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A while back I took some exception to a person dissing Billie Piper and in that taking of exception, I said, "Everyone that works with Billie loves her." Today, I came across some more evidence of that in a quote from the Secret Diary producer/writing Lucy Prebble about the play she recently penned, which she wrote with Billie in mind.

Prebble, 31, who lives in south-east London, said the play was in essence a love story and that required the emotional bravery of Piper, a friend since they worked together on ITV’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

“She’s a wonderful actor and one of the biggest hearted people I’ve ever known. I knew when I was writing the part I wanted someone who is an emotional resonator, able to give emotions and be likeable and charming. She is vulnerable, open - she has a huge heart.”

She added: “In a play about the heart versus the head, you want the heart to win, even if it’s not in the direction you expect.”

Ah, if only RTD had been guided by that principle. If only he had let the heart win over his head.
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So, Matt Smith said that if he could have one companion back from the past it would be Rose.

Not because Rose is awesome, but because he and Billie Piper are mates.

And the entire world assumes THIS is a hint that Rose will be coming back.


Because Matt likes Billie?

News Flash: Everyone likes Billie. Except for a few crazy-obsessive shippers and original series fans who object to the Doctor loving Rose. Or find Billie doesn't suit their ideal of womanhood...by which they mean she isn't skinny enough or has big teeth.

So, perhaps I should say that everyone who WORKS with Billie loves her.

Notice these fellows being delighted by her return to work with them...

If Rose is returning, which is still unlikely, but not completely out of the questions due to David possibly returning, it should please both the hard-hearted original show dynamic shippers and the Ten2 people, because she and Ten2 would probably be together. This would give the closure that RTD refused to give to us during Journey's End.

I do doubt that Moff will throw we Doctor/Rose shippers much of a bone in a scenario that includes the return of David and Billie to the show. However, if he were going to please me, he would simply do a previously unseen flashback of Rose and Ten together doing something amazing to help the future Doctor. Also, bonus points if Rose says Eleven is cute.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?
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This is a very interesting high fashion vid called "The Raven." It reminds me very much of some very early German or Scandinavian films I've seen. It has that creepy Gothic feel to it.

I'm going to mark this Not Work Safe against my personal judgment that it is totally fine.

There is no sex or anything, but Billie (with her back to camera) is partially nude at the beginning and I could see how it might cause comment just from being such a weird thing to watch on your work computer.


Read more... )
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From now, until Friday, August 20, 2010 there is an online auction of Doctor Who, Torchwood & Sarah Jane Adventures autographs going on for an excellent cause. Fellow Whovian and my personal lj-buddy, [livejournal.com profile] susanb03 is facing a crisis and must raise some funds for her husband to have chemotherapy. Sadly, we live in that sort of country.

Happily, she has some truly great items up for auction. I would love to have the Bernard Cribbins' autograph, myself. OH...wait...NO! There's a playbill from Treats. Billie! SIGH! Anything signed by Bill would be great, wouldn't it? Go forth and bid for the goodies, my friends.

For more info and to bid...Follow The Instructions In This Post

I would also like to pimp out a new prompt community I've started. It is for mystery writers and for those people who love a good mystery. The idea is to present a set up to a case for the detective to solve. A series of clues as prompts. In honor of my new Sherlock love, I've named it 3patch_problems.


Sign up and give us a clue or two, baby?
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Posted elsewhere under the heading, "You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!"

The Daily Mail posted these pictures from today and were critical of Billie's HAIR! I mean, in the first one she's got the startled porn star pout going on, but her hair is gorgeous. And even when it is windblown, it looks great. Who looks THAT good posting a letter? <<--Or whatever English thing it is that she's doing.

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In other news, I was stuck on the sofa with serious flare today, waiting for the muscle relaxers to kick in, and so I saw American Idol and Glee. Glee was much better than I thought it would be. AI is full of people who really can't sing. I'm looking at you Andrew Garcia, but mostly all the other people, too. The fellow that did the In The Ghetto song was good.

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So, I just finished watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl's season 3 finale. And I was once again really moved by Billie Piper's acting. The girl can wring pathos out of anything. I say this because I did have some troubles with the arc this season. Read more... )
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Apparently, David Tennant and Billie Piper are in negotiations to star in a film together. It is not, however, a Doctor Who movie. It is a film produced by Billie's brother-in-law and maybe directed by Billie's husband.

Here's an article about it.


If you ask me, this is what comes of not giving us a pony. The world is hungry for more David and Billie kisses and this is what we have to do to get them. It is good news for the film though...if they manage to sign David and Billie to the work they have a potentially huge audience. But it is sad for we pony pals that we were left so unsatisfied. :shakes fist in the air and growls, "RTD!":


who wanted to thank Mrs. Roy for the heads up about this latest development in Whoville!
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Here's a link to a vid of Billie with her natural hair color doing the Marie Claire photoshoot. We had embedding fail, I'm afraid.


Any of you that have mad vid skilz and can capture this for me in WMV or AVI will get a big virtual hug.

