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Well, I hate to mention this because I fall a long way outside the acceptable demographic for this show, but I've gone crazy over Teen Wolf. I love it. And I'm thrilled to learn that they have been renewed for a 24 episode long Season Three. I am pulling for the dream team ship of Derek and Lydia. There is no evidence whatsoever for this ship, but I recently saw a couple of vids that woke the latent shipper in me and now I am all about Derek/Lydia...except I don't want it to be called Lyreck. But what can you do? Derdia is no better and then is no hope at all that, just this once, we could sidestep smooshing the names together like we are toddlers, is there?

Anyway, I am recommending Teen Wolf to those of you who love the cult television with snarky teenagers. I think one of the things I truly enjoy about this show is that it isn't as uber-cute as Buffy or as hipster as the CW teen stuff. These kids often act like kids. I particularly love the Stiles and Scott relationship. Not as a shipper, but just as smart kid and his goofy friend. Scott is a nimrod from time to time, more believable in his lack of cool than Buffy ever was. And Stiles is nerdy and remarkably brave and, yet, manages to still be believable as a teenager who let's his dad down. That's the thing about these kids, I believe they are teenagers, rather than glittery Muppets. They have angst, and lots of it, but they also have layers of hope and stupidity and just plain foolhardiness. And there are some interested adults as well as some obvious caricatures, like the coach.
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I recently took some exception to The Voice presumptive eliminations, because it took a bit of the thrill out of things for me. I like a few of the remaining contestants, but I'm not very passionate about them. So, The Voice is no longer "must see TV" for me. <<--Poetry!

And I've noticed that shows are getting lackadaisical about passion these days. Murdoch Mysteries has placed their main romance, Julia/William, so far onto the back burner that I suspect it has actually been moved to the windowsill to cool. Julia only appears in 5 of the 13 episodes this season and she's married; albeit to a man who is crying out to be murdered. Actually, he isn't crying out to be murdered, if he was I'd probably like him better, but he's just as dull as soy whipped cream. Julia is frustrated and bored by him and so am I. And that seems to be the order of the day for romances on TV. I blame the creators of Bones for starting this trend. Though it might well have been SPN that kicked it off with Dean and Lisa. It is as if the fanboys in the writers' room, recognizing that they can't write sex scenes, decided to pretend all passion happens off-screen. It is a small step away from the overused endless UST, but it still isn't very inspiring.

The creators of House have taken several inexplicable steps into theses tepid waters with House adopting/marrying a Russian girl who needs a green card. I don't dislike the girl, heck I haven't seen much of her. In fact, I can't say I remember her name. But she's feisty comic relief of a marshmallow-fluff-pie-in-the-face sort. I honestly can't imagine House having much to say to her. And if I were a Cuddy fan, I would be insulted by her blandness. "I can see the way she looks at you," a character recently told House, which appeared to be news to him. She went on to say that House loves this woman-child, too. These tender feelings have been completely hidden, not only from House, but from the viewing audience.

I do applaud TV moving forward with the lives of characters who have been stuck in neutral for too long. But I hate that TV drama writers seem incapable of imagining the sort of elaborate home lives for their characters that we see in Modern Family, for example. I will say that the Bones writers are trying to keep things interesting with their signature couple. But I'm not sure that boring me is the way to keep my viewership.
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First, I was a huge fan of S1 of The Voice. I didn't quite understand the popularity of Dia Frampton, but I was okay with her placement. And the overall talent level of the contestants in S1, really blew me away. Finally, I felt, there was a talent show worth my time. And then, we launched into S2 and I wanted to share the show with family and friends.

Only, I kept having to apologize to my family and friends. The song choices seemed to be coming out of a trickster's bag. The microphones seemed to be switched off during half the performances. Or, as my SO put it, "These people just don't have strong voices." But still, there were one or two bold blossoms hidden behind the shrinking violets. What rankled me was how determined the coaches seemed to be in undermining the talent this year. Pip was encouraged to sing a song that did nothing for his blue-eyed soul persona. And Cee-Lo overproduced his singers to the point where the "Walk Like An Egyptian" lady seemed to be falling into a pit lined with gold spandex.

And then there was what happened tonight...Read more... )
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I wondered how many of you were familiar with the new WebSeries by Morgan Spurlock. It is available on Yahoo Screen. Yahoo Screen is a new beta service on Yahoo, that airs original web programming.

