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Title: Rise Above
Author: Rabid1st
Rating: Mature
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Derek/Stiles
Warning(s): Unhappy stuff. Arguments. Harsh Language. M/M sex.
Spoiler(s): AU S3b no spoilers in this part. Some in earlier parts.
Beta Babes: Birthsister & Elsecarlass
Word Count: 24629
Summary: The Wooing Posse gets to work in hopes of countering the spell Stiles cast to counter the Blood Bond he and Derek share. Derek gets mellow. Stiles gets some insight. And there’s a puppy involved.
Disclaimer: Teen Wolf and these characters are not mine. This fic represents fair use for fan purposes.

In a time of treason, is there room for trust? Is there time for reason or has your heart had enough? Is it time to let go and rise above? And you say rise above, open your eyes on love.

“Right.” Turning all business, Lydia opened the file she’d brought and drew out a stack of papers. “Take one and pass it on,” she said, sliding the stack to Isaac on her left.

“What’s this?” Isaac asked.

“I took the liberty of doing some online research. I wanted to find out what wooing techniques worked for other couples.”

Derek and Scott both nodded their approval. Lydia was no Stiles when it came to this stuff, Derek thought, but she was competent. Which is more than the rest of them were.

“So, what did you find?”

“I Googled the top 100 ideas for romantic dates. Some of them were questionable, in my opinion. I sorted the acceptable ones according to financial feasibility and, also, appropriateness for gender and age. Finally, I narrowed the list down to 87 suggestions. ‘Give him a puppy’ is number 33.”

“Is that because you put it in there?” Derek asked, snatching the paper from her hand. So much for her competence, he thought.

Lydia calmly took another sheet from her folder. “It might have said stuffed animal,” she admitted. “And is anyone else bothered by the fact that their couple name is Stale? That doesn’t portend well.”

“I thought it was Diles,” Allison said. “First names, right? Brangelina?”

“Why are you looking at me?” Isaac asked. “I have no idea.”

“You guys would be Illison or Asaac,” Scott snorted. “Ass sac? Allsac? Largent?”

“Shut up, Scott.”

Derek stared down at the list in his hands. One of the ridiculous suggestions jumped out at him. “A hot air balloon ride? How am I supposed to get Stiles into a hot air balloon? Knock him out, first? Even if I could find a hot air balloon just sitting around somewhere.”

“I like number 28,” Isaac said, snickering. “A romantic moonlit walk.” He read from the page, “’Imagine a starry night and the full moon overhead.’”

“You have got to be kidding me?” Scott ran a fingertip down to the correct number and laughed.

“Nope,” Isaac said. “I can see it clearly. Your loved one screaming in terror as you chase him or her through the crunchy fall leaves, hoping to snack on a tasty liver.”

“I thought I edited that full moon part out,” Lydia said, peering down at her paper. “This is just…Oh, great! I printed the original copy. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the font. This is what happens when I have to squeeze your problems in between school, dating, and my Zumba class. It’s rush, rush, rush. Moonlit walks can be romantic. But whatever, werewolves might not see it that way. How about horseback riding?”

Find it at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1022239/chapters/2105174
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