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To avoid spoiling anyone else...under the cut we go...

But before we do...let's just savor the headline I saw, "Moffat explains Billie Piper's role in Day of the Doctor!"

You should never have to explain what you just did. Real writers don't need to have spin doctors working the newspapers to explain their plot holes.

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So, yeah, I haven't worked on Idle & Blessed and I haven't talked to anyone about Doctor Who and you know why? Because friggin' Moff is going to be putting his grubby fingers all over my Rose. Rose Tyler, the sweetest invention ever...is going to be butchered and gutted by Moff. And he's going to do it in some craptastic 75 minute tribute to 50 years of Doctor Who.

Let's go under this rock...for those who have been under a rock and are unspoiled...

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Now, this is someone I could stomach in the role...Julian Rhind Tutt.


I don't love him, but I think he could make me a fan. He is older. He's a competent actor. And he easily straddles that good and evil line, seeming benign and, yet, secretly dangerous. I like him loads better than Burn Gorman.

Him in and Moff out and I'd be happy with the BBC again, perhaps.

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Yes, it is the one everyone but me has talked about already. But, since it is a spoiler, behind a cut we go...

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Okay, this is what I meant to say re: Clara...from an IGN article on the finale...

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Okay, let's just tell you there will be spoilers and go on from there...

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So, the finale is airing right now in England. Let me put it out there...

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Where to begin...where to begin...?

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Idle & Blessed Chapter 4 has been sent to the beta. YAY!
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Yes, I know it is late. But it is also...really long. Two chapters in one, almost. Enjoy.

by Rabid1st
Doctor Who
AU from “The End of Time”
Rating: Mature Eventually
Beta: Keswindhover
Warning: This is not a Ten2 story. He is gone, but, not forgotten, exactly. Basically, in my world, Ten2 was a vessel, created by the TARDIS, to store the Tenth Regeneration of the Doctor. A fleshy pocket watch, if you will, for those who have seen Human Nature or Utopia.
Summary: The Tenth Doctor has been archived into a biometrically identical vessel with a human heart and other human parts. He's worked out everything but the impossible bits, but he hasn't caught Rose up on any of it, yet. Rose is understandably confused.

“I don't know exactly what a prayer is.
I do know how to pay attention, how to fall down
into the grass, how to kneel down in the grass,
how to be idle and blessed, how to stroll through the fields,
which is what I have been doing all day.
Tell me, what else should I have done?
Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

~The Summer Day by Mary Oliver

Part One

Part Two

On the far side of a proper promenade, they located a row of quaint bather's accommodations, changing huts, each fully plumbed with shower and toilet. Rose laid claim to one, guarding the entrance while the Doctor and her mother explored the interior. Read more... )

Part Four
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I am debating...does this need a spoiler warning or not?

I just saw the episode and I liked it very much. A new writer to Who and he gives us a bang up story, all very...epic. Though I think they strained the budget a little.

I continue to enjoy Clara. She is easily the runner up to Rose in the new series when it comes to giving me the warm fuzzy sense of contentment. When the Doctor offered her his hand, I believed the chemistry between them. Though, I think it still avoids the sensual aspect that people seem to crave nowadays. And, Matt is lovely in this one, too. Why couldn't he always have been like this? No Ponds. No River. No clowning. Still a bit of a child, but more like the Doctor, for me.

Also, I want to go on record, right now, in saying that Part 3 of I&B is finished. So, while it contains an alien crowd similar to the one in this story, and there is a pagent of sorts in progress, that is purely coincidental. My pagent predates this one by a few years, as it was an original part of Wild Geese 2.

I think I will watch this episode again for the spotting of references, and then post about those. I did spot several.
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Yes! You read that correctly. I have a Doctor Who theory. And it involves the new companion and Moff's attempts to play with time and space, as he does. 

I have seen the first half of NewWho S7 and ads for the Christmas special...so I will pop under the cut for more...

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In other news, even though it is totally wrong, I was thrilled to read that Dexter and his sister are having sparks. I felt that would eventually happen when I saw the very first episode of that show...so I'm vindicated. For a time, I thought my feelings were only because the stars were knocking boots, but no...it was there in the subtext all along, I think.

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Here's a huge surprise...I liked it. There's been a lot of restraint this season and it suits me. But, of course, that probably means something.Read more... )
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So, Matt Smith said that if he could have one companion back from the past it would be Rose.

Not because Rose is awesome, but because he and Billie Piper are mates.

And the entire world assumes THIS is a hint that Rose will be coming back.


Because Matt likes Billie?

News Flash: Everyone likes Billie. Except for a few crazy-obsessive shippers and original series fans who object to the Doctor loving Rose. Or find Billie doesn't suit their ideal of womanhood...by which they mean she isn't skinny enough or has big teeth.

