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So, the finale is airing right now in England. Let me put it out there...

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Where to begin...where to begin...?

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Idle & Blessed Chapter 4 has been sent to the beta. YAY!
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Well, well, well, well, well...and, also, hmmmmm?

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I am debating...does this need a spoiler warning or not?

I just saw the episode and I liked it very much. A new writer to Who and he gives us a bang up story, all very...epic. Though I think they strained the budget a little.

I continue to enjoy Clara. She is easily the runner up to Rose in the new series when it comes to giving me the warm fuzzy sense of contentment. When the Doctor offered her his hand, I believed the chemistry between them. Though, I think it still avoids the sensual aspect that people seem to crave nowadays. And, Matt is lovely in this one, too. Why couldn't he always have been like this? No Ponds. No River. No clowning. Still a bit of a child, but more like the Doctor, for me.

Also, I want to go on record, right now, in saying that Part 3 of I&B is finished. So, while it contains an alien crowd similar to the one in this story, and there is a pagent of sorts in progress, that is purely coincidental. My pagent predates this one by a few years, as it was an original part of Wild Geese 2.

I think I will watch this episode again for the spotting of references, and then post about those. I did spot several.
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I say spoilers, but I don't think there will be too many actually. Instead, I want to talk about my ideas about the new and improved Matt Smith Doctor...but, I will take it under a cut just to be safe...

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As some of you have heard before, I don't think the current Doctor is the REAL Doctor. I believe that Matt Smith's sudden change from manic unwatchable to suddenly somewhat tolerable isn't just caused by Matt and Moff waking up one day and thinking, "What have we done?" No, I think, that like Amy's childish personality in their first season, this change of personality is meaningful.

Basically, all of this dressing differently, changing the TARDIS theme, acting less like an irresponsible child is a sign that we are not dealing with the REAL Doctor. But instead we are dealing with, most likely, the FLESH Doctor. And Clara is the ideal companion, because she is the REAL Doctor's interface. Which would be brilliant as it would allow all of the "Doctor should be female" people a chance to have a pseudo-female Doctor. This will also fit in with the Anniversary as previous Doctors will be accessed as we work out the REAL Doctor's problem. And, also, it will address "Why the Doctor picks certain people to be his companions," which Moff said Clara would address.

Things to look out for now: Does the Doctor know anything he didn't know before the FLESH consumed him? How does Clara reflects past companions. Already, she was working at the Rose and Chalice in her ordinary guise. Rose being a pretty serious link to the past companions. I'm not sure about the chalice part there. And that would make the know her as a child thing not as annoying as it appears at first blush, because that would be a reference to Amy. Also, her River-like hopping in and out of time is like River. On the other hand, maybe I've just had a good idea here...and I hope Moff is going to do something similar, but I'm way off base. We will see. My fearless prediction has been made, at least.



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