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There are people who will tell you not to listen to those of us who claim Heroes is as good as ever this season. But week after week, no show consistently satisfies as this show does. More over, no other television drama has a more consistently coherent narrative line. Season after season, I can count on Heroes tying up all the loose ends into a tepid, but narratively satisfying finale. Read more... )
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Before I get started on the many things I am currently ranting about let me tell you all one important thing: You need to WATCH Chuck!

You need to go to Hulu or Amazon Downloads and watch the last five episodes of Chuck. Srsly!

You all know me. I want to tweak everything. But from midway through the first season, right up to this exact moment, CHUCK has never disappointed me. It's good. It's not genius. It's not rocket science. But it's true to itself. And I never finish an episode and say, "Well, that could have been so much better!" I am always happy after an episode of Chuck. <<--That's got to mean something!

And now...for the shows I love that COULD be so much better...


Okay, maybe not really "spoilers," but I am going to talk about tonight's American Idol and last night's Heroes without going into any detail. Also there will be some DW rambling at the bottom, because I ramble relentlessly about Doctor Who.

What happened with Adam Lambert on tonight's American Idol results show? I will not go into it further since many have not seen it on the West Coast, yet. But I'm just saying..."You've GOT to be kidding me!"

Also, are they kidding me with Heroes? First, let me say this to Tim Kring, "You need to find some motivation for your fringe characters that makes sense and go with the Peter/Claire chemistry next season." It's the last season you will have, so make the most of it. If you don't start taking some risks by shaking that Petrelli family tree, the show is going to circle down the drain with barely a whimper of protest from the fanbase.

Second, what's up with the pacing? Come on, Timmy! This season's ending was lifeless. I like that it was understated, but it looked like your budget was cut rather than something you planned. I like that we may see less of Evil Old Eyebrows in future, but where is your story going. Follow through on something, for heaven's sake, don't just let a change in Sylar be another idea that goes no where. I think the finale sets things up nicely for the Petrelli family to really fling open their dysfunctional closet and dust off those skeletons...but this is your very last chance to WOW us. I am not holding you to blame for the writer's strike taking out your best idea so far. That the whole plague storyline got binned was very sad indeed.

But you, Tim, are to blame for the ridiculous bizarro season of Villians, when nothing made sense from episode to episode and exciting storylines bloomed suddenly then disappeared. And now this season's tremendous promise dies on the vine due to the criminally clunky pacing in the final four episodes. There should have been a sense of urgency but instead we have endless pontificating and pointless running around. Go back and watch the pacing in S1 and see how you pumped it forward as you went. It is one thing to move slowly toward a goal. It is another thing entirely to keep moving the goal or wander aimlessly until you come to the end of your alloted number of episodes.

Finally, there are Doctor Who spoilers in the news again. And all of them make me smack my forehead with the heel of my palm. I'm not even going into them, except to say they do not necessarily rule out a PONY for Christmas, they just make the finale needlessly complicated. Is that because they are fake spoilers? Foundationless rumors? Or is RTD going to go with needlessly complicated? I think of Jack, Martha, Mickey and Jackie all wasted in the needlessly complicated JE and I don't know what to guess.

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Okay...I know that lots of people have their money on Noah Bennet. Could be him, with modern technology, but he was present when Claire got a call...and clearly not texting her.

Personally, I think it might be someone we haven't seen in a little while...maybe Nikki...having survived the fire...or Claude Raines, the invisible man played by our own Christopher Eccleston.

not really looking for spoilers...because that's cheating, but welcoming guesses.
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Spoilers to follow for the latest episode...

Man the show is so very good...convoluted and mindboggling...and yet, you can sense that it's making sense. I love it. I know people are upset about things...but I am totally content.

I'm going to talk about Monday night's episode and not only will I be spoiling you for that...I will be making some people queasy with my favorite couple discussion...so under the cut we go...Read more... )

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Warning...I am about to talk about last night's Heroes episode...without putting it under a cut...look away...look away...

That should be warning enough...for me to say...

...TADA! What did I tell you about Angela Petrelli and Sylar?

Yeppers! I can tell the motherly love when I see it. Also, I feel that Angela's willingness to let Nathan die...tells me HE is not her biological son. Though, she might have felt something for him on some level...I'm sure STILL that Claire and Peter are not related. Of course, another way for THAT to be true is that Claire's mom is simply lying about the paternity.

Lord knows, Noah would do whatever it took to ensure that powerful people took care of Claire if anything happened to him. So, maybe he arrange for those paternity tests to put Claire in a wealthy, powerful home.

Anyway...Heroes rocked. Hiro and Ando...priceless misunderstandings afoot. The new speedster is marvelous. The new villians are interesting, too. I love the enigmatic future Peter and Nathan's new found religous zeal. And I think the Linderman Nathan is seeing...isn't real. We are supposed to just accept it...because they are Heroes...but I think Nathan either is seeing dead people...or he's lost it. But that will become apparent as we go along.

Now...for the reason I didn't use a cut for all that...I need this Doctor Who cut here...for Christmas 2009 spoiler info. Read more... )
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So, enough about Doctor Who already, let's have some fearless predictions about the up-coming Fall TV schedule. Hey, does anybody remember when the National Enquirer had psychics predict what would happen on new TV shows? Which one's would be hits and all?

NO...I did NOT read the Enquirer...I just saw the headlines when I waited in the grocery lines. One of them scared me silly when I was about 13 years old. A psychic predicted that a huge tidal wave would sweep over Florida on a certain date. And that night I was forced to babysit...so I was alone with little kids...waiting for the tidal wave. Seriously! But luckily...they were only National Enquirer psychics--basically some guys with a Magic Eight Ball and too much time on their hands.

Anyway...my psychic predictions are MUCH better...if I tell you there's a tidal wave coming...you can get out your inner tube and inflate it, baby!


So...Spoilers here from TV guide...because I am reading between the lines...under the cut Read more... )

So...there you have it...my predictions for the Fall TV season. Let the games begin.

And...oh, yes...I still want a Pony for Christmas from Doctor Who.

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So, I must go under the cut for specifics...but let me say here and now...Heroes rocked this week.

Read more... )
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Two very interesting tidbits of television news came my way today.

1) Christopher Eccleston landed a role on Heroes. As if I need another reason to watch Heroes. But those of you who are somehow not on the slow moving train that is Heroes, a show with a creator who has plotted out five seasons of storyline (and I can tell)...now's your chance to hope onboard.

2) They appear to be planning an Odd Thomas series. I adore Odd Thomas and think it would make a wonderful series...if only there weren't so many people already talking to the dead. However, if they hire Christopher Gorhman to play Odd...they might just have something. Fat chance of that, I suppose...probably an unknown. Still...Odd is well worth watching a few episodes.***

hoping Chris isn't Sylar...I want him to be a good guy...or, at least, a delightfully ambiguous character.

***NOTE: The good news is I'm not insane (or rather...I may be insane but you can't prove it by the evidence above...thinking there was an Odd Thomas TV series planned is completely sane on my part)...but there's NOT an Odd Thomas TV series planned. For more info on how Bantam Books and Dean Koontz made me doubt my sanity...go to www.oddthomas.tv and click on Chapter 1 and then press play.


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