this country today. I feel the problem is that we are not focusing our wealth and power on the common good. And the Tea Party would have us believe that if we only gave more money to the rich...we would be happier and well cared for. This idea breaks down for me, when I consider how much money we have already given the wealthy. It's not like we are suggesting we START tax breaks...it is CONTINUING tax breaks for them. So, they've had these tax breaks all along...and we still ended up in the economic basement. How would continuing to spare them a tax burden make things better?

Anyway...I am also pretty much fed to the back teeth with Glenn Beck and his crazy ranting and hate-mongering. That rally on the anniversary of MLK's speech, wouldn't have been so offensive if he hadn't been the sort of man who calls President Obama a racist, in hopes of stirring up racial division. So, I've decided to join the boycott of Fox. Actually, I had already decided to boycott Fox shows in the new season. Very hard for me as I love House MD. But I think I've had enough of Rupert Murdoch and company.

Here is the link if you want to join me in squeaking...


You don't have to be a Democrat to join the boycott, just be sick of the propaganda journalism. Also, most of Glenn Beck's sponsors are not going to care if I boycott them, as I never used their services. But Eggland's Best eggs are going to feel the pain of losing my 3 dollars a week...by God! :grin:
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For some unknown reason the HOME page I end up with when I sign in has a huge block of "Recent Posts" and a Oh, No They Didn't block of posts. Okay, so I will admit to being marginally interested in some of the ONTD posts. I didn't have any inherent interest in any of the things posted, but I was willing to click on "Helsinki Gay Pride Attacked"...and some other bit of fluff yesterday. But why the block of "recent posts?" Isn't the random grabbing of communities enough to tempt me to add more pages to a FList I never read? Apparently not!

So now we have random communities, recent posts of strangers, weird news I don't care about from ONTD, short links of invites, gifts and comments I've received and a display of virtual gifts I might want to purchase from the LJ shop. There is also a search button for things I might REALLY be interested in...way down the page. There are update notices from a few friends and there is the "Writer's Block" question of the day and some headlines of LJ news. It is like a crowded bizarre of weblinks, everyone superficially demanding my attention but nobody giving me anything I want, let alone NEED.

And I know this is the current vogue for webpages...but do the kids REALLY prefer this busy nonsense or is it just that webpage designers have gone mad with the amount of add-ons and features they can cram onto a page. They want everything up front, I suppose. But I almost wish they would reduce the clutter so I can enjoy the experience of surfing again.
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I made less than 106,800 a year. I paid social security taxes on my FULL salary. Or about 2050 dollars a year into social security. Or 1/3 what a guy making 2 million a year would pay.

We've all heard the dire news about the tax and spend Liberals taking over our government. TAX and spend. It's the TAX part of that equation that I'm beginning to question. Because we've also heard how Social Security will be running out of money. "Oh, Lordy! Lordy! Help us! We don't knows how we are going to pay for all these old folks if they keep on living!"Read more... )
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Wonder where all that stimulus money is going from the American Recovery Act? Yes, that would be the money that the fat cats in Washington voted against and constantly go on record as hating. Well, here is your chance to see what the money is being spent on in YOUR neighborhood.


Just enter in the name of your County and VOILA...scroll down for a complete list of every small business loan given and every project supported or allowed to continue without local taxation funding. It's amazing. I love these watchdog people. Read more... )
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I'm about to get all controversial over a few stories in the news, so if you don't like uber-liberal ranting you might want to skip this post. But if you are up for the challenge, under the cut we go...Read more... )
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Trying times are trying. I'm in pain. I'm exhausted. I'm a crankypants. And I intend to be quite disagreeable about a few things which have irritated me this evening. Sure, on some other evening I might be willing to see these issues from both sides...but right now...I'm completely unreasonable.Read more... )
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Guns don't kill people...people do. But, unfortunately, we keep letting the people have guns.

Read more... )

ranting between the panicked gasping caused by such a close call.
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But this is not an official pony post. As a matter of fact, this is a bit personal...and so...somewhat of a departure for me.

Stephen Fry, whom I have always adored, has answered a letter that his 16 year old self wrote to his adult self at some point in childhood. Stephen and I are also very similar in many ways. I think some of you may already suspect that I am actually not a former Miss Wyoming but am, in fact, a middle-aged, somewhat portly, definitely geeky, gay man from England. :grin:

Read more... )

Read Stephen's full letter (which is about the gay experience for the most part...but also about universal emotions) here-->> http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/apr/30/stephen-fry-letter-gay-rights


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