So, perhaps I should say that everyone who WORKS with Billie loves her.

Notice these fellows being delighted by her return to work with them...

If Rose is returning, which is still unlikely, but not completely out of the questions due to David possibly returning, it should please both the hard-hearted original show dynamic shippers and the Ten2 people, because she and Ten2 would probably be together. This would give the closure that RTD refused to give to us during Journey's End.

I do doubt that Moff will throw we Doctor/Rose shippers much of a bone in a scenario that includes the return of David and Billie to the show. However, if he were going to please me, he would simply do a previously unseen flashback of Rose and Ten together doing something amazing to help the future Doctor. Also, bonus points if Rose says Eleven is cute.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?
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...I feel Andrew Buchan should be the next Doctor.

For those of you who do not know him from Garrow's Law or The Fixer...here is a link to his IMDB photos... http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2388442368/nm2217601

He has vigor and gravitas. He is different as night to day from David Tennant and Matt Smith, something he felt should keep him from the role when asked about it in 2009. I disagree with him on that score. The Doctor should actually CHANGE as we all knew when David replaced Chris Eccleston. Buchan is young enough to dash about and old enough to carry a threat in his softest tone of voice. It is time for the new generation of Who fans to learn that the Doctor need not caper. Doctor Who desperately needs someone to lend it a serious weight once again. I believe the former William Garrow could do that. It should be mentioned that, in addition to his acting talents, he is capable of carrying off a ridiculous hat. What more could we want in a Doctor?

He starred opposite Matt Smith in Party Animals and was somehow overlooked. He will be starring along side David Tennant in Broadchurch, which means there will be ample opportunity to be seen by the proper authorities. Let them make it so.
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So, first off, I have been looking at people in the Harry Potter films (not the stars but the supporting actors) and other places for a likely Doctor for the big screen. Joseph P, always works for me...but what about Joseph Fiennes? He certainly has the big-screen pedigree for it and a look that could work, too. Also, he might be affordable, because he's not as well known as Johnny Depp or his brother. I would like him to go more like his Camelot Merlin than his Shakespeare though.

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So many parallels...so little time to write them all down. Read more... )
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So, after I posted the last bit, I thought about what I liked about the Doctors and I decided to do a Doctor Who meme.

This one is easy. Just use a few words to say what you loved about each Doctor and/or why someone should watch them.

ONE - Steampunk before it even existed, Susan
TWO - Jamie, Dithering
THREE - Bessie, Velvet Tux, Panache
FOUR - Quiet Authority, That Grin, Leela
FIVE - Tegan, The Cricket Gear
SIX - Cat Pin, Strangled Peri
SEVEN - Ace, Hints of Darkness
EIGHT - Steampunk TARDIS, The Victorian comeback, He kissed a girl and he liked it.
NINE - Those Amazing Blue Eyes. Leather. Rose Crushing.
TEN - Rose Love, Mourning, Truly Mad
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Again, I find myself giving Matt/Moff notes on how to do Doctor Who right. Here's the Doctor with gadgets and a velvet tux.

Many people don't care for Jon Pertwee's Doctor, but I really love him.

I put him right up there with Nine and Ten and only lament that he was saddled with the Master too much and the special effects of his time were crap. But what a supporting cast he had, and gadgets and a wardrobe.

Plus, I really believed that he might have had sex in the past, too. He had sex appeal. As this vid clearly shows...notice that tight hug and forehead kiss for Jo? I could see Ten doing that with Rose. Imagine how much fun it would have been to have Jon Pertwee's Doctor with today's budget? We need some of this old world charm again, imltho.

Title: "Smith. Doctor John Smith"
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] lolofielding
Song: Scouting for Girls - "James Bond"
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Three-centric. Along with Jo, Liz, Sarah Jane, the Brig, the Master, Benton, Yates and Two.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtoEp4zdqX0

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Well, despite trying to keep my anticipation in check for this episode, I still had high hopes for it, given all the advanced praise. I didn't have any specifics about it, though, so it still came as a bit of a surprise. I doubt it will surprise too many of my readers when I say I genuinely loved this one. This is the only episode of the Moff era that I can say that about so far. I enjoyed The Eleventh Hour, but I didn't love it, largely because of Amy. At that time, I had hopes for Matt Smith and no hope at all for Karen. But, what a difference a little time makes. Read more... )
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Or the Fear Her re-imagining. I'm not saying it isn't a good idea to rework Fear Her, because one of the main problems with that episode was that it wasn't very scary. Night Terrors has a lot more dark underbelly to it. But basically it is about Read more... )


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