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Haven't seen it, of course, SO NO SPOILERS, you lot!

But...given the title...I can just imagine all of you who have seen it are wringing your hands in despair. I say we make a petition urging the BBC to spread out the Sherlock episodes to 1 every 3 months or so...that way we won't have to wait a year to for our next fix.

Assuming, of course, that our next fix is coming at all, what with the Hobbit and Benedict threatening to move to Hollywood soon. Of course, you can always fly back to England for a few weeks to make more Sherlock, I suppose.

who has seen Hounds of the Baskerville and found it quite yummy.
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A friend has seen Sherlock and was telling me a bit about it. I'd talked it up for them, but they said..."It seemed very shallow. Like the writer was just showing off how 'cool' the character was supposed to be. Mostly, I thought Sherlock was boring and childish."

And I said, "Hmmm! I usually love it. I wonder if Moff wrote that one, because he certainly has that problem when writing The Doctor."

So, I toddled off to Wikipedia...and sure enough...Stephen Moffatt tackles Irene Adler (probably poorly, I bet, making her super sexy and yet not very clever in the end). I doubt the fanbase will notice, of course, because we are all very excited by this return. But there it is from the lips of someone not at all invested in any of this...the Moff-Muppet syndrome strikes again. Trying to be too cute, too clever and putting people off his characters. I will let you all know what I think of it soon as I watch it.

I see Gatiss is tackling Hound of the Baskervilles, a personal fave. I'm glad to see that. Gives me something to look forward to if Scandal truly is a bust.
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Get your deerstalkers on, baby!

So, my buddy, Kes, tells me there is new Sherlock this week. And, being British, she should know. But being me, I'm all...me...and cocky about it not coming back until Spring, which is the last thing I read. But, just to be sure, I go looking for news on new episodes and find...nothing. Kes thought it had already aired.

But then, I think, well, I could check the TV Guide. And VOILA~! New Year's Day! Mark your calendars. Unless, you truly are wired in to this fandom and have already marked them, that is. And, Lord knows when it will show in the US of A, but, still, it is coming...and there will be pictures and reviews and fun.

January 1, 8 and 15...the new season of BBC Sherlock. I am already swooning over fresh Cumberbatch.

who loves that the British put out quality programming for the Holidays. America is so commercialized that nobody thinks about giving us family fun on telly. All we have are pageants, parades and Peanuts cartoon reruns.
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This has been all over Twitter. So it is probably all over LJ, too. But I thought some of you might have missed it. Benedict Cumberbatch (the new Sherlock Holmes) talks about his place in Doctor Who and about David Tennant. He explains how those lovely pictures of he and David Tennant came about a few years ago. David made contact with Benedict's mother is seems.

DT comes across as charmingly geeky in this clip. As an obsessive Who fan myself, I was very impressed with him for this bit of trivia pursuit. I mean, it's not like knowing who Davros is, is it? Anyone would know that.

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So, Doctor Who is going to have a "split season" next year. With a cliffhanger for the spring and another run in the fall. This will allow Moff to do his Sherlock sooner than expected. Proof, I think, that the BBC would rather have Sherlock. But it is a compromise that shows that the BBC is still committed to the Doctor Who team for next year. And, of course, in yawn-able fashion, Moff has promised us the "cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers"...AGAIN. If only that were true and this would be the last time they sought to oversell something! SIGH!

And, again, again...uhm...it all hangs on how much of a change we see happen to the Doctor and his crew from the awful, emotionless and strained S5. And, of course, much depends on how many viewers Doctor Who continues to hemorrhage in this next season.

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Does your Sherlock need to buy a clue?

As I mentioned in passing the other day, I've started a community for people to leave prompts and problems for the great detective to solve.

If you are a writer in need of more mysterious happenings...or someone who just enjoys giving cryptic clues...join us at 3-Patch Problems. We are very interested in affiliating to a larger group of writers...so please feel free to contact me if you want to affiliate...also, spread the word over hill and dale.

