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Teen Wolf – Sterek
Rating: Explicit
Spoilers: None – Set in the future.
Warnings: Light bondage, role playing, versatile M/M sex, anger/jealous sex, supernaturally rough sex, but no non-con or injury.
Words: 12000
BetaBabe: Birthsister
Summary: A sort of explicit coda for Counting the Hours. Derek bottoms for the first time. And then, gets very comfortable with the process over a number of years.
Disclaimer: Obviously, this is not sanctioned by anyone having anything to do with Teen Wolf. I'm just playing with Jeff Davis' characters and making them smutty for my own amusement. Sorry about that, Jeff.

The bond had him by the scruff by their one month anniversary. The first three weeks blurred into a montage of making out and laughing sandwiched between episodes of bloody terror. They'd been blindsided by the enemy. Again. Scott had been brilliant. Again. Stiles came through on the magical front and remained more or less sane. After the battle Derek had held him through the night, soothing them both. Stiles in peril chilled him. Stiles in command gave him chills, too. Like any loyal canine, Derek spent most of his time thinking about the one he loved, watching over him.

They kept their private life as private as they could, considering they were surrounded by nosy werewolves. On weekends, Stiles reeled home in the early morning hours, drunk on a cocktail of sleep deprivation and great sex. They dealt with their issues by arguing them out, pushing one another, circling until they crashed together. From the outside it probably didn’t look like love, but it worked. They were an efficient team when it came to pack business. Stealing time for themselves, they made love with the lights on, in the middle of the day and all night long. Stiles gave up his virgin status in the deep woods. They'd taken a picnic and hiked to a bluff overlooking the river, two miles in and about a half a mile off an old logging road. Giving free reign to his animal side, Stiles had attacked. Before it was over he’d screamed his throat raw. He’d skipped school the next day, because he ached all over, but otherwise he’d fully enjoyed himself, and greeted his dad with a sappy smile.

In fact, Stiles made such a fuss over penetration Derek started envying him the experience. Not that he needed much encouragement to want to try anything and everything with Stiles. Maybe it was the bond making Derek insatiable. He wondered sometimes. He kept trying to pull Stiles into his flesh, make them one. But, under the constant craving to be physically united, there was a transcendent joy. And it was that joy pushing him to receive. He started dreaming about Stiles inside, asking for it. Straddling Stiles on the couch, he told him again how much he wanted to mark their anniversary by taking this last step. He whispered it in his ear, before licking along his collarbone. Stiles hadn’t shaved in two days. The bristles of a burgeoning beard prickled Derek's nose. The scent of freshly washed, recently fucked Stiles curled around him. It turned him on like nothing else could.

Find it on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1067773


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