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Good gravy, good gravy, good gravy. You know I go on a lot about the failings of Matt and Moff, but lord what a difference it was to just sit and watch Midnight again. I was transfixed by David. To relive the depth of character that he and RTD brought to the show really reminded me of how very far it has fallen into commercial mediocrity. The Doctor talking to the drivers, jollying them along to take a peak outside. The terror everyone, including the Doctor, feels when the knocking starts. The Doctor losing his hold on the panicky humans. It was like I'd suddenly had a bite of rich real chocolate after living on carob chips for two years.

The final figures for the Lodger came in at 6.64 million. And apparently when The Pandorica Opens was screened for the press a lot of the points I've been making here were raised in a Moff question time. He was asked to defend the show as it is being called "A Children's Show" again. He was also asked why he thinks more and more people are recording the show to watch later. He turned that question over to the BBC representative...and she said she didn't care when people watched as long as they did. Of course, with a 5.9 million viewer finale, I do have to wonder if more budget cuts are on the way.
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Oh, good lord! Here we go! And what did I tell you all...back in the Humperdinck days? RTD is unable to let go of his story because he screwed it up royally. However, since it seems he is clueless about exactly WHAT it was he screwed up and how to make his story work, he's going to go with explaining things to us. AGAIN!

You will remember a few posts ago, I mentioned how the Moff understood about how certain companions were important to the Doctor? Well, now...RTD is out to ruin those relationships as well...rewriting them to explain his views about women and romance and the Doctor.

One assumes so that his reworking of Sarah Jane makes some contextual sense and so that he can further justify the awful mess he made of things in his Rose/Ten storyline.

Here's a link to the article...IT DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS.


This will go on and on and on, my friends.

It will continue during the shows, after the show ends...into the Book Canon...and finally into the reboot of the show under new management in 20 years. Because storytelling doesn't work the way RTD wants it to work. You can't tell an epic love story about two people who do the impossible and then just end it by saying, "Oh, the hero just gives up...because...uhm...yes, well this particular thing really is impossible...and it's better for the heroine to NOT be with the man she loves, because that shows he loves her...or maybe he knows she would be even more unhappy with him. And even though she never has accepted her fate as he dictated it she will this time, because...uhm, yeah...let me explain..."

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First, let me say that it's not ME complaining this time. It's an IGN reviewer with whom I just happen to agree. :grin:

Spoilers under this cut for tonight's Supernatural Episode and the four Doctor Who Specials.Read more... )
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For those of you who are not planning to spend any further money buying Russell T. Davies paperback version of his Writer's Tale. Or for those who really wouldn't read it even if they had a copy. You can get a review from my buddy, [livejournal.com profile] nightbeast at this link...

Writer's Tale 2 review here..


And for those of you who feel you've neglected your FList from time to time...please join me in sending good wishes to my currently absent FList friend [livejournal.com profile] onlyoot who feels that nobody is going to miss him if he goes away for a week.

I say we prove him wrong with a few hearty shout-outs.

Say HOWDY to OOT and tell him you miss him (even though you have no idea who he is)...here...


And a Happy MLK Day to all of my American friends.

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Again, a personal post.

Where I wonder if all of this empassioned posting in support of pony endings is just a meaningless waste of my time. Read more... )


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