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Someone gave me the best present!

A Happy Pony Ending for the Doctor and Rose.

And I want to share it with all of you, because I know that just watching it will make a lot of people feel better. Feel free to pass the link for this one around like a platter of nachos, because I want everyone to see it. Words cannot express how happy I am about this gift and how grateful I am to the uber-talented [livejournal.com profile] monkeybatz for the love and care she put into this making it for me.

You think you know what happened at the end of the End of Time. But here, at last, is the alternative ending we didn't get to see.Read more... )
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By Rabid1st
Doctor Who
Beta: None...timely rather than polished, I think.
Spoilers: The End of Time Part 2, the final moments. Read more... )
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I hope that this year brings all of you all the best...health, love, prosperity and ponies!

The Master's evil plan appears to have been foiled. His horse face is no more. And I have an icon to clearly illustrate what the Pony looks like...so you will recognize it when you spot it in the wild (or on telly). But let us hope that you will need nothing further than today's Doctor Who S4 Finale to help you know what getting a pony for a present feels like.

Now, we wait! Some of us longer than others.

Should you need distracting...from your weeping or from scattering spoilers hither and yon...my cyber-buddy [livejournal.com profile] sensiblecat has been stockpiling links to keep us all sane, both before and after the episode airs.

I am simply hijacking those links for today's Pony Post. Thanks, Cat!

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There is a blue moon tonight and, of course, we all know that the Pony is a very rare thing as well. In celebration of these two rare and beautiful things very possibly coinciding, I have a music video. It isn't the greatest video ever (in fact, it is mostly scavenged from my other vids, so it could look familiar to some of you) but it is pretty and it definitely shows why I want a pony so much.

Find it embedded below this link. And some lyrics for those of you who cannot watch video, but want to think of the song on its own and have happy thoughts. Read more... )
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But this is not an official pony post. As a matter of fact, this is a bit personal...and so...somewhat of a departure for me.

Stephen Fry, whom I have always adored, has answered a letter that his 16 year old self wrote to his adult self at some point in childhood. Stephen and I are also very similar in many ways. I think some of you may already suspect that I am actually not a former Miss Wyoming but am, in fact, a middle-aged, somewhat portly, definitely geeky, gay man from England. :grin:

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Read Stephen's full letter (which is about the gay experience for the most part...but also about universal emotions) here-->> http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2009/apr/30/stephen-fry-letter-gay-rights
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It has been suggested (quite fairly, I admit) that I am getting people's hopes up when they are almost certain to be left crushed and broken by the piles of manure and bundles of socks that shall rain down on them from the sky on New Year's Day as The End of Time reaches its inevitably dark conclusion.

I will acknowledge that the odds are running at a steady 50/50 for our pony actually arriving as we hope he will. Which is why today's icon is only 1/2 of a Pony! On the one hand, we have all of the peripheral plotlines in place to pull off a pony surprise to delight and amaze. On the other hand, we have Children of Earth, Journey's End and the sad excuse of tradition for RTD to fall back on if he gives us socks.

Let's see if we can be soothed a bit by a few RTD quotes...Read more... )
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David Tennant is a Rose/Doctor shipper, or at least a Ten/Rose shipper, as I've mentioned more than once or twice. And we all know that he has said that he loves these last two episodes. More than that, he lists that Doomsday Beach scene as his favorite moment of his run. He also said, in another interview that he counts two other moments in this finale among his favorite moments.

One of those moments, we now know all about and it is one of our favorites, too.

But as it is a spoiler for EoT, Part 1, I will put it under a cut here for the people waiting for the DVD box set. Read more... ).

The other moment David treasures is the final moment of his Doctor...how he leaves...which also made David cry. And if the pony is true...then certainly...David would cry over that reunion scene, over the unexpected delightful surprise.

