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Hello all!

Yes, I know, I am behind on the update I promised. But this isn't like the last time when you waited for months. I just had to change the POV on this one. I was going with ALL TEN all the time, but this chapter I think is better as a Rose POV chapter. So, we are going to romance novel this one and switch back and forth on the POV. Don't worry, the TEN POV will return in later chapters.

Meanwhile, I have a slight rant. As you all know, I am living on a disabled person's stipend. As such, money is very, very tight. This means, when I eat out, I really want to get my money's worth. Lately, I have had some trouble with that. Last week, I went to Wendy's. Yes, that's the type of splurge Uncle Sam's budget allows us. I ordered a double Jr. burger with cheese. It costs 2.00. And an order of chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce. It was not rush hour. I was the only person there, actually. But still, the young man at the counter had trouble concentrating on me. I repeated my order a few times for him. It wasn't, you understand, much of a special order. Only the sauce and the fact that it was a double burger was unusual.

He got the order wrong. But it is worse than him not listening as I gave the order. When he brought the bag to me, it felt light. I said, "This is the DOUBLE burger?" He said, "Yes!" No...the correct answer was NO! Also, there was no sauce for the nuggets.

Now, that irritated me, but I thought, well...that will teach me to waste my 4 dollars on fast food. So, this week, I upgraded to a local, non-chain, burrito bar and created my own healthy burrito.

But, even in the more upscale environment, for a higher price, I encountered the same vacant eyed service. This time from a young woman, about the same age as the young man...19 to 22ish. She was making me a burrito...it was the vegan one on the menu...with one additional item. I wanted just a few black olives, let's say 6 slices of olive. "I would like the vegan special with a few, just a very few, black olives on it," I instructed.

Simple enough, I thought. But still, she asked me every question as she put the burrito together in a vacant, zombie fashion. "Do you want tomatoes?" YES. "Do you want guacamole?" YES. "Do you want beans?" YES. "Do you want sauce?" YES. WAIT. OLIVES. JUST A FEW. OLIVES! OLIVES! JUST...A....FEW! She slams a fistful of olives onto the burrito...enough to feed a small army of olive lovers. Not in an angry way...but in a vacant, zombie way. So, I ask her to remove the olives and she does...one by one...like a zombie. Then, she "cooks" my burrito. Only, she doesn't, because, zombies can't cook things. She obviously isn't giving it time to cook, as she wafts it over the grill. She gives it to me cold and doughy. SIGH!

I mean, I don't really believe we should get good customer service for under 10 dollars. But no customer services seems odd. Not even a vague understanding of what products your establishment sells, seems odd. Should I just go up to the counter and say, "Give me 5 dollars worth of whatever you want to stick in a bag? Don't bother to cook it, I can make fire at home." I do think there is absolutely no incentive to work in this country, so we need to come up with some new values that don't involve getting paid for a job well done. Because, let's face it, nobody is paid properly to do a good job anymore.
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WARNING: This article will offend, I'm hoping, every last one of you. But I grew up surrounded by these morons and their rationalization for spilling such poison out into society.


The bathroom line really took me back to my childhood. It's like unearthing a t-rex fossil...only, instead of being happy, you suddenly realise it is infected with some species jumping previously extinct disease and you've touched it with your bare hands.

Dino-flu! Makes swine flu look wussy. Retro-Racism! We do not want it back in circulation. Someone spritz this moron with lots and lots of Lysol, make him choke on it.
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I am going to take this under a cut, just in case someone out there hasn't seen this movie, yet. Read more... )
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Here is a link to an article about the cost of health care today.


In case anyone is wondering, the government, meaning you and I, the taxpayers, pick up the cost of the uninsured even now. We just do so inefficiently and inhumanly. For example, my friend is taking her internship in psychology at a local mental hospital. The hospital built a new ward last year, costing millions, which they got in government grants and loans. They even asked their STAFF to pitch in with donations. Now, they cannot afford to repay their loans...so they will be doing a number of corporate things to get by...1) cutting salaries and laying people off [we taxpayers will pick up the unemployment tab] and yes, those are the same people who donated to build the wing 2) writing the loans off as a tax break for corporations, so we taxpayers [even those who've lost their jobs] pay for their error 3) letting the less dangerous [or uninsured] patients go so they are wandering the streets, asking you for loose change. Some of them will insist that you learn about the aliens that have taken over the Qwiki-Mart. Those poor people are not only going to be cold and hungry and frightened, they will also be frightening you...and causing the police, whom we taxpayers pay, to have extra patrols.

Jails, which we pay for, too, will be full of people who should be getting proper mental care, sociopaths who as of their 18th birthday are no longer covered by child care laws. They will cause costly fights and we will need more room, officers and medical personnel. We also pick up more costs than that, though. Because sick people don't just wander out into the streets and get arrested or die, not right away. So property values decline and people are forced to give more to church kitchens and shelters to compensate for their "tax cuts." Would you stand by and watch a sick person die or would you try to help? Shall we begin to take our elderly, childless neighbors in? Well, even if everyone refuses to help and the sick and the homeless do die...we taxpayers would pay for the Hazardous Waste pick up and disposal. Funerals, even pauper funerals, are not free.

