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So, I hear a lot about how money works and doesn't work for society.

I found this interesting. And will show it to him later. But in the meantime...this fits in with many of the things he has told me. So, I'm sharing it with all of you.

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Move to amend the constitution to clarify that elections should be free of big money and corporate control.


Put the power back in the hands of individual Americans. If you wonder why laws keep being passed that you hate and you never have a voice. This is why! Big money controls the media and who runs for elections and who is elected and what laws are passed. We need this ammendment.

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I swear the picture of the Smith family is priceless. It should become a standard reaction shot for things for a bit. Like this...Derek Hale takes a personal moment...

And then...reaction...

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What an underwater sink hole looks like in a natural setting.

Nothing really happens after the water stops roiling, so you don't need to watch all of it.
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Oh, the indignities heaped on my clan totem...


This is for [livejournal.com profile] keswindhover because this article contains so many of her favorite things...badgers and medieval archeology discoveries.
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One of the things that holds me back from wanting wealth, is this tendency which I was in a position to observe in others in my youth. It made me very angry. But I suppose, the real take-away here is that the people themselves are not to blame, rather it is a set of circumstances that we all contribute to that makes economic inequality such a problem in our modern world.

The important thing to remember is that it does nobody any favors to have all of the money concentrated in the hands of a few elites.

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So, I'm going to put most of this under a spoiler cut, because I'll be addressing what Moff just had to say about things, in a couple of news articles I've seen. But, I wanted to also let any of you who are still waiting for I&B know that I faithful plan to get the next chapter to my Beta this weekend. She has been on vacation and I have been suffering the usual stressors...illness and poverty. So little has happened on the writing front, however, I am now clear headed again...and shall strike while the synapsis are hot.

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Sorry to say, I am a good distance behind the curve when it comes to this one. I'm sure you have all heard how BBC sportscaster John Inverdale said this about Marion Bartoli before her final match at Wimbledon, "Do you think Bartoli's dad told her when she was little: 'You're never going to be a looker, you'll never be a [Maria] Sharapova, so you have to be scrappy and fight'?"

Uhm, no, I would hope that the ugliest person in the world wouldn't have to hear something like that from a parent. However, let's set aside the question of Bartoli's looks and think about how unlikely it is that anyone would ever say that about Andy Murray? Let's try that out for size, shall we?

Do you think that Andy Murray's Mom ever told him that he was never going to be a looker, so he had better learn to be scrappy and fight?

It doesn't work, does it? And I will tell you why...because we are not used to objectifying males in our society. Which is why TEEN WOLF is so important to the TV landscape. Well...that's one of the reasons. LOL If we had more shows giving equal opportunity to both sexes, showing us super-fit males and females, in abundance, we might stop making such a big deal out of unrealistic standards.

Then, maybe...this guy, John Inverdale...

Would know that he doesn't look like...this guy...

Maybe he would develop some perspective. He might say, "Wait a minute, that is totally not fair. There is so much more to me than what I look like." And I would agree, if for example, he worked on his personality a bit, tried to cultivate some charm. Because he's not going to be able to get by on his brains or talent, like Bartoli can. Unlike her, he obviously doesn't have an IQ that is higher than Einstein's and he hasn't even played the finals at Wimbledon, let alone won the title.

I don't know, maybe he should just try to marry the right woman. You know, someone who is willing to make a lot of allowances for his deficiencies in looks and personality.
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My prayers go out to those people who have lost loved ones to the tornado.

And, a remarkably silent observer took some raw footage of the birth of that monster and its march across Moore, Oklahoma. It is a long clip with a few bits of driving in it. But worth watching all the way through to get some idea of the winds involved.

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As my brother once put it, "There is no evolutionary advantage to being intelligent...you can tell because most people default to doing what they already know how to do." He went on to point out that intelligent people think about having children and often choose not to, but people who don't think about costs, schooling and the pressures of breeding, just get on with breeding. So, intelligent genes are quickly outnumbered in the gene pool.

Here are some more smart people being all...useless...with their studies and stuff...

What a great article for the FINANCE section, read, no doubt, by a lot of middle managers who need new ideas.