The Failure Club is rather neat if, like me, you have a dream that you hesitate to pursue because you are certain you will fail at it. Basically, we follow a group of New Yorkers as they try to live out a dream that they have and we watch them fail at it. The inspirational part happens, I am assuming, when we see them keep on going despite the failures. The show doesn't promise us or the people success at their dreams, the way other shows might. But it does show us people who really must struggle against failure. And I found it rather inspiring to watch someone who is as handicapped as I am in my dreams, not get a lucky break, but work toward success anyway.

Find out more in this article...http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/11/23/morgan-spurlock-failure-club-new-series-yahoo-screen-exclusive/

...which also links you to YAHOO SCREEN. Or you can go directly to Yahoo and type in The Failure Club and you should get there.

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So, I had this idea for LJ Idol's next topic: Inconceivable.

Fandom Embarrassment!

You know, it's when you download a few episodes of a show you used to adore years ago and, upon watching it, you find it inconceivable that you ever liked the show. And, in fact, you feel you might die of embarrassment. Case in point...imagine the chagrin of this poor singer over...wait for it...Baywatch.

I must have been a very young Rabid indeed. But I remembered my Mom was a huge fan of Randolph Mantooth in the early 70's show, EMERGENCY! I had a chance to watch some of it on HULU recently and it was so stilted and hilarious I couldn't believe it was once "cutting edge" TV. Here is some dialogue...

Paramedic John Gage: I remember... I was working B-Shift over at Station 10. That was a great, old station. Know why?
Paramedic Roy DeSoto: It had a pole?
Paramedic John Gage: It had a pole. A fire station just isn't a fire station without a pole.

And John Gage, Mom's crush, treating his own snakebite in the field.

Me? I have always had stellar taste in shows. I have nothing to be embarrassed about in my first fandom. Nothing at all...

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Hello again flist!

I am here to discuss two shows that have failed to live up to their previous glory days: Doctor Who and Supernatural.

Every time I've been a fan of a show...Buffy, Roswell, BSG and I've jumped ship and suggested the show is about to tank, I've been met with a barrage of "True Fan" outrage. Oh, how very dare I? People tell me the show is "as good as ever" or "BETTER!" because now it is appealing to a broader demographic or now the ratings mean something different than they once did, because...you know...people are listening to the show via Skype.

Let me say this, if you find yourself defending a show against a number of former fans who are telling you the show is no good any more. The show is probably no good!

This article is a case in point...defending the hell out of Doctor Who's 5th and 6th season, which, trust me, were not very good.


But, oh, yes, the ratings don't matter, because people have download capacity now! Riiiiiight! We just didn't ever download things back in 2007. Waiting to watch a show...still means it is not a priority for you!

And so we go to Supernatural. And how it isn't the show it was under Kripke. It isn't. Not because of the S6 ending, though. People are upset about the S6 ending and we true fans would do better if we listened to what those people who are upset are saying. The writers should listen, too. Enough already with Sam and Dean against each other and enough with the aborted plots. Stop being quite so stealthy in your plot points, because most of the fans are missing them entirely. Which is not to say that I think SPN is done for...or that Doctor Who is necessarily done for either. I think both shows still have potential. But to discount what former fans of a show are saying is insane. It doesn't make you a "True Fan" of the show to bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is just as good...or better than ever.

who still thinks we are looking at H.P. Lovecraft for Supernatural this coming season. Which means, Cas isn't in his body something else is...and Cas is probably looking for a new vessel or needs to be rescued from somewhere nasty.
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Things are starting to stagnate a bit around ye olde TV. Seasons are winding down to their supposedly EPIC finales and it is all leaving me rather wrung out and unimpressed. I started watching House again a few episodes back, maybe it was episode 14 or 15. Anyway, once the Huddy was over, I poked my head out of my burrow to see what the show was doing. I just watched the one with the spud-gun competition and a famous face from the past. The face was a beautiful as ever, but I thought the episode was rather contrived. Contrived seems to be the norm these days with House. Maybe it was trying to make Huddy work or maybe it is just that the show is getting on in years and running out of steam. I don't know. I still have hopes for the shocking House/Wilson Series finale that will cause a real uproar in TVLand. But since this is America and the show is on Fox...I am probably just going to get some lame overdose fade out to heaven or something.

Doctor Who isn't really impressing me. I keep putting off viewing it. Pirate episode still to watch. Meanwhile, in Canadian TV, I just watched the finale of S4 of Murdoch Mysteries. I love that show, but talk about a contrived ending. I didn't believe one word of the season finale. Murdoch and Julia were completely out of character. My only hope is that it turns out to be a sick dream when we come back in a flippin' YEAR. How do people wait an entire year for these things shows? Luckily, the episode was pretty much designed to make me forget the show, so...I suppose they've done me a favor by making it such a hot mess.