So, this isn't REALLY about government spending. It is about priorities in spending. And there is no excuse for all of this clutch-fisted inhumanity. One of my LJ-friends said she met a lady during a health care town hall who was uninsured and told her "We don't want government insurance. We take care of our own." Yes, but really, she will apply for food stamps, medicaid, social security and church charity when she's sick or homeless. Even if she doesn't we will bankrupt our hospitals taking care of her when she comes in to Emergency, and we will pay higher and higher insurance premiums to compensate. Hospitals and doctors and dentists and drug companies will keep raising their rates to cover costs as more and more people have to get stealth care. Or maybe we will carry on being callous and pass laws that let "take care of our own" woman and her 4 children huddle on a trash heap somewhere until she dies. After all, what is she to you and I...but a tax burden, right? The way things have been going in this debate, maybe we should just admit that our fellow Americans are not "our own." Japan takes care of its own...so does Cuba. Little countries, poor countries and somehow they manage to care for their sick. It's not that we can't afford to; it's that we REFUSE to do so. If we don't manage to pound out a bypartisan bill, then maybe America really is motivated by nothing but self-serving, short-sighted greed. Maybe we are a lost cause when it comes to humane behavior toward our fellow Americans.

being bitter and stuff.
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Okay...I am out there trying to follow RTD logic...and let's see where it leads me. Read more... )
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I'm a good television watcher...I believe in supporting shows. But my local NBC affiliate crossed the line tonight with a logo and weather announcement that wiped out 1/3 of the picture from the TOP OF THE SCREEN! Imagine watching only the bottom half of people's faces...for 40 minutes?

They won't get a second chance at my viewership. I hate to see Heroes cancelled...and I hope to speak to NBC about this via email...but I can no longer watch my local NBC station. I will stick to HULU dot COM from now on...and simply wait for Chuck and Heroes to upload. No new shows will be watched...obviously. Too bad!

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...we won't have any trouble finding vid footage of him in bed with Rose. That David Tennant has been rather stingy giving it up...but voila...Secret Diary S1 episode 6 and there's the youngster having a fine old time of it.

I don't know what to think about this bit of casting. I have seen the lad in a couple of things and he left absolutely no impression on me. Also, I do think 26 is a bit young for the Doctor...no gravitas to speak of in the under 30 set. Sorry for those of you in that age group...I am sure you have your serious moments. And I know there are many school boy crushes out there on the Jonas Brothers or whomever. Sadly, I didn't go for the late teens and early twenties even when I was 15. I always required a bit of worldly experience before my heart went pitter-pat. Still, let's not sell the lad short...maybe he can carry this off. He's got some huge Size Tens to fill, but he might have what it takes to make our jaws drop and leave all his naysayers enchanted. We won't know much until May 2010.

It's the reek of Twilight in the air that has me more concerned than anything else...that smirk, the black leather, the poofy hair. Doctor Who should define cool...not fall into step with whatever is trendy in the moment. The promo pics speak to me of lack of originality...and that is a bad sign for 2010.

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I don't know if I ever told you all about my gift of a stuffed seal to a three-year-old neice on the occasion of my having some spare cash. But...it came to my mind yesterday during a nightmare experience with Enterprise Rent-a-Car. You see...when I told said neice that Sammy had spoken to me in the store...she (experienced 21st Century tyke that she was) started jabbing the seal with her finger trying to make him talk.

It was rather alarming to me...sort of like Guantanamo Bay for stuffed animals. "Talk," she would say with a cute little lisp...then, she would jab the poor mute thing in the ribs or the nose or the googly eyeball.

This scene of torture linked to a firm belief that there must be a hidden mechanism for everything came back to me yesterday when I was forced into a car that was door to door buttons.

Let me explain...Read more... )
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This one is about Ten. And it is very very long...sorry about that.

Did anyone know that the first test of an implosive plutonium bomb was at a test site known as Trinity? Read more... )
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:Le Sigh:

There will be spoilers in this post for S4 Doctor Who...all the way to the finale.

So let's do our LJ cut...I can only hope all of you lovely unspoiled people come back here in a few weeks and read all this. I'm surprised I haven't been defriended for my obsessive ranting. Read more... )
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A bit to know about the Doctor Who specials...I was right...they are counting the two Christmas Specials as part of the 4...so this one coming up...and then the one at Christmas in 2009. There will be one at Easter, following this Christmas one...and one more, as yet unscheduled.

Those of you following my recent "new view of things"...will find this all very interesting.

Or maybe not. But I find it interesting indeed that Easter is a holiday with strong Christian symbolism of rebirth.

Also, I know...I've become the most boring person on Earth...but I have a few things I want to say about the Humperdinck...and I think I will say them in a Humperdinck series...so you either don't have so much to read at a sitting...or...so you can completely ignore me until my brain chemistry is realigned and I calm the heck down...whichever! :grin:



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