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Though, it has been said before, by RTD...and repudiated by fans.


This is the main reason that people like myself were so outraged by Journey's End, because RTD failed to honor the absolute truth of his main character. Rose would not abandon her beloved for a shaggable version of him. It is not in her nature and RTD knew this to be true, yet, he played her false for reasons that were exterior to his main story. This compromised the truth of all that came before or after that moment.
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Brought to you by INTO THE SKY Pony...who flies around on lightning bolts.

Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS under this cut...Read more... )
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And again, for all of the doubting geeks out there, we address the issue of why Rose Tyler keeps coming back!

She has placed her mark on the franchise and on the Doctor himself and it should be completely honored. This is why they should have the Doctor go to Rose...because it is the proper ending for their story. And...because it makes financial sense for the BBC.

She not only made the Top 25. She made Top 10.


Go Rose! And go Billie for bring us Rose, too.

a huge fan of signing Billie with David for any Doctor Who movie (as long as said movie does not delay my PONY for Christmas). Yes, I'm one of those who would love to have books and movies about Rose/Ten living in Pete's Universe. People who think they should/could do a Doctor Who movie without David are, in my less than humble opinion, delusional.
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...the organic interface of the TARDIS...Mrs. Rose Delatardis...The Bad Wolf...possibly Mrs. Price...a rose by any other name...

"Her name was Rose."

Yeah, so...you all know I love Rose Tyler and that I believe the Doctor loves Rose Tyler.

But doesn't that just make me one of those batchip crazy, super-obsessive, fanwanking types who can twist any little old two-shot into some sort of confirmation of their wacky worldview? I mean really...isn't it all just a matter of interpretation? Couldn't he really, truly be in love with Jack? Isn't it just as likely that he feels the same sort of benign, grandfatherly love for every companion?

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P.S. On a happy tagging note, the humperdinck tag will now take you all the way back to my first posts (the Wall-E and Death of Hope ones), which went up just after Journey's End aired.
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You all know my fevered ramblings by now...but one person who has been mercifully spared is my old X-Files chum, Stardoe. You see, the lovely Stardoe is an Aussie so we are on vastly different time zones. And I never go to the old XF bulletin boards she still lives on...nor does she hang out here.

But our estrangement...goes deeper than simply being two virtual buddies on opposite sides of the globe who have moved on to other fandoms.

My friend Stardoe, you see, is a Rose-hater. Read more... )

The cry goes out through the ether-web to RTD! Go with your Rose-loving instincts, Russell. Give us a PONY! Let Ten go to his beloved Rose and let the new and improved Eleven go forward with S.M and M.S.!

So say we all!

Well, most of us...

Well...those of us still reading my journal.

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I'm watching Stolen Earth...for that lovely "Yeah!" that is the Doctor's attitude about Rose in a nutshell. The universe is coming to an end, he says, and Donna is sure it's bad...but Rose is coming back...and isn't that good?

But here's something that, to me, is at the core of why Rose of all the Doctor's many companions...is the one that he truly needs. Read more... )

*Of course, it is well past time that the Doctor makes a grand gesture of his own and goes to Rose...rather than constantly expecting HER to come to him. I mean, how many times must she do the impossible for this fella?
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And now...for the first of my Humperdinck posts...see most of you much, much later...:smirk:

This one is about Rose. Read more... )

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So, I am struggling to resist the spoilers that are everywhere now. But I keep taking these little squinty-eyed looks at the cover art and graphics people have captured from recent UK magazines. Anyway, in one of my squinty-views I noticed this non-spoiler side-bar about Rose Tyler's defining moment in the eyes of RTD...and...well...I peeked.

And how about that! RTD and I would pick the same Rose-defining moment.

Not to worry, there are no spoilers under this cut...Read more... )
Anyway...I love that RTD got the same message from the same scene.

hoping RTD and I agree on many things about Rose and her Doctor, especially how they should go off into the sunset together for a happy life.
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...as Rose comes across sea and land to find him, "because he's calling." And I come to the part where she's walking along the beach and she says, "Here I am, at last, and this is the story of how I died." And I just burst out weeping. Now, I am all stuffy nosed and can't sleep.

Because I know she didn't mean...this is where the Doctor told me I was on the list of the dead. HaHa, fooled you into thinking I died. She means...this is where I died...on this beach. This is where life became meaningless and empty for me again. This is where I lost the part of my soul that is still with the man I love more than I loved my mum or anything else.

And dang it...I really want her to have that life with him. :sniff: Both of them deserve it. :snuffle:

off to take a hot shower to unstuff my nose.
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You would think being a consummate beta babe and excellent website designer and all around good buddy would be enough. But, noooooo....it's unbelievable but true...she has hidden depths, my Jei! For years I knew her only as a beta and fellow fan of Battlestar Galactica (now Doctor/Rose, too). A person to chat with and send my rough drafts to for some ironing.

But...would you look at this:


Did you click to make it bigger? It's even better when it's bigger...there is texture...she's got blush on...


Why do I know so many talented people? Writers, Artists, Singers, Actors, Photographers, Banjo Players...you all keep coming out of the closet, woodwork, shell...and enchanting me. Not that I'm upset...I would gladly host salons for the lot of you. Rabid's Art Salon! For the rabid muse in all of us.

Thank you so much for this, Jei. I absolutely love it.


EDIT: Jei's Deviant Art Gallery is at http://sevgrlx.deviantart.com/
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More Doctor Who Musings

So...I posted my no Rose/no Rae manifesto/wailing-in-the-wilderness last time out. But today...I was listening to the Children in Need concert in Cardiff via BBC Wales Radio...and I was feeling all uplifted and moved and such.

The announcer said David Tennant was the best Doctor ever. And I have to agree with that...he is the best Doctor and I adore him and I think it IS because he's lovable, funloving and slightly dangerous all at once. I do want to go on watching him be the Doctor.

So? What would it take to keep me watching?

I'm going under this cut to answer so as not to spoil anyone any further than I already have...Read more... )


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