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Okay, I didn't post every day. In fact, I am days behind. So, time to play catch up and do 4 days in a row.

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So, I took this from [livejournal.com profile] ladyoneill and thought it might give me some motivation to spend a little more time on LJ again. When in doubt, post a meme, right?

I'm not sure how many Supernatural fans I have on my Flist, because I don't write for the fandom, and I only talk about it sporadically. But, I do enjoy the big lugs and their carrying on as wayward sons. It looks like we are in for a good season, but it often looks like that, doesn't it? LOL

Like [livejournal.com profile] ladyoneill, I am a Dean girl. I like Sam. I like Cas. I like Bobby and John. But Dean has most of my empathy as I watch. We share a lot of similar characteristics, including a tendency to judge ourselves and others too harshly. I feel for Dean, but I don't exactly admire him. I think there might be more to admire sometimes in Sam. Though I am often frustrated by how blind Sam can be, I can see why Dean loves him so much.
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I really don't understand people who don't like music vids. Unless they are looking at bad ones on YouTube. I love me some musical montage. And some of our fandom vidders are the most amazing, creative people alive.

To kick off my Vividcon appreciation, I found this SPN vid today by [livejournal.com profile] butterfly. It is SPN. It is Destiel. It is Charlie and Dean as AU siblings. It is hilarious and cool. And a good reminded about why Destiel is such a presistent ship. It's not my thing, but I can't deny it is in the canon, given this uses lots of canon footage to good effect. None of that splicing of scenes to get an AU point across.

[livejournal.com profile] keswindhover check it out. It's from the one episode you saw of SPN! So, you can relate to it, too.

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First, it doesn't matter if you go with Denny or Bean, it is going to be annoying and lame for those of us who hate that sort of thing. Here there be SPOILERS... Read more... )
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Now, that's what I am talking about. There will be all kinds of spoilers under this cut...and some stuff about sleep deprivation...and a bit of ranting about what is, without a doubt, the most annoying fandom ever...Read more... )
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This is a general Brothers in Arms style Supernatural vid and the song is obviously by a fan of the show. Though it could be a parody of something I don't recognize. I do hope it wasn't seriously intended, but it does speak to the beauty of the show, because SPN is beautiful and camp at the same time. That's sort of what makes SPN great...how touching it can be, while going so far over the top.

And, well, seriously...this vid is like Tori Amos meets Abbot & Costello with Angels! I guess. Really, if you have ever watched SPN. OR...if you haven't and just want to know what it is like. Or if you tend to LOL at some of those indie-singer angst style vids that fans make...you should enjoy this one.

My favorite line...hands down in this song is "Because I'm Dean. You're Cas...it's my responsibility to kick you in the ass." OMG! So true of the Winchester dynamic!
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So, first off, I have been looking at people in the Harry Potter films (not the stars but the supporting actors) and other places for a likely Doctor for the big screen. Joseph P, always works for me...but what about Joseph Fiennes? He certainly has the big-screen pedigree for it and a look that could work, too. Also, he might be affordable, because he's not as well known as Johnny Depp or his brother. I would like him to go more like his Camelot Merlin than his Shakespeare though.

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So that was a little bit the same and a lot of different. Read more... )
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I liked this episode. I think S7 is going much better than S6 so far. I enjoyed Jensen Ackles as a director. And I liked that he didn't lean so much on guest actors this time. Young Sam is my favorite flashback character, because I feel he's very talented. Read more... )
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Ha! I knew it! I knew it! And also...yay! Supernatural comes through for me again. I love it. But, just for a second there at the end, I thought, 'DAMN IT, SERA! Can't you get anything right?' And then, well...Read more... )

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Hello again flist!

I am here to discuss two shows that have failed to live up to their previous glory days: Doctor Who and Supernatural.

Every time I've been a fan of a show...Buffy, Roswell, BSG and I've jumped ship and suggested the show is about to tank, I've been met with a barrage of "True Fan" outrage. Oh, how very dare I? People tell me the show is "as good as ever" or "BETTER!" because now it is appealing to a broader demographic or now the ratings mean something different than they once did, because...you know...people are listening to the show via Skype.

Let me say this, if you find yourself defending a show against a number of former fans who are telling you the show is no good any more. The show is probably no good!

This article is a case in point...defending the hell out of Doctor Who's 5th and 6th season, which, trust me, were not very good.


But, oh, yes, the ratings don't matter, because people have download capacity now! Riiiiiight! We just didn't ever download things back in 2007. Waiting to watch a show...still means it is not a priority for you!