And finally, some of my Supernatural friends will be pleased to know that I've seen the light re: Cas/Dean. For the longest time, I simply couldn't get behind the forbidden love of a guardian angel and his pet human. I liked Cas, I did, but he didn't seem to have much passion in him. I thought, perhaps, people were simply so appalled by the obvious incest subtext in SPN that they were desperately clinging to any other marginally viable pairing they could find. Cas was a great addition to the show, but, I didn't feel a spark with him, despite some obvious "he's gay for Dean" reference in S5. No spark = No shipping for Rabid.

But finally, I stepped on board the ship over these last few weeks. Something about the level of pain and angst Dean and Cas are going through now has tipped me to favor that pairing. Also, Dean showed some interest in someone other than his brother...which was a welcome change. I love all of these boys, don't get me wrong...but until recently I just haven't seen much to convince me that Castiel was in love with Dean. Now, suddenly...I buy it. So that is one thing that Sara has accomplished. Of course, now she has me in the fold, she's probably going to do something ridiculous to upset me.

And so...it is on to the dog days of summer reruns and replacement series. Psych is coming back. And SYTYCD. And I've yet to watch Fringe S3. All things to look forward to, but the Murdoch Mysteries finale really has put me in a funk.

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I don't know what's gotten into American Idol this season. Maybe it is what's gotten out of AI that is the difference: No More Simon Cowell. I'm an American Idol fence-sitter for the most part. I don't hate it. I don't love it. I watch it sporadically. I thought Simon frequently told the truth about a collection of frankly inferior singers. Of course, HE helped pick out those frankly inferior singers, which made him more of a bullying hypocrite. I found it hard to believe he didn't realize how crappy they were sooner.

Basically, I often find American Idol Too Friggin' Annoying To Watch. Yes, capitalized exactly like that. ;->

In fact, I was chuckling over an article recently that stated that Pia Toscano went home because either a) teeny-bopper girls voted and hated her or b) middle-aged women voted and hated her. But Pia went home because she bored the voters. That bosom clutching ballad style singer is so very OVER. Pia was a classic American Idol winner, a pretty girl with the ability to belt out those Celine Dion high notes. Let me refer Pia to the SPN episode, My Heart Will Go On. <<<--For those of you who don't know, the angel Balthazar saved the Titanic just so Celine Dion would become a washed up lounge singer, because he hated that "damned song." AMEN to that, brother angel!

So, yeah, I can see wanting to shake up the idea of what American Idol can be. I can see some of the choices Randy, J-Lo and Steven made. Haley with her scat swing style is interesting. But then there was Paul McDonald. Every time I saw Paul sing, I would have the feeling I was in the twilight zone or that I'd lost a bet. Paul just couldn't sing and he had the weirdest performances since...well...Casey Abrams. The things is, I love Casey Abrams. He's the type of guy I used to hang around with in high school. He's weird and slightly creepy. He's talented, too, but again, I'm not sure he's THAT talented. What Casey has going for him is style. Like James Durbin has Tourette's going for him. I like James, too. I think it's fantastic that he's overcome so much. And he makes a good role model, following his dream despite his challenges. I wish I was as brave as he is, choosing to be onstage where stress could trigger him so easily. Beyond all of that, I thought he did a great job with that Muse song this week.

But...is he the Next American Idol? Really? Maybe...but...just in case anyone has forgotten what a ROCK STAR on Idol looks like...here's my man, Adam Lambert...Live...

Read more... )

Sorry about that James! I like you, I do. But you are following in some seriously glitter-glammed footsteps.

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Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever:

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Strikeout the shows you've never seen.
4. Post your answers.

50. Quantum Leap
49. Prison Break
48. Veronica Mars

47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
46. Sex & The City

45. Farscape
44. Cracker
43. Star Trek
42. Only Fools and Horses
41. Band of Brothers
40. Life on Mars
39. Monty Python's Flying Circus

38. Curb your Enthusiasm
37. Star Trek: The Next Generation
36. Father Ted
35. Alias

34. Frasier
33. CSI: Las Vegas
32. Babylon 5
31. Deadwood
30. Dexter

29. ER
28. Fawlty Towers
27. Six Feet Under
26. Red Dwarf
25. Futurama
24. Twin Peaks

23. The Office
22. The Shield
21. Angel
20. Blackadder
19. Scrubs
18. Arrested Development
17. Doctor Who
15. Heroes
14. Firefly
13. Battlestar Galactica

12. Family Guy
11. Seinfeld
10. Spaced
09. The X-Files
08. The Wire
07. Friends
06. 24
05. Lost
04. The West Wing
03. The Sopranos
02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01. The Simpsons

I really hate to count Friends, 24 and Lost as shows I watched, because I only watched them for a very short part of their overall run. Two seasons for Friends and 24 and only the first season of Lost. But it was definitely more than one episode so I'm counting them.
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Yes, it has been a long time since I've reviewed a television show here. That's because I've lost interest in most television shows. But I recently decided to look back at a few I've given up to see if they were any better now.