And, boy, I can tell you that being a problem solver for an organization just gets you headaches and lots of work and no respect. No matter how often you bail your idiot boss out of trouble, he will never truly appreciate it. Because, that's not his type of thought processing. He will think it is a magic trick...and you are a nice person, that he wants to keep nearby and use more often to help him out of trouble.

perhaps a little bitter about meetings full of squabbling, and bosses who never see the train heading for them, despite all the flashing warning signs. Since I'm retired, I should probably just let it go. LOL
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Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a fan of the US 24-hour Media outlets. I try my best not to watch their relentless propaganda extravaganzas. But, I happened to be awake last night at 1:30 am, when news about the shoot-out was breaking and I did get sucked into the drama of it all. As it played out in real time from 1:30 to 4:30, it became obvious that we were looking at crimes committed by the bombers. I must say that MSNBC did a credible job of coverage, controlling most of their speculation. There were one or two guys who had obvious agendas...one that kept going on about Al-Queda connections, and one that kept insisting the police would shoot the suspect in the head with a firestorm of bullets as soon as they found him.

But mostly this was an efficient operation, carried out on two suspects who have, as yet, unknown motives. And mostly, the news shows reported actual news. Due process is going to be circumnavigated briefly, it appears. I am torn about that. On the one hand, I think there could well be reasons to question someone like this without a lawyer present. On the other hand, as an American, I firmly believe in due process for every criminal under the law. Even those criminals that are so warped by evil that they commit horrendous acts. My understanding is that the waiving of Miranda rights is temporary and that everything will be admissible in court, but anytime we try someone in the media, I do lament the loss of American values. And on that point, kudos to the officer at the press conference who said "It is always our goal to take suspects in alive." That, to my way of thinking, is a true American.
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Scientists call them "signature whistles." Just as they call the incredibly ordered and organizationally structured cetacean language, "a complex and sophisticated communication system," because, well, you wouldn't want to correctly identify a non-human intelligence and look like a fool to your colleagues, right? Plus, you couldn't justify keeping them as slaves and slaughtering their brethren if you recognized them as equals, could you?

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I am without a doubt a progressive liberal. On the other hand, I come from a military family, believe in very Machivellian tactics in war and have spent a fair share of my time handling firearms. Unlike so many conservatives, I don't romanticize war or weaponry. Weapons are for killing. And assault weapons and armor piercing bullets are for killing PEOPLE. A war to me meant my father and brothers could be killed. It wasn't a chance for them to be heroes or kill lots of "evil-doers." War is not a first person shooter game. Weapons kill real people. We can't undo any mistakes we make. These are not debatable issues. And, yet, thanks to our political grandstanding, creative renaming of horrific acts and technological shielding...we forget about War being Hell and having a very personal side.

One inescapable consequence of war is...


...the death of innocents.

There is an original Star Trek episode that featured a "clean" war. Civilians designated as killed by the computers would simply report to killing stations for neat execution. Kirk argued, quite passionately, that what makes war Hell is that it is messy and random and damned scary. That's why we long to put a stop to war and work so hard for peace, because we can't take the consequences of continuing the conflict. The problem with our Drone wars is that we are sheltered from consequences. Someone can sit quietly in Utah, under no personal risk, and kill men, women and children on the other side of the world. We are the ones who should end these wars, but we don't have to live with the damages or face the realities of loss. You never see the bloody bodies of children covered in the nightly news reports. Because...oh, dear...we don't want to think that we are killing children with our bombs...or our guns. But these deaths are hardly surprising. Perhaps, it is an inability to recognize the purpose of war and weapons that allows this sort of thing to happen.
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I saw on my yahoo feed, just now, that EW spoiled everyone about the identity of Cumberbatch's character in the new Star Trek film.

And, while I didn't read said article, because I avoid spoilers...so I can't be 100% sure of what they revealed...

...I wondered who these fans were that were just now spoiled.

Because the ads haven't been particular cryptic.

I was spoiled by the second long ad where he talks about his family. Even if that went over some heads. Did these people not see the Super Bowl ad...which is a complete give away to the identity of the character? I mean...HELLO?

And all of that is setting aside that there is really only one character Benedict Cumberbatch would be asked to play in any case. Okay, there are three...if we count Next Generation...but the other two were weeded out by the second ad and the costume. So...it has to be...WAIT FOR IT...

I shall temper my response here...for those of you that, I don't know, I'm going to say haven't seen any ads...or the original series...or any of the original series films...and put it under a cut when I yell and shake my fists at the sky...

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I've just heard about a lovely new internet service called "Snapchat" that deals with a lot of the problems people are having with Blogs and Facebook. Basically, you would like your friends to see the pic you just took at a party, but you don't want the creepy guy that is stalking you, or your parents or future employers to see it. What do we do...when online sites are creepy stalkers themselves and are collecting everything ever posted for posterity, or future blackmail attempts?

