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A Day of the Doctor Coda...

Sentimental Journey
by Rabid1st
Doctor Who – Ten/Rose
Rating: Everyone
Spoilers: To The Day of the Doctor
Summary: The Tenth Doctor knows something has changed. But he's not sure what it is.
Disclaimer: Obviously I don't work for the BBC or Moff would have more courage. Or, you know, have me fired for all of the horrible things I say about him. LOL

“I don't want to go,” the Tenth (or was he the Eleventh) Doctor said, again.

It felt like he'd said the same thing many times. Weird that. Probably the temporal echo.

“Go where,” Rose said, pulling the inner door shut. She was wearing a white skirt, with a split that showed off her legs. He used to be immune to legs, but not anymore.

“Trenzalore. Apparently, I die there in about 400 years.”

“No, you don't,” Rose said, stepping into a cuddle. “You live forever.”

“That's what you tell me,” the Doctor said, smiling as he bent to kiss her. “And I believe you.”

“You taste Elizabethan,” Rose said, after the kiss.

“That's Zygon, I think,” he considered for a moment. “No, you're right. It's the real Queen.”

Rose beamed at him. “I'm almost snogging Queen Elizabeth,” she said as if the thought delighted her.

“Mind you, you could have done it in person. Spared me a lot of running about. Rumor is she might have liked you better.”

“Talk about rewriting history,” Rose said. “So, is the time stream all sorted.”

“Do you remember the Time War?” Rose nodded. “And the Dalek Emperor surviving it?”

“Converting everyone on Earth via Satellite Five. I absorbed the Time Vortex and saved your bacon. Jack became nearly immortal. And you changed into this yummy body.”

“What about the Battle of Canary Wharf?”

“More Daleks. Some Cybermen. A crack in space time. We saved the world. Again. And we ended up with the alternative universe copy of my dad in exchange for Mickey. He knows how to make money and mum likes him loads better than my actual dad. Everything balanced out.”

“One more. Where's Donna?”

“Oh, who knows? She and Jack and Ianto went to the Singing Sun for their honeymoon. I'm so glad they gave up that Torchwood idea, before one of them got killed or worse. Nothing but trouble there. We had a postcard in the celestial pillar box last week. But, by now, they could be anywhere.” She bit her lower lip as she smiled at him. “How did I do?”

“Well,” he said, grimacing as he tipped his head to the side, “There's no way to be sure, is there?”

“Not even for a Time Lord?”

“Everything checks out with my recollections. Although, I have just been through an adventure of some kind with three of my selves and a girl named Clara. I say three, but it feels like thirteen. Still, we're together,” he added, pulling Rose into his lap on their chair. “So how bad could it have been?”


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