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I really don't understand people who don't like music vids. Unless they are looking at bad ones on YouTube. I love me some musical montage. And some of our fandom vidders are the most amazing, creative people alive.

To kick off my Vividcon appreciation, I found this SPN vid today by [livejournal.com profile] butterfly. It is SPN. It is Destiel. It is Charlie and Dean as AU siblings. It is hilarious and cool. And a good reminded about why Destiel is such a presistent ship. It's not my thing, but I can't deny it is in the canon, given this uses lots of canon footage to good effect. None of that splicing of scenes to get an AU point across.

[livejournal.com profile] keswindhover check it out. It's from the one episode you saw of SPN! So, you can relate to it, too.

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This camera operator has captured some authentic cat language. This is a rare capture, because cats faced with a human camera operator usually take an interest in the camera or the human and ask questions of the human. But here, for once, we see a fairly normal cat exchange. And I see people have been aware of this footage for some time, but it is new to me.

The first noise is a slight distress mew. The one that the cat on the right makes, that sort of purring uplift mew, is an inquiry. This is a "What is up with you?" remark. The other cat expresses some concerns and then asks the same of his friend. The exchange doesn't sound too alarmed. I would say that something has unsettled the cat on the left, but not so that it is overly agitated. Perhaps the cat on the left was wondering about the human acting weird, because he seems to inquire the human as well. This whole exchange is a rather subdued debate on the left cat's concern, perhaps a tummy ache or a slight worry. I don't know maybe he wondered why the human has a camera pointed at them. The cat on the right submits to his friend, that is the upturned belly moment. That is an offer to be of help. He asks, "What can I do for you?" The cat on the left wants huggles. And finally the cat on the right offers some comfort, a nose bump of love. There is a bit of licking, which is comforting to them both. The licking is almost rejected and then accepted with a nice purr.

I have had this same type of exchange with a cat many times...as I tended to lead a dramatic and stressful life in my cat-keeping days, and my cats were often concerned about me. I would come home agitated. They would burble a question. I would offer my explanation, and get some cat advice and there would be mutual comforting.

Lest you doubt my understanding, I will tell you that [livejournal.com profile] keswindhover recently showed me a scientific-type study of people identifying the barks of dogs, without having any idea what was happening to the dogs. I spent a good part of my childhood with a cat as a baby-sitter and we definitely communicated. Though mostly I can translate concepts like concern, inquiry, hunger, distress, irritation and "You are an imbecile."
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I have shown you a video of a very gentle dog playing with a feisty kitten. Here we see a rottweiler having a similar interaction with a very amused baby human.

This reminds me of that current ad featuring all ages of humans laughing. I have no idea what product that ad is for, but I love it. It always arrests my attention.

This vid is brought to you by the news that laughter is not only the best medicine, it acts as a pain killer and qualifies as aerobic exercise. You are welcome. :grin:

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I don't know that you care. I don't particularly care, myself. But congrats to them. I bring it up, because a friend of mine pointed me toward this vid as a result of that marriage, and I must say, I love this vid.

I never watch Jimmy Fallon, except as I surf by his show when I'm up too late. But, I sort of like Justin Timberlake. Not in a fangirl way, though I've enjoyed a couple of his songs. I never thought much about him one way or the other, until I saw him on Ellen one afternoon. After that, I tried to catch his guest appearances. He is a marvelous guest on a talk show. Here he is being a marvelous guest for Jimmy.

Don't let the rap history premise put you off, because, I hate rap, but I still loved this...and recognized most of the musical references, too.

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This video has been all over the web in the last week, so I would imagine that most of you have seen it. Still, it is important for a number of reasons. First, the mother elephant refusing to be moved from her infant's side, despite major encouragement by the vehicles. Second, the mother elephant making a choice to save herself and her older daughter when the humans use a tribal noise...obviously, she recognizes this as a serious threat. And finally, of course, the last 30 seconds or so is lovely.

I was a little frustrated by the length of the vid, but it does build some suspense. If you want it shorter, watch the first minute or so, until the mother elephant makes her choice, and then skip ahead to about 3:30 to watch some rescue efforts and the end bits.

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I am not sure if this will embed here...but we will see. Octopus is at 1:00 minute into the vid.

Notice how he holds off a rival predator while doing his stealing, too.

NOTE: I watched this on mute. So, I didn't experience the hokey narration and music. Hopefully, there is nothing rude on the sound track.

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I'm getting really sick of it myself. But this is my totally inappropriate YouTube crush, Dave Days and two guys that can really sing, doing a cover of it that I wanted to share. It is better than the original in my opinion, because it is less grating on the high notes. Be sure to stick around until the nerds get their transformation at 2:58 (or fast forward to it)...not since Superman's heyday has a pair of specs and some hair gel made such a difference.