Here's our Community Link...http://community.livejournal.com/3patch_problems/

Posting is open to all members, but I try to keep the fun going with some prompts and problems from the Mod, too.

who has had some Doctor Who type inspiration from the community as well. I suppose any type of story can be built from a string of clues, after all.
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Now available for better streaming...from Vidders.com

The Sound of Madness
Artist: Shinedown
Summary: Sherlock as the alpha sociopath in London.
Disclaimer: This is a fanvid for fair use entertainment purposes, made solely to encourage people to watch this show or buy this music.

Find more videos like this on Vidders
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I have been remiss in not crediting Mark Gatiss with his part in making BBC Sherlock the show it is. I have stated that I believe Sherlock suits the Moff and his style. But my favorite Sherlock episode is The Great Game and that one was written by Mark Gatiss. Also, I failed to even notice that Mark was playing Mycroft. This is particularly shameful of me, because he does an astounding job with the character. And I had meant to mention him before just on his acting alone. I didn't recognize him and I failed to check the credits, despite telling myself that I needed to remember to do that.

I believe I was allowing my Who experiences to influence my posts when it comes to both Moff and Mark. I recall Mark most vividly as an actor from The Lazarus Experiment. He was quite a bit heavier and paler in that role than he is as Mycroft. I recall him as a writer from the last DW story he did...sadly! Victory of the Daleks? Nobody should be remembered for that. Sorry, Mark! But he also gave us The Unquiet Dead and Idiot's Lantern. And his love for Sherlock Holmes and the books is apparently quite genuine. Someone on bbcsherlock posted that they had met him and he'd gotten choked up talking about his admiration for the book canon. Certainly his love shines through on The Great Game. And I've stated that I believe someone is applying the checks and balances to Moff. Perhaps it is Mark. Though, I still think the Moff arrogance shines thorough with Sherlock and isn't a handicap to that character.
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From now, until Friday, August 20, 2010 there is an online auction of Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures autographs going on for an excellent cause. Fellow Whovian and my personal lj-buddy, [livejournal.com profile] susanb03 is facing a crisis and must raise some funds for her husband to have chemotherapy. Sadly, we live in that sort of country.

Happily, she has some truly great items up for auction. I would love to have the Bernard Cribbins' autograph, myself. OH...wait...NO! There's a playbill from Treats. Billie! SIGH! Anything signed by Bill would be great, wouldn't it? Go forth and bid for the goodies, my friends.

For more info and to bid...Follow The Instructions In This Post

I would also like to pimp out a new prompt community I've started. It is for mystery writers and for those people who love a good mystery. The idea is to present a set up to a case for the detective to solve. A series of clues as prompts. In honor of my new Sherlock love, I've named it 3patch_problems.


Sign up and give us a clue or two, baby?
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Sherlock PoV
Vidder: Rabid1st
Beta: Dualbunny
Spoilers: All of S1
Song: Sound of Madness
Artist: Shinedown

Summary: Sherlock as Alpha Sociopath, explaining things to the criminal classes. If you end up wanting to watch this show...my work here is done.

Disclaimer: This is a fanvid for fair use entertainment purposes only. I encourage everyone to watch Sherlock and buy Shinedown if you love this music.

Download: Full Size WMM file 23MB – www.megaupload.com/?d=L8347PAS

Streaming Version--plus lyrics and notes on my process--under this cut Read more... )
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I'm struggling to make a Sherlock vid just now. And let me tell you it is a struggle. The style of the show...and my song choice...are making it very hard on me. I've decided I want to do a vid that captures the essence of Sherlock (the show and the man), rather than tell a story. But I'm afraid I get distracted by my need to tell a story.

So, I went out on the interwebs to look for other Sherlock vids and I found this one by [livejournal.com profile] stolensmile14. It's a photo study vid of Benedict C. and the cuts on the beat put me to shame. Except...maybe that's WHY it is a slideshow. It is very hard to capture Sherlock, the show, with super fast cuts, in my opinion. Or at least it is at my level of vidding development.

This is for those of you who must wait until October for the PBS airing...take a look under this cut...you won't be spoiled...or disappointed. I wouldn't exactly call Benedict beautiful, but his Sherlock is.Read more... )

who can see the sexy in Benedict that I completely miss in Matt Smith. BTW, you can see another side to Sherlock and give Stolensmile14 some love at this link...http://stolensmile14.livejournal.com/18470.html


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