Snapchat, does not keep your photos, it deletes them as soon as your friends look at them. Your friends can save a shot, but the saving is recorded and you are notified. So...if your frenemy accesses your account and takes a screenshot of it, you can be prepared with complete denial. Also, you can remove said person from your friend's list. If, however, you want to send baby pictures to your Aunt in Iowa, she can save them without being cut off as a friend. Neat, huh?

Check it out http://www.snapchat.com/#
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I have despaired of the state of our soil and water, what with fracking causing wholesale disaster, fish we can't eat and food that causes kids to get stupid. But, it turns out that we can clean our soil, which would clean our water supply. Well, if we stop fracking from destroying it, of course. 

Here's an article about the link between violent crime and leaded gasoline. Turns out that exposure to brain damaging toxins isn't good for us. Who knew?


But, that we can fix this...that's amazing...and something that might give us more intelligent congresspeople. Assuming we can get the current Congress to do something about the lead and mercury when all they want to do is cut spending and help out their rich backers with more handouts.
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A lot of you will have seen this on YouTube from a Facebook link. I just came across it and enjoyed the Progressive Bombarding. One thing that is true is that few Liberals or Progressives speak out with the conviction of the Right. We are fundamentally people who have a live and let live attitude and so the Right often bombards us with their convictions, coming out ahead in arguments, not by reason but by volume.

I don't have any notion what some of the particulars in this argument are, or if I agree with them. But I do agree that a basic standard of living should be secured for all citizens in the US. And it is refreshing to hear someone from our side talking right over someone who he regards as in the wrong. I think we need more of this from Progressive voices, because the obnoxiously loud Right paints us however they like and they have certainly had their, very loud, decade in the spotlight.

Some of you may not be able to see this clip.

Here is another link for you, thanks to Keswindhover, http://www.upworthy.com/a-tea-partier-decided-to-pick-a-fight-with-a-foreign-president-it-didnt-go-so-we
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And I quote...

I never stop coming to a restaurant or frequenting a store without telling the manager why. I feel this gives a business an opportunity to improve. I have decided to stop watching your Olympic coverage after tonight's gymnastics all-around. I care very much about what happens in that event, otherwise I would have stopped watching your coverage last night. The gymnastic commentators made some very ugly remarks about the Japanese Gold medal winner, ironic ones in the face of their sycophantic support of Team USA, but those remarks simply reflect the appalling coverage your network has provided.

It may surprise you to learn that I watch the Olympics because I enjoy the international participation and camaraderie that they are supposed to symbolize. I also enjoy learning about obscure sports that are not as popular in the US. I enjoy seeing our athletes win, of course, but what truly brings a tear to my eye and makes me look forward to the Olympics are the stories about people like "Eddie the Eagle" or the members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team. I shudder to think what sort of coverage you would have given to Nadia Comaneci. Are there interesting stories from other countries this year? Who knows? You've spent your time having hair-gelled lightweight Ryan Seacrest, who frankly, doesn't know much about sports, do fluff pieces about towels. You have hours of tape delay to come up with narrative and you create this pablum? At least dig up a few sports commentators and allow them to cover THE GAMES...not just the USA!

I think Michael Phelps is amazing. But I don't appreciate hearing all about him and nothing about other teams except in relationship to how many times America has beaten them. Seriously, the French swim team was equally astounding and I should know what they have for breakfast, too. That young girl from China...YU...was a genuine phenom, look at her stroke. And all your announcers had to say about her was that she should be drug tested? I know you have budget concerns. But less time evaluating pub food and more time interviewing athletes from other countries is sorely needed to keep this viewer's interest, never mind my respect. I can only hope you never get the Olympic coverage again. But if you do, perhaps you might consider those of us who avoid all spoiler knowledge in the hopes of sending some ratings your way...only to be so very disappointed in your jingoistic juggernaut of poor sportsmanship.
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To paraphrase Kathleen Madigan who said she would be happy to help out the President by writing to her representatives in congress if he would only send her their names and email addresses.

The Senate is starting the debate/vote on Citizens United today. Make no mistake, we need new laws about this if we ever hope to regain our democracy from big business. So...write...email...call...

...here's the list of representatives and, you can learn how they are voting, too...



Don't wait until you find yourself trapped by the system, become part of the conversation again! America is supposed to be a government for the people and BY the people.
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It seems the banks dealings with people desperate for an education were similar to their dealings with new home buyers. Only in banking can you run your business this badly and still expect to stay in business, but let's not question them, they are "job creators" after all. PFFT!



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