House M.D. -- Is really much the same, except for the House/Cuddy cuddling, which I find less disturbing now that it has moved away from so much OCC mushiness. However, I am not a mushy Cuddy fan and I find I don't believe them as a couple the way I thought I would. So, not sure if I will start watching House again.

Supernatural -- We are back to the brotherly love at long last. And I like it. But they have turned in a couple of dog episodes the last few weeks. The Dragon one was not only ridiculous, but also supposedly launched a new villain who will make us forget Lucifer and the other angels. But we saw so little of her that it was ultimately meaningless for us. Sadly, SPN has gone from the meticulous plotting of Kripke to the industry standard of start and stop plotting. They come up with something that could be a cool idea, but let it falter and go in another direction for ages. Then they write off the old plot and try again.

American Idol -- I wrote that I liked the new judges. I do like them. But it seems they are as tone-deaf as the previous judges were. They repeatedly sent singers with extraordinary voices home the last two episodes and kept singers that croaked like frogs with head colds. I just don't get that. But I do see the writing on the wall for me turning off the show in the middle, once again, because the singing is so very awful.

Murdoch Mysteries -- HA! Bet you weren't expecting this one. And I think I will put it under a cut so I don't spoil people who haven't seen any of S4 yet. Read more... )

That's what I've been thinking about what I've watched this week.
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Confession time, I'm a fan of Simon Cowell. I think that he goes too far sometimes and can be rude to no good purpose, but I generally thought his criticisms were accurate. He was able to tell people with limited talent the limitations they were exhibiting. That's a good trait for a reality show judge to have. Nobody on the new show seems to have this same sort of razor tongued insight.

That said, however, I like what the new people bring to this very tired concept. American Idol has been dull as ditch water for the last five years, if you ask me. I stopped actually watching it and generally just let it play. Though for the last three years that was only to see one or two people and I had to turn the sound down for the rest of them. The year Adam Lambert was on, I recorded the show so I could skip most of the performances. I kept asking if America was this devoid of talent or if the producers of the show were just completely tone deaf or if there was a limit on talented exhibitionists.

Anyway, I understand the show's ratings dropped by 13 points from last year's premiere. And I can believe it when you factor in a show that has lost the main attraction and also has a worn to the bone concept. The premiere didn't do any favors for itself by having a self-congratulatory 30 minute intro all about how great the NEW judging panel was going to be, complete with the RIGHT STUFF slo-mo side-by-side striding toward camera. PUH-LEEZ! And then we had a series of softball contestants with lovely stories and voices. And when they, for some unknown reason, put the spotlight on a girl who seriously needs to be medicated, the bonehead judges put her through to Hollywood. Okay, I might have weakened when she fell to her knees and started crying, too. I felt really sorry for her. But SIMON would have told her to get back on the meds and try again next year. And that would be the correct thing to tell her. She was able to sing, but nobody is doing her a favor by encouraging her to freak out like she did in a professional audition.

That said, I am looking forward to tonight, because as the second day wore on I noticed that Steve Tyler got bitchier and J-Lo got bolder and I think by the end of this audition marathon, we will see people who aren't afraid to tell it like it is. I think most of what we saw last night was the AI editorial team trying to make everyone love the new judges. The strategy backfired, but hopefully, they can recut so we have some more hard truths. I do think Steve Tyler might warm up to the idea of cutting people off at the knees.
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First up is a link to a YouTube snippet of David Tennant in that outfit of shame, chatting about his new film. Read more... )
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Here we go with another one...has it been a few days already?

Here is a link to the full meme, if you want to do it yourself...


Day 05 - A Show You Hate

Wow! Hate is such a strong word. I believe I have used it. I can vaguely recall snarling, "I hate this show" from time to time in the past. But generally, I don't care about enough shows to flat out hate them. It is hard for me to work up hate for a show that sucks, because I won't watch really awful shows. Like, I didn't care for the premise of Dollhouse. I didn't care for the long slide into crap that Battlestar Galactica had. Had I continued to watch BSG, I might have come to hate that show. But, I stopped watching when it started getting on my nerves. Most shows, if I don't like them, I just don't watch. It's not like I can hate them being out there somewhere. Most shows aren't THAT offensive.

