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To avoid spoiling anyone else...under the cut we go...

But before we do...let's just savor the headline I saw, "Moffat explains Billie Piper's role in Day of the Doctor!"

You should never have to explain what you just did. Real writers don't need to have spin doctors working the newspapers to explain their plot holes.

This is what I have to say about that. I liked it. A lot. It was fluffy fun for the whole family. And the story made more sense than most of Moff's finales. Loved John Hurt. Sort of enjoyed the Zygons. They looked as craptastic as ever. I wonder how they will read on a real movie screen. It was wonderful to see Ten again...really made my day to see Ten again. And Billie got to kick back with a legendary actor. She was adorable as always.

She wasn't Rose. You may recall I mentioned she might not be Rose. Which I was fine with, actually. You may also recall I said I didn't want Moff writing Rose. And he may not have even written the Bad Wolf. She was, after all, playing a sentient machine. But the machine, sorting through the Doctor's mind...found the one thing he believed in...which is HER. So...that was a nice nod.

The whole thing was full of nice nods. Right down to the old curator and his scarf. I liked it, actually. I enjoyed the story and liked the sentiment.

But here's the thing that separates Moff from...say...someone who is truly clever. Moff is just playing with deeper issues. He mucks things up all through time and space and then...he doesn't do anything bold at all. Gallifrey was saved but is still lost. And, to keep time and space consistent...he hand waves the memory issues. Oh, everyone lost there memory there...but that's not why?

I said he could create a bubble universe. And he sort of did that...but he wasn't clever enough or bold enough to realize that he could take that rewrite all the way...and really change the direction of the show. Probably because he would have no idea how to write original stuff. So, even though he'd already changed time and he had Billie on the set, he doesn't do the most interesting thing he might have done for his show.

All he had to do was have the Doctors all fuzzy headed. And having tea...and wondering what happened to their timeline. Was Gallifrey destroyed or was it still out there, somewhere?

Clara is being clever. Never mind we left her on Trenzalore and she ended up teaching school and nobody knows her, even though she met them all. Trenzalore is the one thing Moff seems to think he would change, because it was all just a lark...lalala. There are lots more regenerations to come, never you mind how, because Eleven is Twelve and Twelve will be Thirteen...and there are those ladies who met Eight (who is still Eight, thank God) and they can just make more Doctors whenever they want. Though, they might have died in the Time War. I'm sure some planets were lost, before Gallifrey was saved.

But...anyway, back to the clever bit we didn't see...

Imagine this...the three Doctors are all confused, chatting over tea. And Rose pops out of Ten's Tardis, asking if they are ready to break up this party. Clara greets her fondly. The New Nine says, "Don't I know you from somewhere, young lady?" And Ten says, "Yes, she's with me." And Eleven says, "I'll say, you know her," prodding New Nine in the ribs.

Ten and Rose leave. New Nine leaves...and regenerates into New Ten, who will be off to meet Rose but not to ruin her life. Eleven (only now he's Twelve) finishes out the story as it goes. And voila...there's a universe that has Gallifrey in it. And one that has Ten2/Rose and one that has sad Eleven dying on Trenzalore after loving River. And all of Moff's meddling...makes some sense. Instead of being mostly pointless...oh, well! Someone more intelligent will helm Doctor Who one day. In the meantime, this was certainly fluffy and commercial. I want one of those futuristic Moment!Rose dolls.

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