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Still the same players! What is holding the rest of you back? Could be boredom of course. But at least I am using my creative muscles again...for more regular postings. Even if what people are learning is that my family is rather weird.

Today's True or False Puzzle

I won a USSA Junior Olympic silver medal in Women's Downhill when I was in high school (never mind the year...as I won't have anyone looking it up as that would be cheating) at an event held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Okay, people are doing well with this. But we do have a limited amount of players on this game.
Answer to the previous T/F question, as last time, behind the cut and below the spaces at the bottom of this post.

I will probably give this up in a few more days...but for now...another confession...

True or False?

When I was in fifth grade, I was the proud owner of a pony for about 12 hours and then I lost him in a poker game.

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I hope you are having fun learning all about me. Everyone that is playing seems to be enjoying themselves. So, let's try another one, shall we?

The answer to yesterday's puzzler is below the cut and some spaces at the end of this post...to protect those people who are reading these out of order from being spoiled in their guesses. Now they can play along as well.

True or False?

During my short stint as a late night radio DJ, I did a live on-air interview with Vegas animal trainer extraordinaire, Siegfried, but not Roy.

As per the show rules, you can ask me clarifying questions in the comment section.

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So, my last post wasn't as popular as I'd hoped. But I am determined this could catch on all over LJ. Therefore, I will tell you that it was TRUE that I cry every single time the voice-over starts on Supernatural's S5 finale.

Now, for another stab at this...

True or False?

My brother once kept a cougar (the feline predator not the older human female type) in his tiny two bedroom apartment for over a week. His two daughters, both of whom were preschoolers at this time, slept and played in the bedroom where he kept the big cat.

Remember that according to the rules, you can ask me some clarifying questions about this before deciding if I'm lying or telling the truth.

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I don't know how many of you have seen the UK show "Would I Lie To You?" But I highly recommend it for nothing more than David Mitchell's hissy fits. They are laugh out loud funny at times.

The object of the game is to figure out if someone is telling you a fabricated story about themselves or the honest truth. For example, a journalist once confessed that he is afraid of the dark and checks for monsters before he can go to bed. He went on to explain that this only happened when he was in a strange place on his own...like in a motel room in a foreign city covering a story. The other contestants then asked him questions until they reached a consensus about his claim--was it a lie or was he telling or the truth?

They happened to get this one wrong btw...because they were sure he was lying and he was telling the truth. He really is afraid of the dark and monsters.

Anyway, some of you (those who have read my user profile) might know that I was once voted Official Fashion Squad Fibber...the person designated to fabricate (lie) our way out of trouble, should the Squad ever be caught in a compromising situation. The Fashion Squad was a group of fangirls dedicated to improving the image of fashion-challenged stars (like our own Mr. David Tennant) by whatever means necessary. For example: Stripping said star to his boxers and re-dressing him more appropriately. Good clean fun until the restraining orders are issued. :grin:

Given my resume, and inspired by my recent toaster confessions, I thought it might be sort of diverting to come here and post things that could be true about me...or might not...and see if people could correctly guess which of my claims were untrue.

Here is today's confession...

True or False...I burst into tears at the beginning of the S5 Supernatural Finale...as soon as Chuck starts the voice-over about the Impala...every single time I watch?

You can ask me things if you want...like how many times I've seen the episode, etc. Or you can rely on your intimate knowledge of my posts to make your guess.


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