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I am older. That is all. Thank you!

Oh, and, also, I've been slacking on the pic a week thing for over a month now.

So here is a pic for you, too.


It is a plant from my yard that is amazingly still there. I say amazingly because...a plant exactly like this one once caused me a world of hurt. When I was about 12 years old I was riding my bike through thick sand when, as sometimes happens, I became mired, lost control of the bike and tipped over the handlebars. I fell straight into a Spanish Sword plant like this one. Oww! Owww! Owwww! I could have put an eye out. Or pierced a nostril.

It only got me in the fleshy bits of my arms and legs, but I hold a grudge.
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So, I was driving through a nearby town and I saw this 18 foot alligator in front of a store.

"Now there's a great photo for my photo a week LJ post: an 18 foot long stuffed gator!" I said to myself.

But I didn't have my camera with me. So, I figured I would just go home and get the camera and take that picture.

However, the alligator...vanished. During the two hours it took me to get home and then back to the store.

I like to think someone just saw it and bought it while I was gone. The store was closed so I couldn't ask. Maybe they took the gator inside when they closed. But, here's another thought...that store is right next to a swamp...maybe...just maybe...it was a live alligator and it walked away.

Anyway, no picture of it for you guys! So, I guess it never happened. SIGH!

Here's an iron horse surrounded by birds who love muffins. The lady walking rapidly past...is on the edge of some further swampland. And the birds wade there...and demand muffin scraps from anyone they see coming out of the bakery that installed this horse.

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Since my azalea bushes are convinced that Spring is just around the corner. I decided to take a look at my container garden. It hasn't been looked at since we dumped everthing but a couple of herbs and moved to our new house. It has gone to weeds and apparently termites have eaten a trowel.


As you can see I have my work cut out for me if I mean to have a lovely container garden by this Summer.

Jessica feels this is a sad state of affairs. And my time would be put to better use by simply setting all of this on fire.

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And this weekend, we went out and about to take a few shots of interesting houses. Here's a few architectural highlights.

Beware...big images below this cut...but if you wish to see them you must...Read more... )

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My buddy [livejournal.com profile] keswindhover is an amazing talent when it comes to the beautiful photo. I am currently using one of her photos as a default icon image. And now and again she urges me to get out there and take a few local snapshots. Mine, however, do not look so lovely.

However, that will not stop me from sharing a couple of my shots with you now. The first is of a Solomon Island Eclectus of my acquaintance. His name is Bertie and he flew down and landed on someone's head one day. That person took him to a bird rescuer and the bird rescue person, quite by chance, found out that there was a single FEMALE Solomon Island Eclectus in the neighborhood. So this is a tale of star-crossed lovers united. Bertie coming to find his true love through a series of odd coincidences. She, thankfully, has not bitten off his beak as some female Eclecti will do to their hapless mates.

The other shots...are of Native American Dancers at a major gathering a scant 60 miles or so away from my humble abode.

Under the cut we go for some dial-up unfriendly photos...sorry about the sizes...I haven't figured out how to adjust that, as yet.

Edit To Say: That the sizing appears rather friendly to me. I think because they are LJ-scrapbooked images...just don't click on them if you are on dial-up.Read more... )

is exhausted and off to bed.


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