But what prompted me to post today was the retrospective of "The Greatest Shows of the Noughties" which put Doctor Who at #3. David talks about what makes the show work for a new audience and he focuses on the relationships between the Doctor and his companions as the reason the New Who succeeded. He says, "The show always had these relationships between the Doctor and his companions, but it has been pushed to the fore more and made it ABOUT that relationship." There is the scene of Ten saying he is still him following the regeneration that wasn't. He hugs Rose and David says, "We've never seen the Doctor really have that kind of love story before."

Then, he sort of turns cagey and says, "At the end of the day it's still an action-adventure show. You don't want to clog it up too much with all that..." he becomes a nine year old boy as he wrinkles his nose, "...with all that kissing and stuff."

Shades of The Princess Bride again. LOL! The nine year old boy might not like all that kissing and stuff...but he can make an exception for "True Love!"

“Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five [six?] kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure.” I believe the PROPER!Ten/Rose kiss will leave them all behind.


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No spoilers for once! YAY! Just a big old pony eyeball staring into the middle distance. Pondering!

Today I am pondering something interesting about the BBC Official Site.


They have put up a series of pictures meant to convey, I believe, a retrospective of sorts of the Tenth Doctor's time with us. It could well be that this chronology has something to do with people voting for some sort of Best Ever Show that the Beeb is planning. But I've seen the Greatest Moments lists...and these photos are not from there. Also, from a Pony Perspective, I find the photo choices very interesting...

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who feels a little like a broken record...but what the heck...only 4 more days until January 1, 2010.
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The last few days, as you've probably noticed, I have posted about EoT part 1 as it applies to the Humperdinck. However, this particular quote is more Pony-esque. However, unfortunately, it does amount to a spoiler for The End of Time Part 1. So...proceed with caution if you haven't seen that episode, yet.

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Brought to you by INTO THE SKY Pony...who flies around on lightning bolts.

Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS under this cut...Read more... )
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Merry Christmas! For my friends who celebrate Christmas. Season's Greetings. For my friends who don't celebrate Christmas. Also, Happy Doctor Who Day! For my friends who celebrate new Who.

In light of the busy day, I shall keep this pony post short and sweet. A new exit interview with David* asks some interesting questions, prompting David to give us this gem about the PONY!

When you're working with Billie (Piper), who'd had a pre-existing relationship with the other Doctor, how do you approach that as an actor, in terms of his feelings for her?

That could have been very tricky, because Billie would have every right to feel it was her patch. But mercifully, because Billie is so generous and so lovely, and such a great actress and wonderful human being, frankly, it was such a joy to work with her, and such a pleasure. Dramatically, that's what's going on between the characters, because she's having to rediscover this new man who's the same man she knew, and how she feels about that. But very quickly, I think we established that relationship that they had was as deep, and ran even deeper ultimately.

Yes, it runs very deep, indeed, Ten's love for Rose. And hers for him.

And before anyone bothers asking me if I don't imagine she would grow to be even MORE attached to Ten 2...they should read my LAST post. Rose did her level best, did the impossible, in fact, to return to Nine and after she saved him Nine BECAME Ten.

Ten did not become Ten 2. Rose knows that Ten is still out there somewhere, all alone and needing her.

May she come for him on New Year's Day. Or may he wise up and go to her. Either way works for me.

*HERE IS THE LINK for the full interview for those who like to see it for themselves.

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L.O.V.E. with all capital letters. And it is also about regeneration. Time and time again my pony pals have asked me the question that is asked of them..."Why is it okay for Rose to love Ten and not Ten 2? Isn't this just like what happened when Nine regenerated?"

He's a duplicate Doctor...better than Ten in a lot of ways...he can tell Rose he loves her, he would never leave her, he's just the same man inside. So what if a little bitty part of him is from Donna? So what if, according to Ten, he made the wrong choice about those Daleks and that means that NO...he doesn't THINK JUST LIKE TEN!?

He's still the same man...so Rose will love him...because she's trapped there with him and she has no choice so they might as well be happy about it, right? It is the best we can hope for...right?