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The last time I was here, I brought you a video where two lovable hamsters terrorize a kitten. To counter that one, here is a kitten who understands that fear is no excuse for failing to properly stalk alien invaders in your bed. Stalk and kill. That is the predator way. And I love how at the end of it all, the kitten relaxes a bit, only to notice that a tail has been following him...and acting mighty shady. I assume another adventure began almost immediately as there is no rest for the Superhero Kitties of this world.

Since this vid has been watched over 6 million times, I imagine some of you have already seen it, but it was new to me, so I figured it was worth sharing.

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Very soon, I'm going to have something pithy to say about the House MD series finale. But for now, I decided to post this vid to explain why, if you have never watched House...or gave up on watching...maybe this would be a good time to cozy up to a DVD box set or eight and enjoy one of the most memorable characters ever portrayed on TV.

It is by my absolute favorite House MD vidder...http://www.youtube.com/user/NCISmelanie

You've seen her work embedded here many times.

And if you are still feeling the fallout from the finale...you might appreciate this House/Wilson schmoop fest from the early years, too. It certainly almost inspired fic for me.

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Here we have some territorial behavior from an ordinary house cat. Kes, not only are they a menace to your birds, they are tormenting your totem, too.


I suppose it is just possible that this was some sort of game. Certainly the deer found itself returning for another round a few times there.
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For those of you who haven't heard, and that might be only one or two of you, there is a cute little robot who is making strides in engaging with autistic children. He was designed to alleviate the fear that children had of other mechanical interactive equipment. But a happy side effect was that everyone finds him endearing, so there is talk of making a more affordable commercial cousin for the masses. The original costs $30,000, but if you watch this vid until 1:15 or so, you will see that he is certainly earning his keep, even without his interactive noises.

Edit To Note Apparently, this isn't news at all and I am way behind the curve. This video is from 2007. Hey! I don't get out much. There is already a toy version of Keepon in stores like Toys R Us in America. The toy version is inexpensive but not really as engaging and not for autistic children. Though I do understand some proceeds go to Autism research. Check out this link for the interactive testing of the toy version...http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZOaT2A_VJ5A#!
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Two adorable Sun Conures tasked with waking up a visitor decide if you can't wake them, join them!

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I am sure that some of you have seen this as it is a sequel to an older piece. But for those who have not, it is LOL funny. Henri the cat has ennui!

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One popular experiment by animal behaviorists is the mirror test. An animal is shown themselves in a mirror and scientists watch to see if the animal recognizes itself. This is a similar slanted argument to the ones that proved cats didn't see color. They do. But they do not hunt by color the way primates and birds do.

Cats don't identify other cats by sight, so the question of them self-identifying by sight is a moot one when as used to determine their intelligence. However, it is interesting that they mostly identify the mirror as something interesting, it startles them, and they are aware of something (someone) inside of it. I believe some of the "funny" reactions are actually attempts to figure out if the cat inside the mirror is real. And I am intrigued by the tiger that rubs against her companion as she looks into the mirror. I wonder if she is figuring out the mirror concept, by relating it to other objects. That would be a worthwhile test to construct.

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This is a general Brothers in Arms style Supernatural vid and the song is obviously by a fan of the show. Though it could be a parody of something I don't recognize. I do hope it wasn't seriously intended, but it does speak to the beauty of the show, because SPN is beautiful and camp at the same time. That's sort of what makes SPN great...how touching it can be, while going so far over the top.

And, well, seriously...this vid is like Tori Amos meets Abbot & Costello with Angels! I guess. Really, if you have ever watched SPN. OR...if you haven't and just want to know what it is like. Or if you tend to LOL at some of those indie-singer angst style vids that fans make...you should enjoy this one.

My favorite line...hands down in this song is "Because I'm Dean. You're Cas...it's my responsibility to kick you in the ass." OMG! So true of the Winchester dynamic!
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Look at how this small boxer communicates with these cows. Why can't WE communicate with other species so simply and eloquently?

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This vid was on my FList today. So you may have already seen it. I thought it was a hoot and the musicality gets better as it goes along, too.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King
(yep, from The Lion King)

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My thanks to [livejournal.com profile] thisficklemob and [livejournal.com profile] keswindhover for alerting me to this lovely video of a porcupine named, Teddy. Here someone has switched on the closed captioning so that we can make out what Teddy is saying about his corn on the cob. I must say at the point the closed caption has him say, "Take that"...near the end, I hear him say, "Get back," again...so I suppose it is all a matter of interpretation.

"I like your hat?" Maybe!
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An octopus decides to go for a stroll and pick up a crab dinner. So...now we know what the aliens could look like. I was afraid that they would have eight arms. But better shellfish than arachnids.

And here is a link to an article about the Octopus intellect.

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A video of two wild foxes enjoying a trampoline. I love watching animals at play without people involved. It goes to show how alike we all are. You can just see when they both go, "OMG! It's springy!"

There is also a rather cute video of two kittens wrestling, under this cut Read more... )


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