I do sort of hate a couple of genres. I hate pundit shows, where some guy vents his personal prejudices, like Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly or Keith Olbermann. I also can't stand the confessional/manipulation shows...like Big Brother or The Bachelor or Jerry Springer or Montel Williams or Top Chef. I don't like shows that make me spend time with people I wouldn't spend any time with in real life. I mean come on...who the hell would want to spend time with Glenn Beck? Or that Top Chef guy? They're both asshats. Seeing people faun over them makes me wince. It's the opposite of entertaining in my opinion.

I also don't care much for the situation comedy. I have found sitcoms that I very much enjoyed for a great cast or for the stellar writing. I can usually watch those for a few seasons...like Frazier or Mad About You. Those shows were brilliant, but they do have that reset switch that keeps the characters stuck in their dysfunctional behavior beyond the point where it is entertaining. This is why I could watch MASH. For the most part, MASH moved people forward, there were consequences for actions.

who feels a little bit pot and kettle over the whole idea of not liking people who are sharing their personal prejudices, while sharing mine. :smirk:
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I am probably going to be mentioning Farscape in my television meme. But I just wanted to share a thought about the perfection of this series. I am watching it from the beginning again. Something I did with Buffy last year. I had expected to be a little disappointed with the Buffy repeats and found myself pleasantly surprised by the fact that they held up so well. But I truly had expected that I would cringe over Farscape. I remembered S1 as being quite a trial to watch, until Nerve, at least. But, on this rewatch, I've found that knowing what I know about Farscape and how it will end...makes it a positive joy to watch again.

You will all recall that I have mentioned over and over again that the wrong ending to Tennant's Run of new Who, the lack of character development or storyline commitment, will ultimately corrupt the future success of the show. This is playing out now. But it will continue to play out in a more subtle fashion for those of us with DVDs. Fans can't really rewatch Doctor Who S1-S4 with the same sense of hope we had the first time, because we know that it fails to satisfy in the end.

Knowing something ends on a whimper rather than singingly, affects how you view it in retrospect. And knowing that Farscape had one of the most satisfying ends in television history, really makes watching it again a delightful experience. If you have never watched Farscape...you might have to grit your teeth through the first ten episodes...but believe me it is well worth the effort in the end. And I am not talking about happy endings, nor promising you one. Instead I promise completely satisfying character development, because there was certainly large hunks of unhappy in the Farscape viewing experience. "People really bleed when they are hit in Farscape" as the quote goes. The writers really understood how and when to make the audience suffer, something RTD and Whedon and Moore and Chris Carter did not know.

If you watched most or all of Farscape, as I did, go back and see it again and take the time to admire how very groundbreaking this series was. Yes, Rigel still looks like a Muppet, there's no denying it. But the show goes out of its way to make him a fully rounded character as well. One point struck me very strongly on the rewatch...and that was that every character on the show is fully realized and developed. And every one of them had blood on their hands. Every character murders someone. Though in Crichton's case...maybe we should call it accidental homicide, but it is the opening act of his character. Seriously, what show makes every character in it so conflicted from the outset? Only Farscape. Okay...and maybe the Sopranos, eventually.

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Today's writer's block question gave me an idea. Is there a specific episode of Doctor Who that you play to cheer you up when you are feeling down?

Also, is there another show that you can pop in and cheer up?

Mine would be...Fear Her or The Doctor Dances.

And my other shows would be pretty much any Psyche episode but probably the treasure hunting one most of all. And the Cow Creamer episode of Jeeves & Wooster.

finally posting something fun
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Trying times are trying. I'm in pain. I'm exhausted. I'm a crankypants. And I intend to be quite disagreeable about a few things which have irritated me this evening. Sure, on some other evening I might be willing to see these issues from both sides...but right now...I'm completely unreasonable.Read more... )
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I haven't watched Saturday Night Live since...well...Mad TV aired. You just get a little tired of this low brow type of humor, I suppose. But I happened to catch this clip of Sigourney Weaver helping the stock character "Grady Wilson" do a infomercial for a senior's sex tape...and I must admit I LOLed.

I want to say this is not work safe...but it's not exactly explicit, either. There is really nothing wrong with it...it's just...amazingly wrong in your head, suggestive is what I mean, and it gets funnier once Ms. Weaver comes in with her cheesy Scandanavian accent.



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