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Today for Pony Countdown Day...a holiday berry munching pony...and a ficlet.

by Rabid1st
Doctor Who
Rating: E for Everybody
Beta: No one at all
Summary: It's nothing really...just a little idea I had about holidays...and I made it into fiction.
Disclaimer: I do not have any say in the lives of or right to these characters.

“Merry Christmas,” the Doctor sang, presenting Rose with a brightly wrapped package, ostentatiously festooned with wide and narrow ribbons, tinkling bells, bouncy bows and sparkling geegaws. Read more... )
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By this time EVERYONE who even occasionally reads my blog knows what I think should happen in Ten's final episode. But...the real crux of the issue is what writer/producer (and all around Father Christmas) Russell T. Davies thinks. So, does Russell think that Rose/Ten should be honored with a happy for her lifetime ending? I've quoted him before...but let's look at what he just told the Times Online was the absolute #1 thing he loved about his reign as show runner...Read more... )
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Today is a special day, so I thought we would go with "the love pony" as our icon of the day.

And why stop there? How about a couple of inspirational pictures? These come to me courtesy of a link from [livejournal.com profile] skyisfalling in [livejournal.com profile] billie_love that led me to a really amazing Billie Pic Spam and linked me to a David/Billie community that is well worth the visit. No spoilers below this cut...just a couple of lovely pics.

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As we near the end of David Tennant's run, it is time to look back in wonder at just how wonderful he was. Of course, we of the pony persuasion hope that he will continue to be wonderful as he wanders off to have new adventures with Rose in the Doctor Who Afterlife of Pete's World.

But in the sparkly new pony spirit, I came across David's pre-Christmas 2005 BBC Breakfast interview. Here he is all sparkly and new to the role. I love when he talks about how long he might be staying. And, in retrospect, I also enjoy what so many refered to as lying in this interview...at 4:10ish...when asked if Rose will be staying. He says, "Billie is sticking around." And, well, she did, didn't she? Billie stuck around for a very long time. I hope forever. But I think long enough to confirm that he's not really lying here.

And, for those of you who think that they filmed the Ten/Rose finale scenes at the same time that they filmed Doomsday that quote becomes even more meaningful, I think.

Check out the lovely, fresh-faced and genuine David Tennant...on the brink of becoming the greatest Doctor so far.

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Today's Doctor Who pony icon countdown is brought to you by the Press Day Viewing. It happened yesterday. But oddly enough, there aren't too many spoilers in Google News links today. Now, I'm not searching...and I don't want to know...and I heartily recommend that you all stop looking and reading right now. But...I'm pleased at the restraint from the normally blabbermouth press sources. I wonder if RTD simply gave them a snippet or two to view and then granted interviews with people. I'm also assuming David didn't go...because I think he's still filming Rex in LA. On the other hand...he's been on every show imaginable...so maybe he flies home on the weekends.

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The pony cometh! Or so we all hope. And I have decided to celebrate with a different pony icon for each of the next 16 days. I am also going to try to post something each day, but my health might not allow that. We will see.

These pony and horsie icons come from [livejournal.com profile] equestrianicons and from [livejournal.com profile] eirenealetheia and [livejournal.com profile] ilikeblueskies who are both very talented and should be explored for their other pretty work as well. I also have a few icons from [livejournal.com profile] enchanted_medow where there some extraordinarily pretty icons that have nothing to do with ponies. Check out my user pics to see which is from whom. And feel free to join me in adding your own pretty pony icons to the mix.

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My lovely pony pal, [livejournal.com profile] milieva was drawing with six-year-olds on the theme of "What are you waiting for?" And she created a perfect montage of our Doctor Who Christmas wishlist in stick figure art.

I provide the link for all of you. You can check out her LJ for more info, but beware...there are a few spoilers.

None really in this picture...it is all about our Humperdinck beliefs.

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I don't recall any spoilers in this clip. What I find amazing...is THIS is the clip that they are using to sell The Waters of Mars and the remaining two specials to the American public that might never have seen Doctor Who.

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