Billie is as adorable as always.

who is girlcrushing...excuse my giddy ways.
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Merry Christmas! For my friends who celebrate Christmas. Season's Greetings. For my friends who don't celebrate Christmas. Also, Happy Doctor Who Day! For my friends who celebrate new Who.

In light of the busy day, I shall keep this pony post short and sweet. A new exit interview with David* asks some interesting questions, prompting David to give us this gem about the PONY!

When you're working with Billie (Piper), who'd had a pre-existing relationship with the other Doctor, how do you approach that as an actor, in terms of his feelings for her?

That could have been very tricky, because Billie would have every right to feel it was her patch. But mercifully, because Billie is so generous and so lovely, and such a great actress and wonderful human being, frankly, it was such a joy to work with her, and such a pleasure. Dramatically, that's what's going on between the characters, because she's having to rediscover this new man who's the same man she knew, and how she feels about that. But very quickly, I think we established that relationship that they had was as deep, and ran even deeper ultimately.

Yes, it runs very deep, indeed, Ten's love for Rose. And hers for him.

And before anyone bothers asking me if I don't imagine she would grow to be even MORE attached to Ten 2...they should read my LAST post. Rose did her level best, did the impossible, in fact, to return to Nine and after she saved him Nine BECAME Ten.

Ten did not become Ten 2. Rose knows that Ten is still out there somewhere, all alone and needing her.

May she come for him on New Year's Day. Or may he wise up and go to her. Either way works for me.

*HERE IS THE LINK for the full interview for those who like to see it for themselves.

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Well...David Tennant, anyway!

David has been making the rounds of television and radio in the U.K. because the next Doctor Who episode, "The Waters of Mars" is going to be showing on Sunday in the U.K. and then on the 19th of November here in the good old US of A. YES! Read more... )
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And again, for all of the doubting geeks out there, we address the issue of why Rose Tyler keeps coming back!

She has placed her mark on the franchise and on the Doctor himself and it should be completely honored. This is why they should have the Doctor go to Rose...because it is the proper ending for their story. And...because it makes financial sense for the BBC.

She not only made the Top 25. She made Top 10.


Go Rose! And go Billie for bring us Rose, too.

a huge fan of signing Billie with David for any Doctor Who movie (as long as said movie does not delay my PONY for Christmas). Yes, I'm one of those who would love to have books and movies about Rose/Ten living in Pete's Universe. People who think they should/could do a Doctor Who movie without David are, in my less than humble opinion, delusional.
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I pulled this photo from one of the spoiler boards, not sure which one, sorry. It's not really a spoiler shot though.

It's just Billie and David and some fans. His open necked shirt is uber-sexy, but my eyes were drawn to Billie.

I like the way she's holding back as he is doing his thing. To me, this sort of selfless interaction with the fans is part of why these two actors are so very special. Read more... )

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"What's with the golf? Golf? Gooolf!"

"Will you stop saying golf?"

"Only if you stop playing it."

I know Billie said she wasn't going to move to America. And maybe she's not...but just in case she's tempted...I think the UK needs to give her more work immediately. Give her nice juicy, meaty roles...dripping with heartache sauce...she should play a woman wrongly accused of murder or something equally challenging.

Because I know that in the UK her second season isn't getting the numbers. But I'm also pretty sure the American audience is going to absolutely fall in love with SD Season 2. I saw episode 5...and Billie rocks the house. So does Callum Blue...and Iddo...I mean...WHOA! High level soap opera meltdown and explosion and fallout. All to a nice folksy soundtrack, too. I generally deeply resent having my moods explained to me by a stupid emo song...but the performances here are so understated and amazing...that I didn't even care about the swell of wailing vocals and acostic guitar.

repeating my advice of a few days ago...if you aren't watching...start!
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I'm a huge fan of Doctor/Rose and of Billie Piper and David Tennant.

Who is shocked by this news? Show of hands!


And I love these two pictures. For what they say to me about the pair of them. First, this picture of the Doctor and Rose. Look at the unity...the lift of one brow, the interest, the intensity...they are so much a couple in this shot and it is very early in S2...mostly I focus on Fear Her to show this sort of thing...I just can't believe so many people failed to see this unity...because David and Billie give it their all here.Read more... )

And speaking of giving their all. This picture of David in the car waiting on Billie to film her part of the beach scene...amazes me, too. Read more... )

obsessing about Doctor Who to avoid my writing responsiblities. Sorry, I know some of you are chomping at the Disheveled bit.
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And I know most of you are saying "Wha-huh?" and the British could be saying..."Who cares? That award is always going to rubbish, soap opera actors." But I'm all happy that Billie Piper is on the short list of nominees for The Evening Standard Theater Awards.

And I'll tell you why? It was painfully obvious pre-Treats that the Theater community wanted nothing more than to send Billie packing as an upstart pop star with pretensions to the stage. But, I could tell by the tone of the articles that followed her debut that, even though she made an appalling choice in plays, they were grudgingly impressed by her performance. And sure enough...it stands up.

This is one time where I don't feel like she has to win. I think it's an honor to be nominated. And hopefully, she will now find the courage to do stage again...and pick a more accessible play.

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And she did it wearing a rubber suit and nine-inch stilleto heels. Spoilers and more under this cut...Read more... )


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