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Very soon, I'm going to have something pithy to say about the House MD series finale. But for now, I decided to post this vid to explain why, if you have never watched House...or gave up on watching...maybe this would be a good time to cozy up to a DVD box set or eight and enjoy one of the most memorable characters ever portrayed on TV.

It is by my absolute favorite House MD vidder...http://www.youtube.com/user/NCISmelanie

You've seen her work embedded here many times.

And if you are still feeling the fallout from the finale...you might appreciate this House/Wilson schmoop fest from the early years, too. It certainly almost inspired fic for me.

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Many of you know me as the Pollyanna-ish voice of hope...a light...a light...in the darkness of everybody's life. <<--Points if you sang that last part in your head. But I am just about ready to throw something at my TV over the House/Wilson storyline leading up to our final House MD episode. Read more... )
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I will tell you that I enjoyed this episode and then I will pop under this cut...like an LJ-cut-tease...Read more... )
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This vid was on my FList today. So you may have already seen it. I thought it was a hoot and the musicality gets better as it goes along, too.

I Just Can't Wait To Be King
(yep, from The Lion King)

Check it out! Read more... )
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House is back. I know, technically, House was back last week. But it isn't House for me until Wilson is there. Read more... )
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Maybe I've just spent a lot of time around really screwed up people...I don't know.

I was a bit terrified by all the "fix-it" fic I saw after the finale aired. I didn't read any of them because I'm allergic to spoilers. And I don't read House fic anyway. But I did figure something MAJOR had happened. And I saw some references to how House can never be back because "Now, he's a criminal!"

Let's go under this cut for more from me about that...Read more... )

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And because I am still mostly spoiler free on the finale, please just let me speculate here...Read more... )
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Okay, I freely admit that my boycott of Fox has caused me to miss a few things. Like...uhm...House, M.D.

I fully intend to catch up to this past season, over the summer. But as it stands, I'm behind. And so, I am only sort of skimming my House/Wilson forum. Still...still...I thought I might have heard the news about next season before finding out in TVGuide. I mean, TVGuide is so...1980!

We are all webified now. Though, I've had to start buying TVGuide again since Yahoo stopped doing television schedules. I really hate those cut-rate schedules that tell you nothing at all about what's really on the TV.

8-9 CSI (repeat), 9-10 Original Programing, 10-12 Movie, etc. I could have told THEM that.

Anyway, behind this cut for the S8 House spoiler that surprised me tonight Read more... )
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This doesn't have to be taken as a shipper vid. It is just the idea that House is driving Wilson crazy that matters and that can be true within their friendship, too.

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I've stopped watching HOUSE MD for the time being, but I love this vid. It is hilarious. And trust me, it is very hard to make a truly funny House MD vid, because so much of the humor hangs on what what is said by the characters. But these two vidders do a great job of mixing in the dialogue and clips from all season. I didn't find it particularly alarming from a spoiler standpoint, myself. I wouldn't be able to tell you major things that are happening from it. It leans toward the House/Cuddy though so if you don't want to know anything about their issues you might skip it.

Title: Trust me I'm a doctor
Song: Trust me I'm a doctor by The Blizzards
Vidders: ncismelanie & Katrindepp
Fandom: House
Spoilers : season 7

Here's the link to save it or praise the vidders: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwUSLBmV5c0

Embedded under here...Read more... )

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So, I'm a week or so behind on House because of Olympic lag. Hey, that's a real condition...look it up! What happens is you get oddly fatigued by even the thought of television after watching 18 straight hours of sports you would never watch at any other time. I'm talking sports where people ski...and then shoot. REALLY? Who does that? Mounties? Gulag Survivalists?

Anyway, so...I finally watched the Cuddy centered episode. Read more... )

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Trying times are trying. I'm in pain. I'm exhausted. I'm a crankypants. And I intend to be quite disagreeable about a few things which have irritated me this evening. Sure, on some other evening I might be willing to see these issues from both sides...but right now...I'm completely unreasonable.Read more... )
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Or at least the best one I've seen in a very long time. Check it out. It's Gen not Shipper. Gets off to a slow start, and the song will make you cringe, but I guarantee the vid will make you LOL.

All about House and his attitude toward life. Spoilers for last season, but this vid shouldn't stop you from enjoying the season at all. It's sort of like an enticement to watch. Read more... )
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How many times have I told you people that I am not a slash fan? Many, many times.

And I'm not. In fact, I'm rather a slash detractor. I have remarked that I don't really understand ladies who get all hot and bothered over two manly men locked in a sub/dom embrace. I know that people do find such stories interesting...stimulating, even...but I am not one of those people. And yet...I am a House/Wilson fan. I don't read House/Wilson slash, but I proudly wave the shipper banner for them. I am a fan of the canon relationship. I don't get all warm and tingly like I do for Rose/Ten but I very much enjoy the idea of House/Wilson.

Read more... )
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Here's an excellent video. It is billed as House/Wilson friendship vid, but struck me as more of a character study of House, or even an exploration of an underlying theme of escaping pain. It is effects heavy, but most of it works and the cuts and the song are top-notch. Really, a vid anyone who appreciates the art of fanvidding should enjoy. Heck, I even love the title frames.

The Cure For The Pain
vidder: [livejournal.com profile] verbal_kint10
Pairing(s): light House/Wilson friendship
Spoiler(s): Nope
Song: "Cure For Pain" by Morphine

Find it HERE: http://verbal-kint10.livejournal.com/37526.html


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I have been holding off on watching the House, M.D. finale because I was spoiled about it. Someone talked. Lots of people talked, actually, about the final scene and how Wilson/House shippers were going to be devastated by all of it. And I just didn't feel like being devastated...so I put off watching until tonight...

Let's talk about my feelings shall we? Under this cut...?Read more... )
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This here posting contains some spoilers...and rumors of spoilers...and me being me...which usually means wrong. But still, I'm cheerful company, right? Mostly? And I believe I've saved many a fangirl from jumping in my time.

There will be Doctor Who rumor spoilers in the first comment on this post...

But before I go there...let's discuss House, MD...this post is about the last episode and is for the Wilson/House shippers out there...you know who you are! Read more... )

skipping to the comments for my DW-Spoiler remarks...just to make you extra safe...
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...of Doctor Who obsession...for a moment of HOUSE M.D. SQUEE

I am genuinely saddened to live in a country where there is little chance the lead in a Fox TV drama will be gay. However, I am happy that in my country, there is a television show that is not afraid to entertain the notion of UST-Slash. The beauty of Dr. Gregory House is that he's completely incompatible with any form of sane relationship. And so...any fan can ship him with anyone in his cast. There will be UST and lots of it. And it makes perfect sense.

But as a House/Wilson shipper (and trust me I'm not the schmoopy type, I really think H/W is the sort of relationship that should be confirmed with a wink and a do not disturb sign on the final show and not before)...I have to love tonight's episode. I want to hug it and squeeze it and squee over it. Specifically...this part under this spoiler cut (for tonight's episode only) Read more... )


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