And so we go to Supernatural. And how it isn't the show it was under Kripke. It isn't. Not because of the S6 ending, though. People are upset about the S6 ending and we true fans would do better if we listened to what those people who are upset are saying. The writers should listen, too. Enough already with Sam and Dean against each other and enough with the aborted plots. Stop being quite so stealthy in your plot points, because most of the fans are missing them entirely. Which is not to say that I think SPN is done for...or that Doctor Who is necessarily done for either. I think both shows still have potential. But to discount what former fans of a show are saying is insane. It doesn't make you a "True Fan" of the show to bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is just as good...or better than ever.

who still thinks we are looking at H.P. Lovecraft for Supernatural this coming season. Which means, Cas isn't in his body something else is...and Cas is probably looking for a new vessel or needs to be rescued from somewhere nasty.
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I don't know that we should sell Sera Gamble short on this one. And, in fact, I think the finale was Kripke and I can believe this concept I'm seeing is his, too. There are shades of Samuel Colt in this one. More under this cut Read more... )
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You know, sometimes even when I don't ship a couple, I can appreciate a vid about them. On rare occasions I can even appreciate a vid about a show I've never watched. In this case, I do watch the show...and I can see some heat between Dean and Cas...just not enough to interest me in shipping them. But...still...this video is very cute.


Hope you all enjoy it.

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I know a lot of people are puzzled or put off by the Wincest aspect of Supernatural. Even if you are not a fan of it...or of the show...the vid under the cut below is so much fun you must watch it.

It is mocking the whole idea of Wincest, while simultaneously confirming that these two brothers say the oddest things to one another.

Title: People Will Say We're In Love.

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This one has been around for a very long time, but I just found it. It's a very funny bar song featuring all of the drunken moments and a good portion of the drinking moments of Sam & Dean. They do spend a lot of time in bars.

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Plus, there are a lot of Tributes to Metallicar out there on YouTube. And several of those are to Black Betty. But this one is the best one...despite the repetition in the middle of it...because it really is approaches the car as a character and makes her the center of the vid. Sam and Dean aren't in this one, just the car. The only thing I would do differently, is to add in some of the more recent footage like Dean whipping off that cover or some detail shots to this in the middle to replace the repetitive part. Otherwise...it is perfect...

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Before we delve into tonight's review, I would like you all to recall that, in the past, I've had cause to rail against writers who refuse to accept the realities of life as we now know it.

RTD and his ilk with their, "Oh, life is so sad. Let's work against all logic and make our hero a whiny sod about it all." The West Wing doing their "People sometimes die senselessly" storyline on the first anniversary of September 11th. Really? Do we need you to reflect THAT particular point? And all of the folks who announce boldly that "Happy endings just aren't realistic." PSHAW! You know what else isn't very realistic? Having your hero jump onto the wings of a jet in mid-flight. Or having the TARDIS tow Earth home. Real people are ten times as creative as the sheltered, clueless types writing some of this stuff. Real people work things out.

Which brings me to tonight's SPN episode...and a word or two of praise for the new head writer...Read more... )
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So, I came across this fantastic vid that takes you through most of SPN to the finale of S5. I love this song for the show and I love the way this vidder has created such brilliant edits to give even newcomers to the show a sense of the emotional heart of the Winchester's extended family. It is a fast paced vid and lots of fun, even if emotionally wrenching in some places.

by lockedinabathroom aka lj user BEVWA*


*Her personal journal is locked to visitors but you can find more of her work at [livejournal.com profile] fan_vids

Be sure to leave her some nice feedback somewhere. And so...on to S6...spoilers below this cut...Read more... )
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...if this Season Five finale had been the series finale it was supposed to be...the show would have gone down in history as one of the most satisfying, true to itself, fully realized endings in the history of television. Right up there with the end of Newhart! Delightful, surprising and perfectly balanced with the whole series.

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Ah, yes! The Winchester Brothers and their "True Bromance!" Or Supernatural is back in the groove and, of course, the Wincest is alive and well.

I really wish I had the energy to review episodes for all of you these days. I found the last two Supernatural episodes delightful. Dark and depressing, yes, but also delightful.

And I won't spoil much by saying that when Dean made eye contact with Sam there...at that one point...you know the one I mean...I just about squeed myself hoarse.

Zack may not be right about much, but he has the Winchester's pegged, even if Dean is hinting that he wouldn't mind getting lucky with Cas. Seriously, can this show get anymore homo-suggestive?


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