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Title: Rise Above
Author: Rabid1st
Rating: Mature
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles
Warning(s): Unhappy stuff. Arguments. Harsh Language. M/M sex.
Spoiler(s): AU S3b no spoilers in this part. Some in earlier parts.
Beta Babes: Birthsister
Word Count: 44,000 total
Summary: Derek and Stiles have their first real date. They deal with Derek's nervousness over making love to a man. And Stiles' nervousness about everything. Lack of experience cramps their style, but they manage to work through it all and really know that they belong together. Stand by for the fluffy finale. Or as one reviewer put it LOL! Derek and Stiles finally get their shit straight and the sex was smoking!

Disclaimer: Teen Wolf and these characters are not mine. This fic represents fair use for fan purposes.

In a time of treason, is there room for trust? Is there time for reason or has your heart had enough? Is it time to let go and rise above? And you say rise above, open your eyes on love.

God damn it. So much for clear heads and waiting and working up to the main event. He was in for it now. No backing out. Stiles wanted sex. He was like some kind of runaway train. And Derek was pretty sure he was the one tied to the tracks. He towed Stiles along behind him as he headed for the bedroom. His ears still rang from those breathy confessions. I loveā€”love you. Fucking little tremble in his voice, cutting through the gut. Every wolf learned about Omega rule, domination through submission. Yeah, emissaries knew all those tricks. Stiles would master him at this rate. His mouth. Not just the kissing. Those soft, full lips. The impatient tongue. But the layers of flavor and every word and noise that spilled from him.

Clothing came off. Socks. Slacks. But not that shirt. He loved that shirt. Stiles had lube in his pocket. Stiles had lube. Because he was expecting penetration of some kind. And he casually tossed the little package on the bed. Would he do that with a girl? Was that any way to behave? Derek was still worried about being naked together. Wondering if he'd changed the sheets recently. Had it been Wednesday or Sunday? Fuck it. They'd probably need changing afterward anyway. Underwear stayed on. He captured Stiles' hands before they could push down his Calvin Klein boxer-briefs. Because Derek wasn't ready for totally naked Stiles pressed against him. Or penetration. He wasn't ready for that. Time to make it clear who was in charge of the time table.

Just the last part on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1022239/chapters/2119407

Or the entire work on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1022239?view_full_work=true


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