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And I quote...

I never stop coming to a restaurant or frequenting a store without telling the manager why. I feel this gives a business an opportunity to improve. I have decided to stop watching your Olympic coverage after tonight's gymnastics all-around. I care very much about what happens in that event, otherwise I would have stopped watching your coverage last night. The gymnastic commentators made some very ugly remarks about the Japanese Gold medal winner, ironic ones in the face of their sycophantic support of Team USA, but those remarks simply reflect the appalling coverage your network has provided.

It may surprise you to learn that I watch the Olympics because I enjoy the international participation and camaraderie that they are supposed to symbolize. I also enjoy learning about obscure sports that are not as popular in the US. I enjoy seeing our athletes win, of course, but what truly brings a tear to my eye and makes me look forward to the Olympics are the stories about people like "Eddie the Eagle" or the members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. I shudder to think what sort of coverage you would have given to Nadia Comaneci. Are there interesting stories from other countries this year? Who knows? You've spent your time having hair-gelled lightweight Ryan Seacrest, who frankly, doesn't know much about sports, do fluff pieces about towels. You have hours of tape delay to come up with narrative and you create this pablum? At least dig up a few sports commentators and allow them to cover THE GAMES...not just the USA!

I think Michael Phelps is amazing. But I don't appreciate hearing all about him and nothing about other teams except in relationship to how many times America has beaten them. Seriously, the French swim team was equally astounding and I should know what they have for breakfast, too. That young girl from China...YU...was a genuine phenom, look at her stroke. And all your announcers had to say about her was that she should be drug tested? I know you have budget concerns. But less time evaluating pub food and more time interviewing athletes from other countries is sorely needed to keep this viewer's interest, never mind my respect. I can only hope you never get the Olympic coverage again. But if you do, perhaps you might consider those of us who avoid all spoiler knowledge in the hopes of sending some ratings your way...only to be so very disappointed in your jingoistic juggernaut of poor sportsmanship.
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I genuinely enjoyed the two-hour Terra Nova premiere. Now, that could be because I was warned that it was a poorly scripted and woodenly acted excuse to use CGI dinosaurs left over from Jurassic Park. Expecting the worst, I was pleasantly surprised. Or it could be that the people who gave it an early review were overly critical. I don't know. But I liked it.

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Why didn't someone tell me about this? SUZE? Anybody?


I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand...YAY! On the other hand...they better not screw this up!

1) I was a complete B&B fan back in the day. Like turn the ringer off on the telephone and don't say anything to me for the next two hours. Two because I would have to rewatch it immediately.

2) But...let's face it...that show fell apart worse than BSG!

3) Maybe they won't tear out our hearts AND stomp on them this time. Oh, wait...HA!

4) The special effects could be a lot better today. And they were pretty darned great back then. I loved Vincent's lair.

5) Oh, but where could they find anyone to rival the amazing Ron Perlman? They can't find anyone. Period! They better not put some skinny teenage pretty boy in the fur suit and jerkin. Read my icon, pretty boys!

Can Ron still look Beastly? He made a damned impressive Hellboy a few years ago. It is mostly make-up after all. But, if we have Ron than we will want Linda. And that is hardly a re-imagining of the original.

It is a show that lends itself readily to re-imagining though. We could play out the full story over several seasons and, you know, not have that lame tragedy in the middle of it. This could work. Or it could blow.

The sad thing is people are already saying that it won't work because of the loser fantasy style series coming this Fall. I think B&B is in a noble class that transcends genre. It is more along the lines of Buffy or Vampire Diaries if it is done properly. It is a fantastic concept to bring around again. But we B&B loyalists will be very hard to please.

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Okay, I freely admit that my boycott of Fox has caused me to miss a few things. Like...uhm...House, M.D.

I fully intend to catch up to this past season, over the summer. But as it stands, I'm behind. And so, I am only sort of skimming my House/Wilson forum. Still...still...I thought I might have heard the news about next season before finding out in TVGuide. I mean, TVGuide is so...1980!

We are all webified now. Though, I've had to start buying TVGuide again since Yahoo stopped doing television schedules. I really hate those cut-rate schedules that tell you nothing at all about what's really on the TV.

8-9 CSI (repeat), 9-10 Original Programing, 10-12 Movie, etc. I could have told THEM that.

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I'm going to put this behind a cut to avoid spoiling people on the West Coast. Though, I am not sure if they have seen it...because it IS live. I think they are on a tape delay. Read more... )

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Before we delve into tonight's review, I would like you all to recall that, in the past, I've had cause to rail against writers who refuse to accept the realities of life as we now know it.

RTD and his ilk with their, "Oh, life is so sad. Let's work against all logic and make our hero a whiny sod about it all." The West Wing doing their "People sometimes die senselessly" storyline on the first anniversary of September 11th. Really? Do we need you to reflect THAT particular point? And all of the folks who announce boldly that "Happy endings just aren't realistic." PSHAW! You know what else isn't very realistic? Having your hero jump onto the wings of a jet in mid-flight. Or having the TARDIS tow Earth home. Real people are ten times as creative as the sheltered, clueless types writing some of this stuff. Real people work things out.

Which brings me to tonight's SPN episode...and a word or two of praise for the new head writer...Read more... )
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I know there are one or two of you out there. This isn't a rant, just something I want you to contemplate: media manipulation. Check this out...


I, as you know, have a problem with the idea of "Fair and Balanced" associated with FOX. Just think about what this article is saying about your choices and the future of free choice in this country. Who is really controlling the conversation and the vote? Is it the people? Or is it a media conglomerate with its own, self-serving, agenda?

Of course, ideally, other candidates will arise and this group will be left behind as people make a choice. But it is the definite lack of Democratic candidates that I want you to consider, as well. How fair and balanced could this supposed news channel be if they offer only one point of view? And should there be a media contract with the candidates so that point of view is prohibited from confronting any opposition? What are the chances that the people are getting a complete picture of these candidates? I know we hear about liberal media attacks...but come on...shouldn't a candidate for president be able to withstand some cross examination by someone that doesn't agree with them?
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I have had occasion before to rant about the offensive network logos and promos that run over the top of our programs. I believe these sort of obstructions to viewing pleasure cost the networks viewership and also encourage program piracy. A few weeks ago NBC ran some very offensive Despicable Me advertising across the bottom of shows. The little annoying guys would dance and drag huge obstructive signs across the program I was trying to watch. Result? I changed my mind about seeing Despicable Me. I had planned to go see it, but the offensive ads made me tell my sister I would rather just stay home and she could save her money. So they lost two viewers. I also stopped watching NBC for the duration and watched my shows on HULU.

Tonight, the season finale of Whale Wars, which I had been looking forward to for weeks and which I would share with both my companion and my sister (neither of them would watch on their own)...was ruined by the Animal Planet logo. I literally had to turn the damned thing off after 10 minutes. I could not stand having that huge block lettering plastered across the action. They made the classic offensive mistake of placing the three inch square blight in the upper right part of the screen. This meant that it was right over the faces of the people in the show. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING?

It is time to stop watching shows that do this sort of crap. Who is with me? Networks need to stop pissing all over television like this. They can't seem to stop marking their territory. It's only gotten this bad in the last few years. It's one thing to protect your property with some kind of logo. It is quite another matter to make watching a show a trial to the viewer. I mean, I don't really care if Animal Planet stays on the air or not. I want a particular product from them...and I don't see why I should put up with their self-aggrandizing ruining the very thing I've given them ratings points to experience. I'm there for the program. If they can't deliver it, someone else will.


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