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I am going to try to post more on this journal.

Currently, I'm in the middle of a sugar and flour fast. I have given up both sugar and flour for several weeks. However, it would be more accurate to say that I am no longer in the middle of the fast, but have moved beyond it to a place where I once again consume sugar and flour.

I was doing very well. My pancreas was healing from the years of abuse, after only a couple of weeks off the white stuff. But then, I cracked a tooth and needed to have oral surgery.

After oral surgery I could no longer eat meat or raw veggies. I could only consume soups and very soft cooked foods. This meant that my blood sugar spiked and dropped more often and before I knew what was happening...I lunged for a brownie...soft...delicious...comforting.

So, my mouth is healing in this second week. I tried to eat some poached chicken last night, but could not manage it. Still, I think I can manage to let go of the soft, comfort foods and begin my detox again. It shouldn't be too difficult as yet. I've only consumed a little of the white stuff at this time. I'm not fully back on the flour or swept up in old habits. But I'm not teetotaling either.

So...Day 1 again...and if anyone knows of something that is soft, warm, comforting and not sweet...let me know.
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